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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

accrete to grow together; to become attached.
accretion accumulation; the addition of parts to form a whole.
accretive relating to accretion.
adhibit to attach; to administer, esp as a remedy.
adjoin to be contiguous to.
adjunction the act of joining; the thing joined or added.
adjunctive joining; forming an adjunct.
adjunctively (Adv.) ADJUNCTIVE, forming an adjunct.
admix to mix.
admixture the action of mixing.
affiliate to adopt or attach as a member or branch.
affixer one who affixes.
afflux a flowing towards or together.
affluxion a flowing towards or together.
alliable able to enter into alliance.
alligate (Obs.) to unite by some tie.
ally to join by marriage, friendship, treaty etc.
amalgamate to unite in or as if in an amalgam; esp to merge into a single body.
amalgamative tending to amalgamate.
annex to add or attach.
annexable that can be annexed.
annexation the act of annexing.
annexational relating to annexation.
annexationist a supporter of annexation.
annexe something added or attached.
annexion (Arch.) the act of annexing.
annexment the act of annexing, or the thing annexed.
annexure something added, esp to a public document.
assemble to come or bring together.
attach to connect as an associated part.
attemper (Arch.) to alter quality by addition or mixture; to moderate.
attemperment the act of attempering.
bejumble to jumble together.
bemingle to mingle, mix.
bemix to mix thoroughly.
blend a mixture; (verb) to mix smoothly and inseparably together.
bondable that can be bonded.
bonder one who bonds.
catenate to connect as in or by a chain.
catenation connection of links or union of parts, as in a chain; a regular or connected series.
cementatory having the quality of cementing or uniting firmly.
cementitious having the quality of cementing or uniting firmly.
coadunate to unite, to combine.
coadunation the act of coadunating.
coadunative serving to coadunate.
coalesce to blend.
coalescence the act of coalescing.
coalescent growing together, cohering.
coalise to bring or come into coalition.
coalize to bring or come into coalition.
coannex to annex with something else.
coapt to fit together and make fast.
coaptation joining or fitting together.
cohere to stick together.
coherence a tendency to cohere.
coherency a tendency to cohere; a sticking together.
coherent sticking together; forming a whole.
coherently (Adv.) COHERENT, sticking together; forming a whole.
cohesibility the quality of being cohesible.
cohesible capable of cohesion.
cohesion the act or state of sticking together.
cohesive having the power of cohering; tending to unite into a mass.
cohesively (Adv.) COHESIVE, having the power of cohering.
cohesiveness the state of being cohesive.
cojoin (Shakesp.) to conjoin.
colleague a fellow-worker; (verb, obs.) to join in alliance, associate.
colligate to tie or bind together.
colligation a bringing or binding together.
combinable able to be combined.
combinate combined; betrothed.
combination the act of combining.
combinational relating to combination.
combine to blend.
combined in combination; (noun) a skiing competition involving two events.
combiner one who, or that which, combines.
comeddle (Obs.) to mix, to temper.
comingle to mix together.
commerge to merge together.
commingle to mix together.
commix to mix together.
commixtion commixture; mingling.
compacture (Spenser) close union or knitting together.
compaginate to join; to connect.
compagination the act of compaginating.
composite made of distinct things (verb) to complete from diverse elements
compositely (Adv.) COMPOSITE, made of disticnt elements.
concorporate (Arch.) to unite in one body.
concrew (Arch.) to grow together.
conflate to bring together, fuse; to combine (as two readings of a text) into a composite whole.
confluent flowing together; meeting in their course (noun) a stream uniting and flowing with another
confluently (Adv.) CONFLUENT, flowing together.
conflux a flowing together; a meeting of currents.
confound to confuse, frustrate.
confoundedly (Adv.) CONFOUNDED,
confoundingly (Adv.) CONFOUNDING.
conglobe to gather together into a globe or round mass.
conglutinate to glue or join together.
conglutinative having power to conglutinate.
conjoin to join together.
conjoiner one who conjoins.
conjoint joined together, united.
conjointly (Adv.) CONJOINT.
conjunct joined together, united (noun) a joining, a union
conjunction the act or an instance of conjoining.
conjunctive joining (noun) something serving to join, connect
conjunctively (Adv.) CONJUNCTIVE, joining.
conjunctly (Adv.) CONJUNCT, united, conjoined.
conjunctural relating to conjuncture.
conjuncture a juncture.
connate congenitally or firmly united.
connately (Adv.) CONNATE, congenitally or firmly united.
connect to join together.
connectable that can be connected.
connectedly (Adv.) CONNECTED.
connecter something that connects.
connectible that can be connected.
connection the act of connecting.
connectional relating to connection.
connective serving to connect (noun) something that connects
connectively (Adv.) CONNECTIVE, serving to connect.
connector something that connects.
connexion the act of connecting.
connexional relating to connexion.
connexive (Obs.) connective.
consolidate to join together into one whole.
consolidation the act of consolidating.
consolidative serving to consolidate.
consolute completely miscible.
contemper to blend together; to adapt.
contemperation (Obs.) the act of contempering, blending together.
contemperature the state of being contempered, blended together.
contesseration a harmonious union.
converge to tend towards or meet in one point.
convolve to roll together.
couple a pair; (verb) to unite in pairs.
disjoint disjointed; unconnected; (verb) to disjoin.
disjointedly (Adv.) DISJOINTED.
enlink to connect, as by links.
entrail (Spenser) to interlace or entwine.
faggot a bundle of sticks; a homosexual (verb) to tie together in a faggot
farraginous like a farrago, miscellaneous, jumbled.
farrago (Lat.) a confused collection, a mixture.
floc to aggregate into floccules.
flocculate to collect or mass together in tufts or masses.
flocculation the act of flocculating.
garble to muddle, confuse.
henotic (Greek) tending to unify or reconcile.
hodgepodge a confused mass of ingredients shaken or mixed together in the same pot.
hotchpot a confused mass of ingredients shaken or mixed together in the same pot.
immingle to mingle; to mix.
immix (Arch.) to commingle.
immixture freedom from mixture; purity.
incatenate to chain together.
incomposite not composite.
injoint (Shakesp.) to join.
inosculate to join or unite.
inosculation the act of inosculating, joining.
insalivate to mix with saliva.
insinew (Shakesp.) to join as with sinews.
interchain to link together; to unite closely or firmly, as by a chain.
interjoin (Shakesp.) to join together.
interknit to knit together.
interlink to link together.
interlock to lock or clasp together.
intermesh to mesh together, to interlock.
intermingle to intermix.
intermix to mix together.
intermixture a mass formed by mixture.
interunion a blending together.
join to unite.
joinable that can be joined.
jointly (Adv.) JOINT, combined.
jointness the state of being joint.
jumble a disordered state (verb) to mix in a disordered manner
jumblingly (Adv.) JUMBLING.
jumbly in a jumble.
junction a place where things join.
junctural relating to junctures.
juncture the act of joining.
league a union for mutual advantage; (verb) to join in a league.
ligation the act of binding.
ligature anything that binds; a bandage; (verb) to tie with a ligature.
link a ring of a chain; anything that connects (verb) to connect
linkable that can be linked.
linkage the act of linking.
linker one who links.
linkup a connection.
medley a mixture.
melange (Fr.) a mixture often of incongruous elements.
meld a blending; (verb) to merge, blend.
mell (Scots) to mix, to meddle.
meng (Arch.) to mix; to unite, couple.
menge (Arch.) to mix; to unite, couple.
merge to combine.
mergence a merging, an amalgamation.
merger the union of two or more businesses into a single enterprise.
ming to mix; to unite, couple.
mingle to mix together.
minglement the act of mingling, or the state of being mixed.
mingler one who mingles.
mingling the act of mingling.
minglingly (Adv.) MINGLING.
miscellany a mixture of various kinds.
miscibility the quality of being miscible.
miscible capable of being mixed.
mishmash an eclectic collection or arrangement.
mishmosh an eclectic collection or arrangement.
misjoin to join unfitly or improperly.
mix a blend, a mixture (verb) to mingle
mixability the capacity to be mixed.
mixable capable of being mixed.
mixedly (Adv.) MIXED.
mixedness the state of being mixed.
mixer one that mixes.
mixible capable of being mixed.
mixtion a mixture.
mixture something produced by mixing.
mixup a state of confusion.
mixy mixed.
nexus (Lat.) a bond; a linked group.
nucleate to form into or bring together as a nucleus.
overmix to mix with too much.
pasticcio (Ital.) a medley, a pastiche.
pepsinate to treat or mix with pepsin.
pie a quantity of meat, fruit, or other food baked within or under a crust of prepared pastry; (verb) to reduce to confusion.
piece a part or portion of anything; (verb) to join into a whole.
piecen to join the broken ends of (a thread) during spinning.
premix to mix beforehand.
preunion a union beforehand.
preunite to unite beforehand.
pye to reduce to confusion.
reallie (Spenser) to rally, form again.
really to ally again.
reannex to annex again.
reblend to blend again.
reclasp to clasp or unite again.
recombine to combine again.
recompact to compact or join anew.
reconnect to connect again.
refusion the act of fusing again.
rejoin to join again.
rejoindure the act of joining again.
relie (Obs.) to assemble, collect together.
relink to link again.
remerge to merge again.
remix to mix again.
remixture the act of remixing.
resplice to splice again.
reticulate like a network (verb) to interconnect in network fashion
reticulately (Adv.) RETICULATE, interconnected in network fashion.
reunify to unify again.
reunion a reuniting of persons after separation.
reunite to unite again.
reuniter one who reunites.
reweld to weld again.
rivet a bolt with a head at one end, used to join two or more pieces of metal, etc; (verb) to fasten with rivets.
rivetingly (Adv.) RIVETING.
scarf a light, usually decorative piece of material thrown loosely on the shoulders about the neck (verb) to join with a scarf end
scarph to join with a scarf-joint.
scarved wearing a SCARFf.
seam a line formed by sewing two pieces of fabric together (verb) to join with a seam
semble to bring together, collect.
sheaf a bundle of things bound side by side, esp stalks of corn (verb) to bundle in a sheaf
siamese to join pipes in a way suggestive of Siamese twins.
siameze to join pipes in a way suggestive of Siamese twins.
sinew a piece of strong fibrous tissue that joins a muscle to a bone (verb) to bind as if by sinews
splice to join at the ends.
splicer one who splices.
subjoin to add at the end or afterwards.
subjunction an act of subjoining or the state of being subjoined.
suffixion the act of suffixing, or the state of being suffixed.
tartarise to treat, mix or combine with tartar.
tartarize to treat, mix or combine with tartar.
toenail an obliquely driven nail; (verb) to join eg two pieces of wood by driving nails obliquely.
tyer one who ties.
unifiable that can be unified.
unific making one or unity; unifying.
unification the act of unifying.
unifier something or someone that unifies.
unify to make into a coherent whole.
union a number of persons, parties, or political entities united for a common purpose.
unionise to form into a union.
unioniser one who unionises.
unionize to form into a union.
unionizer one who unionizes.
unite to bring together so as to form a whole.
unitedly (Adv.) UNITED, made as one.
uniter one who unites.
unition conjunction.
unitisation the act of unitising.
unitise to form into a unit, unite.
unitiser one who unitises.
unitive having the power of uniting.
unitively (Adv.) UNITIVE, having the power of uniting.
unitization the act of unitizing.
unitize to form into a unit, unite.
unitizer one who unitizes.
unmingle to separate, as things mixed.
unmix to reverse a mix.
unmixable that cannot be mixed.
unmixedly (Adv.) UNMIXED.
weld a welded joint; (verb) to join two pieces of metal by fusing.
yoke a wooden frame for joining together draft animals; (verb) to fit with a yoke.