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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

accend (Obs.) to kindle.
accension the act of kindling or the state of being kindled.
aizle (Scots) hot ashes.
ardency a burning quality; fig. warmth of feeling or desire, ardour.
ardent characterized by intense emotion.
ardently (Adv.) ARDENT, characterized by intense emotion.
ash the dust or remains of anything burnt (verb) to convert something into ash
backburn to set a fire in order to halt the spread of another fire.
balefire a bonfire or beacon-fire.
batswing shaped like a bat's wing, eg the flame of a gas-burner.
bescorch to scorch thoroughly.
birsle to scorch, toast.
blaze to burn brightly.
blazingly (Adv.) BLAZING, burning brightly.
bonfire an open fire.
bren (Arch.) to burn.
brenne (Arch.) to burn.
burn a hurt or mark due to burning; (verb) to consume or injure by fire or great heat ) YBRENT.
burnable able to be burned; (noun) something combustible.
burner one that burns.
burningly (Adv.) BURNING. very hot.
bushfire a fire in the bush, esp in Australia.
calcine to burn so as to drive out water and carbon dioxide.
campfire a fire to sit round at camp.
cauterise to burn or sear with heat or a caustic substance, esp in surgical operations.
cauterize to burn or sear with heat or a caustic substance, esp in surgical operations.
char a substance resulting from charring (verb) to burn slightly
chark to burn wood etc. to charcoal.
charry pertaining to charcoal, or partaking of its qualities.
cinder the refuse of burned coals (verb) to burn to a cinder
cinderous having the nature of cinders.
cindery having the nature of cinders > CINDERIER, CINDERIEST.
cineration the reducing of anything to ashes by combustion.
cinerator an incinerator at a crematorium.
coctile baked, hardened by fire.
combust to burn.
combustibility the state of being combustible.
combustible able to be burned; (noun) something able to be burned.
combustibleness the state of being combustible.
combustibly (Adv.) COMBUSTIBLE, able to be burned.
combustion an act or instance of burning.
combustious (Shakesp.) combustible.
combustive capable of catching fire; (noun) something capable of catching fire.
concremation complete burning.
conflagrant burning.
conflagrate to burn.
conflagration a large fire.
conflagrative of or like a conflagration.
cremate to reduce to ashes by burning.
cremation the burning of corpses.
cremator one who, or that which, cremates or consumes to ashes.
deflagrable which deflagrates; deflagrating readily.
deflagrate to burn suddenly, generally with flame and crackling noise.
deflagration the rapid burning away of anything in a destructive fire.
deflagrator an apparatus for deflagration.
dephlogisticate to make something fireproof.
easle (Scots) hot ashes.
enfire (Spenser) to set on fire.
enflame (Obs.) to inflame.
enkindle to set on fire; to kindle.
enkindler one who enkindles.
fierily (Adv.) FIERY, like fire.
fieriness the state of being fiery.
fiery like fire.
fire the heat and light of burning; (verb) to project by discharging from a gun.
firebrand a flaming stick; a hot-tempered person.
firefang to scorch; to damage (esp barley, oats) by overheating.
firelight the light of a (usually domestic) fire.
firelighter a piece of readily flammable material or other means of lighting a fire.
firelit illuminated by fire.
firepit a depression dug in the ground in which a fire is made.
firestorm a huge blaze (especially a result of heavy bombing) which fans its own flames by creating its own draught.
firetrap a building that is likely to catch on fire.
flagrance a burning; notoriety.
flagrancy a burning; notoriety.
flame the visible stream produced by gases undergoing combustion (verb) to burn brightly
flamelet a small flame.
flamingly (Adv.) FLAMING, burning brightly.
flammability the ability to support combustion.
flammable easily able to catch fire; (noun) something flammable.
flammiferous producing flame.
flammule a little flame.
flamy flaming; composed of flame.
flare a sudden unsteady flame (verb) to burn with a bright, wavering light
flaringly (Adv.) FLARING.
foment to bathe in heat; to stir up eg rebellion.
gleed a hot coal, a burning ember.
hydronic pertaining to heating and cooled by water.
hydronically (Adv.) HYDRONIC, pertaining to heating and cooled by water.
ignescent capable of emitting sparks; (noun) an ignescent substance.
ignify to burn.
ignitable that can be ignited.
ignite to set on fire.
igniter someone who or something that ignites, eg an apparatus for firing an explosive or explosive mixture.
ignitibility the state of being ignitible.
ignitible that can be ignited.
ignition the act of igniting.
inburning (Spenser) burning within.
incinerate to cause to burn to ashes.
incineration the act of incinerating.
incinerator one that incinerates.
incremate (Obs.) to cremate.
incremation the act of incremating.
inferno (Ital.) a blaze, a great fire.
inflamable (Obs.) inflammable.
inflame to set on fire.
inflamingly (Adv.) INFLAMING.
inflammable easily able to catch fire (noun) something inflammable
inflammably (Adv.) INFLAMMABLE, easily able to catch fire.
inust (Obs.) burnt in.
inustion burning in; cauterization.
kindle to cause to burn.
kindler one who kindles.
lunt (Scots) a slow match; a sudden flame; (verb) to kindle.
mangal (Turkish) a brazier.
moorburn the seasonal burning of heather on moorland to promote new growth.
muirburn the seasonal burning of heather on moorland to promote new growth.
nightfire a fire burning at night; a will-o'-the-wisp.
nonburnable that cannot be burnt.
outblaze to surpass in blazing.
outburn to exceed in burning.
overburn to burn too much; to be overzealous.
phlogistic of or pertaining to phlogiston, or to belief in its existence.
phlogiston (Greek) the hypothetical principle of fire regarded formerly as a material substance.
portfire a slow-burning fuse used for firing rockets and fireworks.
postburn following a burn.
postfire after a fire.
prefire to fire in advance.
preflame preceding a flame.
pyral of or pertaining to a pyre.
pyre a pile of combustible material.
pyric pertaining to burning.
pyroligneous produced by the action of heat on wood.
pyrolignic produced by the action of heat on wood.
pyrophoric spontaneously igniting in air.
pyroxylic produced by the action of heat on wood.
refire to fire again.
reignite to ignite again.
rekindle to kindle again.
rekindling the act of kindling again.
relume (Arch.) to light up again.
relumine (Arch.) to light up again.
scald to burn (a body surface) by direct exposure to very hot liquid or steam.
scalder one who scalds.
scaud (Scots) to scald.
scorch to burn slightly so as to alter the color or taste.
scorchingly (Adv.) SCORCHING.
scouther (Scots) a scorch, burn (verb) to scorch, singe
scouthery scorching, singeing.
scowder (Scots) a scorch, burn; (verb) to scorch, singe.
scowther (Scots) a scorch, burn; (verb) to scorch, singe.
sear scorched, withered (noun) the catch that holds a gun at cock or half-cock; (verb) to burn
searingly (Adv.) SEARING, burning.
searness the state of being sear, withered.
singe to burn slightly.
smeech (Dial.) to smoke.
smeek (Scots) to smoke.
smolder to burn slowly.
smoulder a slow smothered burning (verb) to burn slowly
smoulderingly (Adv.) SMOULDERING.
smouldry (Spenser) smouldering.
spark a small fiery particle (verb) to give off sparks
sparklet a small spark.
spunkie (Scots) an ignis fatuus.
stokehole the area round the mouth of a furnace.
swayl to scorch, singe.
swayling a scorching.
teend to kindle, burn.
thawy liquefying by heat after having been frozen; thawing.
tind to kindle; to burn.
torrefy to scorch or parch; to dry or roast with heat.
torrify to scorch or parch; to dry or roast with heat.
transcalency perviosity to heat.
transcalent pervious to or allowing the passage of heat.
unburnt not burnt.
unkindled not kindled.
unscorched not scorched.
upburning flaming upwards.
urent burning; stinging.
ustion (Obs.) the act of burning, or the state of being burned.
ustulate scorched or discolored from prolonged exposure to heat; (verb) to give a charred appearance to.
ustulation burning; roasting.
wildfire destructive or uncontrollable fire; a conflagration.
woodsmoke smoke produced from burning wood.
woodstove a stove that burns wood.