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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

begird (Arch.) to bind with a band or girdle.
begirdle to surround as with a girdle.
begirt (PaP.) BEGIRD, to bind with a girdle.
bosom the breast (verb) to enclose in the bosom
cage a compartment or enclosure, usually made from bars and wires; (verb) to enclose in a cage.
cager one who cages.
capsulise to condense, to enclose in a capsule.
capsulize to condense, to enclose in a capsule.
cinct surrounded, encircled.
circle a plane figure bounded by one line every point of which is equally distant from a fixed point called the centre; (verb) to enclose, encircle.
circler one who encircles.
circummure (Shakesp.) to wall round.
circumscribe to draw a line around, to surround by or as if by a boundary.
circumscriber one who circumscribes.
circumscription the act of circumscribing, drawing a line around.
circumvent to go round, to get round.
claustration the act of shutting in a cloister.
closet a small private room; a cupboard or recess; (verb) to enclose in a closet.
cocoon the silken sheath spun by many insect larvae; (verb) to wrap or envelop tightly.
confinable capable of being confined.
confine to shut within an enclosure.
confinedly (Adv.) CONFINED.
confinement an act of confining.
confiner one who, or that which, limits or restrains.
contain to hold within.
containment the act of containing.
coop a box or cage for poultry or small animals; (verb) to confine.
cordon a line of police, soldiers, etc, encircling an area so as to prevent or control passage into or out of it; (verb) to form a barrier around.
corral a pen for cattle; (verb) to enclose in a corral.
disinclose to free from being inclosed.
embail (Obs.) to encircle, to hoop in.
embale to make into a bale.
emball to encircle, ensphere.
embay to enclose in a bay.
embed to fix firmly into a surrounding mass.
embedment the act of embedding, or the state of being embedded.
emboitement (Fr.) encasement.
embound (Shakesp.) to enclose.
empalement a fencing, inclosing, or fortifying with stakes.
emure (Shakesp.) to immure.
encage to confine in a cage.
encapsulate to enclose in or as if in a capsule.
encapsule to encapsulate.
encase to inclose in a case.
encasement the act of encasing; also, that which encases.
encircle to form a circle around.
enclave a distinct territorial, cultural, or social unit enclosed within or as if within foreign territory; (verb) to surround.
encloister (Obs.) to shut up in a cloister.
enclosable that can be enclosed.
enclose to close in on all sides.
encloser one who encloses.
enclosure the act of enclosing.
encompass to surround.
encompassment the act of encompassing.
encurtain to enclose with curtains.
encyst to enclose in a cyst.
encystation the state of being encysted.
enfold to envelop.
enfolder one who enfolds.
enfoldment the act of enfolding.
enframe to enclose, as in a frame.
engarland to encircle with a garland, or with garlands.
engird to gird; to encompass.
engirdle to form a girdle or ring round.
englobe to enclose in or as in a globe.
engulf to surround completely.
engulph (Obs.) to surround completely.
enhalo to surround with a halo.
enkernel to enclose in a kernel.
enlock to lock in; to inclose.
enring to encircle.
ensheath to enclose as in a sheath.
ensheathe to enclose as in a sheath.
enshell to enclose in a shell.
enshrine to enclose (as) in a shrine.
ensphere to place in a sphere.
enswathe to swathe; to envelop, as in swaddling clothes.
enswathement the act of enswathing.
enurn to put into an urn.
envault (Obs.) to enclose in a vault.
envelop to cover completely.
environ to envelop, enclose.
enwall to inclose or fortify as with a wall.
enwheel (Shakesp.) to encircle.
enwind to wind about; to encircle.
enwrap to envelop > ENWRAPT.
enwreath to encircle with a wreath.
enwreathe to surround or encompass as with a wreath.
enzone to engirdle or surround with a zone or belt.
exclosure an area shut off from intrusion.
gird to surround.
girt to gird, girth.
hain (Scots) to save, preserve.
hedge a dense row of shrubs (verb) to surround with a hedge
imbar (Obs.) to bar in; to secure.
imbed to fix firmly into a surrounding mass.
immure to enclose within or as if within walls.
impark (Arch.) to inclose for a park.
imparkation the act of imparking.
incage (Obs.) to confine in, or as in, a cage.
incapsulate to enclose in or as if in a capsule.
incase to inclose in a case; to cover or surround with something solid.
incasement the act of incasing.
inclip (Arch.) to clasp; to inclose.
inclosable capable of being inclosed.
inclose to close in on all sides.
incloser one who, or that which, incloses.
inclosure the act of inclosing; the separation of land from common ground by a fence.
inglobe (Milton) to enclose in or as in a globe.
ingulf to surround completely.
inherce (Shakesp.) to put in, or as in, a hearse or coffin.
inhoop (Shakesp.) to confine, as in a hoop.
inlock to lock in, or inclose.
inorb to set in an orb, to encircle.
insheath to insert as in a sheath.
insheathe to insert as in a sheath.
inshell (Shakesp.) to enclose in a shell.
inshrine to enclose (as) in a shrine.
insphere to place in a sphere; to envelop.
inswathe to wrap up; to swathe.
interclude to block; to cut off.
intermure (Obs.) to wall in.
inurn to put into an urn.
invaginate to ensheath.
inwall to inclose or fortify as with a wall.
inwrap to cover by wrapping > INWRAPPED or INWRAPT.
inwrapment the act of inwrapping.
inwreathe to surround or encompass as with a wreath.
kraal (Afrikaans) a S. African village of huts surrounded by a fence; (verb) to pen.
mure to wall up the doors of; to stop (up) the means of access to.
orb anything spherical (verb) to form into an orb
overwrap to wrap excessively > OVERWRAPT.
paddock an enclosed field under pasture; (verb) to enclose as in a paddock.
rewrap to wrap again.
sheath a holder for eg a knife (verb) to place in a sheath
sperre (Spenser) to bolt, bar.
stemme (Spenser) to encircle.
surround to extend completely around.
unconfinable not confinable.
unenclosed not enclosed.
uninclosed not enclosed.
upgird to gird completely.
urn a vase for the ashes fo the dead; (verb) to place in an urn.
womb the uterus (verb, Shakesp.) to enclose
wrap something that wraps; (verb) to enclose in something wound or folded about.
wrapper something that wraps; (verb) to enclose in a wrapper or dust-jacket.
yard an enclosed place, esp near a building; (verb) to enclose in a yard.