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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

abruption a sudden breaking off; a violent separation of bodies.
avulse to pluck or tear away by force.
banjax (Sl.) to batter, destroy.
beshiver to break into small pieces.
brast (Dial.) to burst.
breach a gap, a break; (verb) to break through.
breacher one who breaches.
break to reduce to fragments.
breakable that can be broken; (noun) something that can be broken.
breakableness the state of being breakable.
breakage the act of breaking.
breakback crushing.
breaker one that breaks.
breakoff an act of breaking off or stopping.
breakup the act of breaking up.
brisance (Fr.) the shattering or crushing effect of an explosion.
brisant (Fr.) explosive, shattering.
brittle easily broken (noun) a kind of hard toffee; (verb) to become brittle
brittlely (Adv.) BRITTLE, easily broken.
brittly (Adv.) BRITTLE, easily broken.
brokenly (Adv.) BROKEN, not whole.
brokenness the state of being broken.
bruckle (Scots) liable to break, brittle.
brust (Spenser) to burst.
burst a sudden outbreak; (verb) to break open suddenly or violently.
bust the upper front part of the human body, esp a woman's (verb) to break, shatter
busticate (Coll.) to break.
cantle a corner, edge or slice of anything; (verb) to break a piece from.
cataclasm (Greek) disruption; breaking down.
cataclasmic relating to or of the nature of a cataclasm.
chip a small piece cut or broken off; (verb) to break a small piece from.
comminute to crush, pulverize.
comminution the act of comminuting.
conk a disease of horse-chestnut trees (verb) to fail, break down
conkout a situation where a car, machine, computer etc ceases to work.
contriturate to pulverize.
crack a sharp sound of breaking; (verb) to break without dividing into parts.
crankle to bend, to twist.
crumb a small bit or morsel of dry food, esp bread (verb) to break into crumbs
crumble a sweet dish of stewed fruit (verb) to break into small pieces
delaminate to split into layers.
delamination separation into constituent layers.
diffract to break up into segments or portions.
dilacerate to rend or tear asunder.
dirempt to separate, disunite.
diremption separation into two.
disally to part, as an alliance.
discerp to separate.
discerption the act of discerping.
discerptive tending to discerp.
disconnect to sever the connection of or between.
disconnectedly (Adv.) DISCONNECTED.
disjoin to separate.
disjunction the act of disjoining.
disjuncture the act of disjoining.
dislimb to tear limb from limb; to dismember.
dislink to unlink, separate.
dismember to cut or tear a body limb from limb.
dispart (Arch.) to part, split in two.
disrupt to break up, break apart.
dissembly the breaking up of an assembly.
disshiver (Spenser) to shiver or break in pieces.
dissunder (Arch.) to sunder.
disunion the state of being disunited.
disunite to separate.
disunity lack of unity.
divellicate to pull in pieces; to pluck apart.
dividant (Shakesp.) divisible, divided.
divulse to tear apart.
divulsion the act of pulling or rendering apart or away.
divulsive tending to pull asunder, tear, or rend.
elutriate to separate by washing into finer portions.
elutriation the act of elutriating.
enriven (Spenser) torn.
erumpent breaking or bursting out through the skin, as do certain fungus spores.
eruptive breaking out or bursting forth (noun) a type of rock
eruptively (Adv.) ERUPTIVE, bursting forth.
fiberise to break into fibers.
fiberize to break into fibers.
fissile readily split.
fissility the ability to be split.
fissive relating to fission.
fissure a narrow opening, a cleft; (verb) to cleave, divide.
flaw a break or crack, a defect (verb) to make defective
flinder a splinter or small fragment; (verb) to break to pieces.
fract to break; to violate.
fractionise to break up into fractions.
fractionize to break up into fractions.
fracture a break esp of a bone; (verb) to break.
fragment a piece broken off; (verb) to break into pieces.
fragmentate to reduce to fragments.
fragmentation the act of fragmenting.
fragmentise to reduce to fragments.
fragmentize to reduce to fragments.
frangible readily broken; breakable.
fritz to become broken or start malfunctioning > FRITZES, FRITZING, FRITZED.
frush (Scots) brittle, crumbly; (verb, Shakesp.) to break or bruise.
grind to reduce to powder or small particle ) GROUNDEN.
inburst a bursting in or into; (verb) to burst into.
knap to snap, crack.
knapple to break off with an abrupt, sharp noise.
konk to fail, break down.
lacerate to tear roughly.
laceration the act of lacerating.
lacerative having the power to lacerate.
loggat a small log or piece of wood.
mammock (Arch.) broken piece; (verb, Shakesp.) to tear something to shreds.
mangle to cut, slash, or crush so as to disfigure.
mash a pulpy mess (verb) to reduce to a pulpy mass
microcrack a microscopic crack or fracture; (verb) to crack in this way.
microcracking microscopic cracking.
mummock (Arch.) a piece, a shred.
murl (Scots) to crumble MURLY.
murly (Scots) crumbly.
parter one who, or which, parts or separates.
partible that may be divided up or parted.
prorate to divide or distribute proportionally; to assess pro rata.
pulverisation the process of pulverising.
rend to tear apart forcibly ) YRENT.
retear to tear again.
rift a cleft (verb) to make a rift in
rifty full of rifts.
rip a tear; (verb) to tear open or apart ) RIPT.
rive to rend, tear apart.
riven (PaP.) RIVE, to rend, tear apart.
scrunch a crunch (verb) to crunch
shatter a fragment (verb) to break into pieces
shatterer something or someone that shatters.
shattering of e.g news, devastating.
shatteringly (Adv.) SHATTERING.
shattery brittle.
skelf (Scots) a splinter of wood, esp one embedded in the skin.
smash a violent collision; (verb) to shatter violently.
smush to crush.
snappingly (Adv.) SNAPPING.
spail a splinter or chip.
spale (Scots) a splinter, chip.
spall a splinter or chip; (verb) to splinter.
spalt a splinter or chip; (verb) to splinter.
spelk a splinter of wood.
splent a contrivance for holding a broken bone, etc in position.
splinter a piece of wood, metal, etc split off (verb) to split into sharp, slender pieces
splintery given to splintering.
sunder to break apart.
torn (PaP) TEAR, to pull apart.
uncake to break up a cake.
unform to unmake.
unjoint to disjoint.
unteam to unyoke a team from.
upbreak to break upwards; to force a way or passage to the surface.
upburst to burst upwards.