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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

adjure to command solemnly.
behest a command, a request.
bespeak to commission to be made.
bid an offer; (verb) to make an offer to command
bidden (PaP.) BID, to express a greeting.
command an order; (verb) to direct with authority.
commandable able to be commanded.
commandeer to compel to perform military service.
commandingly (Adv.) COMMANDING.
commandment the act or power of commanding.
coordinance a joint ordinance.
countermand to revoke an order by a contrary order.
decree an order by someone in authority; (verb) to order or establish by law or edict.
decreer one who decrees.
dictatrix a female dictator.
directive a general instruction.
edict an authoritative order having the force of law.
edictal relating to an edict.
edictally (Adv.) EDICTAL, relating to an edict.
enjoin to command; to order.
enjoinder an order.
enjoiner one who enjoins.
enjoinment direction; command; authoritative admonition.
fiat (Lat.) a formal authorization for a proposed arrangement; (verb) to sanction.
fiaunt (Spenser) a fiat.
forbid to command not to do something.
forbidal the act of forbidding.
forbiddal the act of forbidding.
forbiddance (Obs.) the act of forbidding.
forbidden (PaP.) FORBID, to command not to do something.
forbiddenly (Shakesp.) in a forbidden manner.
forbidder one who forbids.
forbiddingly (Adv.) FORBIDDING.
forwarn to forbid.
heast (Spenser) behest, command.
heaste (Spenser) behest, command.
hecht (Scots) to call.
hest (Arch.) behest, command.
hete (Obs.) to promise, command, name.
hight (Arch.) to command or call.
imperious assuming command; haughty.
imperiously (Adv.) IMPERIOUS, assuming command.
injunct to prohibit; to restrain by means of an injunction.
injunction the act or an instance of enjoining.
injunctive relating to an injunction.
injunctively (Adv.) INJUNCTIVE, relating to an injunction.
interdict to forbid, prohibit.
interdiction the act of interdicting.
interdictory serving to interdict.
mandatary the holder of a mandate.
mandate an official instruction; (verb) to issue with a mandate.
mandator one who gives a mandate.
mandatorily (Adv.) MANDATORY, by mandate.
mandatory by mandate (noun) the holder of a mandate
masterdom dominion; rule; command.
masterhood the state of being a master.
ministrant an attendant.
ordain to invest with holy authority.
ordainer one who ordains.
order a command, a requisition; (verb) to give a command or instruction to.
orderable that can be ordered.
orderer one who orders.
ordinance that which is ordained by authority, fate, etc; a regulation.
prebid to bid in advance.
predestine to decree beforehand.
preordain to ordain in advance.
prescribe to lay down a rule or direction.
prescriber one who prescribes.
prescript (Arch.) a thing that is prescribed or laid down; an ordinance.
prohibit to forbid by authority.
prohibition the act of prohibiting.
prohibitionary serving to prohibit.
prohibitory serving to prohibit.
proscribe to forbid, esp by law.
proscript a person who is proscribed.
rahui (Maori) a Maori prohibition.
taboo (Tongan) a prohibition, interdict; (verb) to forbid as eg unclean.
tabu (Tongan) a prohibition, interdict; (verb) to forbid as eg unclean.
tapu (Tongan) a prohibition, interdict; (verb) to forbid as eg unclean.
unbid not bid or commanded.
unorder to cancel an order.
unprohibited not prohibited.
veto (Lat.) to forbid.