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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

athanasy deathlessness.
caducity the quality of being transitory or perishable.
cremains the ashes that remain after cremation of a corpse.
dead not alive (noun) people who have died; (verb, obs.) to lose vitality, become numb
death the end of life.
deathbed the bed on which a person dies.
deathblow a fatal blow.
deathless not subject to death.
deathlike like death.
deathliness the state of being deathly.
deathly like death.
deathy fatal, bringing death.
decease death; (verb) to die.
defunct dead; (noun) a dead person.
defunction (Shakesp.) death.
defunctive relating to the dead.
defunctness the state of being defunct.
deid (Scots) dead (noun) death
die a shaped block used to shape metal a dice (verb) to depart from life to cut or shape with a die
dieoff a dying off of vegetation.
dyingly (Adv.) DYING, fading.
dyingness the state of dying or the simulation of such a state.
evanish to vanish, die away.
expirable that may expire or come to an end.
expirant one who expires or is expiring.
expire to come to an end.
expirer one who expires.
expiry expiration; death.
fatal causing or capable of causing death.
fatality a death resulting from an unexpected occurrence.
fatally (Adv.) FATAL, causing or capable of causing death.
fatalness the quality of being fatal.
flatline to die or be so near death that the display of one's vital signs on medical equipment shows a flat line rather than peaks or troughs.
flatliner one who flatlines.
forfair (Obs.) to perish or decay.
forpine (Spenser) to waste away completely by suffering or torment.
immarcescible unfading; imperishable.
immortal not subject to death (noun) one who is not subject to death
immortality the state of being immortal.
immortally (Adv.) IMMORTAL, not subject to death.
kark (Aust. sl.) to break down, die.
moribund being about to die.
moribundity the state of being moribund.
moribundly (Adv.) MORIBUND, being about to die.
morkin an animal that has died by accident.
morling a sheep that has died from disease.
mortal fatal (noun) a human being
mortally (Adv.) MORTAL, fatal.
mortific death-bringing, deadly.
mortling a sheep that has died from disease.
obiit (Lat.) died.
perish to die.
perishable liable to perish (noun) something liable to perish
perishably (Adv.) PERISHABLE, liable to perish.
perishing freezing cold.
perishingly (Adv.) PERISHING.
predecease to die sooner than.
sterve (Spenser) to starve, die.
swelt (Dial.) to die, to faint.
thanatoid apparently dead; deathly; deadly.
undying not subject to death.
undyingly (Adv.) UNDYING, not subject to death.
unperished not perished.