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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

admonish to reprove mildly or kindly.
admonisher one who admonishes.
admonishingly (Adv.) ADMONISHING.
admonishment a firm rebuke.
admonition gentle or friendly reproof.
admonitor an admonisher; a monitor.
affront to insult openly.
animadversion hostile criticism; a critical or censorious remark.
animadvert to comment critically on; to censure.
animadverter one who animadverts, comments on critically.
attask (Shakesp.) to take to task.
backbite to criticise someone behind their back.
badmouth to abuse.
berascal to call a rascal.
berate to scold.
blame the attribution of fault; (verb) to find fault with.
blameable deserving of blame.
blameably (Adv.) BLAMEABLE, deserving of censure.
blameful worthy of blame.
blamefully (Adv.) BLAMEFUL, worthy of blame.
blamefulness the state of being blameful.
blamelessness the state of being blameless.
blamer one who blames.
blameworthiness the state of being blameworthy.
blameworthy worthy of censure.
bollock (Sl.) a testicle; (verb) to reprimand severely.
boo a interjection expressing disapproval or contempt; (noun) a sound of disapproval or contempt; (verb) to make such a sound.
carper one who carps, criticises.
carpet a woven, felted or tufted covering for floors, stairs, etc; (verb) to scold, censure.
castigate to scold, reprimand.
castigation the act of castigating.
castigator one who castigates or corrects.
castigatory tending to castigate.
catcaller one who catcalls.
censor to blame, criticise.
censorable able to be censored.
censorial pertaining to a censor, or to the correction of public morals.
censorian pertaining to a censor, or to the correction of public morals.
censorious given to censure.
censoriously (Adv.) CENSORIOUS, given to censure.
censoriousness the state of being censorious.
censorship the institution, system, or practice of censoring.
censurability the ability to be censured.
censurable worthy of censure.
censurableness the state of being censurable.
censurably (Adv.) CENSURABLE, worthy of censure.
censure to criticise, blame.
censurer one who censures.
chapter a main division of a book; (verb) to reprimand, take to task.
chastenment the state of being chastened.
chide to scold.
chider (Shakesp.) a quarrelsome person.
chidingly (Adv.) CHIDING, scolding.
clapperclawer one who scolds, abuses.
comeuppance a deserved rebuke or penalty.
condemn to criticize severely.
condemnation the act of condemning.
condemnatory serving to condemn.
condemningly (Adv.) CONDEMNING.
contemnible worthy of being contemned.
contemnibly (Adv.) CONTEMNIBLE, worhty of being contemned.
critical given to criticism.
critically (Adv.) CRITICAL, given to criticism.
criticisable able to be criticised.
criticise to censure.
criticiser one who criticises.
criticisingly (Adv.) CRITICISING.
criticism the act of criticising.
criticizable able to be criticized.
criticize to censure.
criticizer one who criticizes.
criticizingly (Adv.) CRITICIZING.
culpable deserving blame or censure.
culpableness the state of being culpable.
decrial a crying down; a clamorous censure.
decrier one who decries.
decry to denounce.
denounce to condemn openly.
denouncer one who denounces.
denunciate to denounce; to condemn publicly or solemnly.
denunciator one who denunciates.
deploration the act of deploring.
deprecate to regret deeply; to express disapproval of.
deprecatingly (Adv.) DEPRECATING.
deprecative serving to deprecate.
deprecatively (Adv.) DEPRECATIVE, serving to deprecate.
despight a looking down with contempt.
despisal the act of despising.
despise to look down upon with contempt.
despisedness (Milton) the state of being despised.
despisingly (Adv.) DESPISING, looking down upon with contempt.
diatribe (Greek) an abusive or bitter harangue.
disapprobation the act or state of disapproving.
disapprobative disapproving.
disapprobatory disapproving.
disapproval censure, disapprobation.
disapprove to pass unfavorable judgment on.
disapprover one who disapproves.
disapproving passing unfavorable judgment on.
disapprovingly (Adv.) DISAPPROVING.
discommend to mention with disapprobation.
discommendation the act of discommending.
disparager one who disparages.
dispraise to censure.
dispraiser one who dispraises.
dispraisingly (Adv.) DISPRAISING.
disproove (Spenser) to disapprove of.
disproval the act of disproving.
dyslogistic conveying censure.
dyslogistically (Adv.) DYSLOGISTIC, conveying censure.
dyslogy unfavourable speech; censure.
excoriate to abrade; to heap abuse.
exprobrate (Arch.) to upbraid.
exprobration the act of exprobrating, upbraiding.
exprobrative expressing reproach.
exprobratory expressing reproach.
fault a failing or weakness of character (verb) to criticize
faultfinder one given to faultfinding.
faultfinding the act of finding fault.
faut (Scots) to fault.
fulminate to send forth censures or invectives.
henpeck to dominate by nagging.
hypercritic one who is hypercritical.
hypercritical meticulously or excessively critical.
hypercritically (Adv.) HYPERCRITICAL, meticulously or excessively critical.
hypercriticise to criticise excessively.
hypercriticism an instance of being hypercritical.
hypercriticize to criticise excessively.
inculpate to blame; to incriminate.
inculpative serving to inculpate.
jawbation a long, tedious rebuke or harangue.
jobation a long, tedious rebuke or harangue.
jobe to reprimand tediously.
mispraise to praise amiss.
monitive conveying admonition; admonitory.
moralise moralize to preach morality.
moralising moralizing the act of preaching morality.
nitpick to find trifling fault with.
nitpicky minutely critical.
objurgate to scold or rebuke sharply, to berate.
objurgation a rebuke, a scolding.
objurgative chiding, scolding.
objurgator one who objurgates.
objurgatory chiding, scolding.
obloquial relating to obloquy.
obloquy censure.
outchide to surpass in chiding.
outscold (Shakesp.) to exceed in scolding.
overcritical excessively critical.
philippic a bitter condemnation, usually in a speech.
railer one who rails.
rark (NZ) to reprimand.
rebukable worthy of rebuke.
rebuke to criticize sharply.
rebukeful containing rebuke; of the nature of rebuke.
rebukefully (Adv.) REBUKEFUL, containing rebuke.
rebuker one who rebukes.
rebukingly (Adv.) REBUKING.
recensor to censor again.
reprehend to rebuke.
reprehender one who reprehends.
reprehensive serving to reprehend.
reprehensively (Adv.) REPREHENSIVE, serving to reprehend.
repriefe (Spenser) reproach, insult.
reprimand to scold, censure.
reproach censure, upbraiding; (verb) to find fault with.
reproachable worthy of reproach.
reproachably (Adv.) REPROACHABLE, worthy of reproach.
reproacher one who reproaches.
reproachful reproving.
reproachfully (Adv.) REPROACHFUL, reproving.
reproachfulness the state of being reproachful.
reproachingly (Adv.) REPROACHING.
reproachless without reproach.
reprobance (Shakesp.) reprobation.
reprobater one who reprobates.
reprobation the act of reprobating.
reprobationary expressing reprobation.
reprobative condemnatory.
reprobatively (Adv.) REPROBATIVE, condemnatory.
reprobatory condemnatory.
reprovable that can be reproved.
reproval reproof.
reprove to rebuke.
reprover one who, or that which, reproves.
reprovingly (Adv.) REPROVING.
revile to denounce with abusive language.
revilement the act of reviling.
reviler one who reviles.
revilingly (Adv.) REVILING.
sasarara a scolding; a blow.
sassarara a scolding; a blow.
scold to rebuke harshly.
scoldable able to be scolded.
scolder one who scolds.
scolding a harsh reproof.
scoldingly (Adv.) SCOLDING.
shend (Arch.) to put to shame, chide.
siserary a scolding; a blow.
slang extremely informal or vulgar language (verb) to scold
sloan (Scots) a snub, reproof.
sneap to nip, pinch.
sneb to reprimand.
snebbe to reprimand.
squabash to crush esp with criticism; to lambaste.
stricture an adverse criticism or censorious remark.
targe a shield; (verb, Scots) to interrogate, reprimand.
threap (Scots) to rebuke, to insist.
threaper one that threaps, rebukes.
threep (Scots) to rebuke, to insist.
threeper one who threeps, rebukes.
throughgaun a scolding.
tirade (Fr.) a long vehement or angry harangue.
twight (Spenser) to twit, upbraid.
ultracrepidate to criticize beyond sphere of one's knowledge.
unapproving not approving.
unapprovingly (Adv.) UNAPPROVING, not approving.
unblamable that cannot be blamed.
unblameable that cannot be blamed.
unblamed not blamed.
uncensorious not censorious.
unrebuked not rebuked.
unreproached not reproached.
unreproved not reproved.
unshent (Arch.) not disgraced.
upbraid to reproach.
upbraider one who upbraids.
upbraidingly (Adv.) UPBRAIDING.
upbray (Spenser) to upbraid.
vituperable deserving vituperation.
vituperate to abuse or censure severely or abusively.
vituperation abuse, rejection.
vituperative uttering or given to censure.
vituperatively (Adv.) VITUPERATIVE, uttering or given to censure.
vituperatory uttering or given to censure.
wigging a scolding.
wight swift, nimble (noun) a creature or a person; (verb, Scots) to blame, lay the blame on
wite (Scots) to blame, lay the blame on.
wyte (Scots) to blame, lay the blame on.
yaff (Scots) to bark, scold, nag.
yshend (Spenser) to scold.