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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

backload a load taken on by a lorry for a return journey; (verb) to load a lorry for a return journey.
ballast heavy material used to weigh down and steady a ship or balloon; (verb) to load with ballast.
burden a heavy load; (verb) to load heavily.
burdener one who burdens.
burdenous burdensome.
burdensome imposing or constituting a burden.
burthen (Arch.) a burden; (verb) to burden.
cargo a load (verb) to load, weigh down
cumber to burden.
cumberer one who cumbers.
disburden to rid of a burden.
disburthen to get rid of a burden.
disemburden to disburden.
disload to unload, disburden.
encumber to burden.
encumberingly (Adv.) ENCUMBERING.
fardel (Obs.) a burden.
fraught loaded with risk (verb, obs.) to load a ship with cargo
incumber to burden.
incumberingly (Adv.) INCUMBERING, burdening.
lade to load.
laden to load.
lader one who lades.
laid (Scots) to load.
load a burden, something carried; (verb) to place in or on a means of conveyance.
loaden (Arch.) to load.
loader one that loads.
loadspace the space available in a vehicle for loading.
nonbearing not taking a load.
offload to unload.
overburden to overload.
overfreight to overload.
overlade to load to excess.
overload to load to excess.
overpoise to burden with weight sufficient to weigh another down.
pallet a bed or mattress of straw; (verb) to load on a pallet.
preload to load in advance.
reload to load again.
superload a variable weight on a structure.
unburden to free from a burden.
unburthen (Arch.) to unburden; to unload.
uncart to unload from a cart.
uncrate to remove from a crate.
underload to load insufficiently.
unfraught to unload.
unlade to unload.
unload to remove the load or cargo from.
unloader one who unloads.
wud (Scots) wood; (verb) to load with wood.