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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

contemn to despise or scorn.
contempt the feeling of one who views something as mean, vile, or worthless.
contemptible worthy of contempt.
contemptuous manifesting contempt.
contemptuously (Adv.) CONTEMPTUOUS, manifesting contempt.
contumelious haughtily insolent.
contumeliously (Adv.) CONTUMELIOUS, haughtily insolent.
contumely contemptuous or insulting treatment arising from arrogance.
daine (Shakesp.) to deign.
deign to lower oneself to do something.
despicable worthy of being despised.
despicableness the state of being despicable.
despicably (Adv.) DESPICABLE, worthy of being despised.
despisable despicable; contemptible.
despiser one who despises.
despite in spite of; (noun) a looking down with contempt; (verb, obs) to treat with contempt.
disdain scorn; (verb) to scorn.
disdainful full of or expressing disdain.
disdainfully (Adv.) DISDAINFUL, full of or expressing disdain.
disdainfulness the state of being disdainful.
fico (Shakesp.) a fig, a gesture of contempt.
figo (Shakesp.) a fig, a gesture of contempt.
fleerer one who fleers.
flout to treat eg a law with contemptuous disregard.
floutingly (Adv.) FLOUTING.
indignance (Arch.) indignation, contempt.
indignify (Arch.) to treat insultingly.
lightly in a light way; (verb) to slight or make light of.
mesprise (Spenser) scorn, slighting.
mesprize (Spenser) scorn, slighting.
misesteem to lack esteem for; to disrespect.
misprise to scorn, slight, undervalue; to be mistaken.
misprize to scorn, slight, undervalue; to be mistaken.
narquois (Fr.) mocking; malicious.
opprobrious expressing contemptuous reproach; bringing disgrace.
opprobriously (Adv.) OPPROBRIOUS, expressing contemptuous reproach; bringing disgrace.
opprobrium something that brings disgrace; infamy, contempt.
outscorn (Shakesp.) to face out with scorn.
phooey an exclamation of contempt, scorn etc.
razz (Sl.) a raspberry; (verb) to blow a raspberry.
scorn contempt; (verb) to treat or regard with contempt.
scorner one who scorns.
sdaine (Obs.) to disdain.
sdayn (Obs.) to disdain.
sdeign (Obs.) to disdain.
sdeigne (Obs.) to disdain.
sdeignfull (Obs.) disdainful.
sdeignfully (Adv.) SDEIGNFULL, disdainful.
sdein (Obs.) to disdain.
slighting contemptuous.
slightingly (Adv.) SLIGHTING.
sneerful given to sneering.
sneeringly (Adv.) SNEERING.
sneery given to sneering.
snickery tending to snicker.
sniffish haughty.
sniffishly (Adv.) SNIFFISH, haughty.
sniffishness the state of being sniffish, haughty.
snoot (Coll.) the nose (verb) to regard contemptuously
snub a check, a rebuke (verb) to treat with contempt or neglect
snubbe (Arch.) a snub.
snubbiness the quality of being snubby, inclined to snub or check.
snubbingly (Adv.) SNUBBING.
snubbish inclined to snub or check.
snubby inclined to snub or check.
spurn to reject with contempt.
spurner one who spurns.
supercilious haughtily contemptuous.
superciliously (Adv.) SUPERCILIOUS, haughtily contemptuous.
toploftical high and mighty; haughty.
toploftily (Adv.) TOPLOFTY, high and mighty.
toploftiness the state of being toplofty, high and mighty.
toplofty high and mighty, haughty.
tossily (Adv.) TOSSY, tossing the head, as in scorn or pride.
tossy tossing the head, as in scorn or pride.
vilipend (Lat.) to treat as of small worth; to contemn, disparage.
vilipender one who vilipends, treats with contempt.