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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

blandish to flatter and coax; to cajole.
blandishment something that tends to coax or cajole.
blarney skilful flattery; nonsense, humbug; (verb) to flatter, humbug.
cajole to persuade by flattery.
cajolement the act of cajoling; the state of being cajoled.
cajoler one who cajoles.
cajolery the act of cajoling.
cajolingly (Adv.) CAJOLING,coaxing.
carney to coax, wheedle.
carnie a carnival.
carny cunning, sly (noun) a carnival; (verb) to coax, wheedle
coaxer one who coaxes.
cozen to coax or deceive by trickery.
cuiter (Scots) to wheedle; to cocker, pamper.
cuittle (Scots) to coax, to cajole.
fleech (Scots) to flatter, coax, beg.
gloze (Arch.) to flatter.
inveagle to entice; to wheedle.
inveigle to entice; to wheedle.
moody subject to moods (verb) to persuade by flattery and cajolery
sawder to flatter.
soother to cajole, flatter; to soothe, calm.
wheedle to influence or entice by soft words or flattery.
wheedler one who wheedles.
wheedlingly (Adv.) WHEEDLING, coaxing.
whilly (Scots) to wheedle, cajole.
whillywha (Scots) to coax, wheedle, cajole.
whillywhaw (Scots) to coax, wheedle, cajole.