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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

beam a ray of light (verb) to smile
beblubbered disfigured from weeping.
besmile to smile at.
blink to open and shut the eyes.
chitty of a face, pinched, baby-like (noun) a chit
deadpan expressionless; (verb) to act in a deadpan fashion.
eliad (Shakesp.) an ogle, a glance, a wink.
eyeliad (Obs.) an ogle, a glance, a wink.
eyliad (Obs.) an ogle, a glance, a wink.
fisnomie (Shakesp.) physiognomy.
frown a contraction of the brow; (verb) to contract the brow in displeasure.
frowner one who frowns.
frowningly (Adv.) FROWNING.
gant (Scots) to yawn.
gaunt fleshless (verb) to yawn
gerne (Spenser) to grin or gape.
girn (Dial.) to grin, make faces.
girner one who girns, makes faces.
gledge to squint the eyes.
glike (Shakesp.) a sneer; a flout.
glime to glance slyly.
glout (Arch.) to be sulky.
glower to look or stare with sullen annoyance or anger.
gloweringly (Adv.) GLOWERING, looking with sullen annoyance or anger.
glumpish glum.
glumps (Arch.) the sulks.
glunch to frown.
goggle to stare with wide eyes.
goggly goggling.
gren (Spenser) to grin.
grimace a distortion of the face, in fun, disgust, etc; (verb) to make a grimace.
grimacer one who grimaces.
grimacingly (Adv.) GRIMACING.
grin a broad smile; (verb) to smile broadly.
grinner one who grins.
grinningly (Adv.) GRINNING.
gurn (Dial.) a grin; (verb) to grin, make faces.
illiad (Shakesp.) an ogle, a glance, a wink.
leer a sly or sidelong look (verb) to look with a sideways glance
leeringly (Adv.) LEERING, looking with a leer.
lill (Scots) the fingerhole of a flute; (verb, Spenser) to loll the tongue.
lour a scowl or glare (verb) to look sullen or threatening
louringly (Adv.) LOURING, threatening.
moonface a moonlike face.
moonfaced having a round, moonlike face.
moue (Fr.) a disdainful or pouting look.
mow to cut the grass on.
mugg to make funny faces.
murgeon (Scots) a grimace; (verb) to grimace.
nictate to wink or blink.
nictation the act of winking.
nictitate to wink or blink.
nictitation the act of winking.
oeillade (Fr.) an ogle; a glance or wink.
ogle to stare at.
oscitate to yawn.
outbeam to surpass in beaming.
outblush to exceed in blushing.
outfrown to frown down; to overbear by frowning.
outglare to surpass in glaring.
outgrin to surpass in grinning.
outsmile to surpass in smiling.
physiognomy the general appearance of anything, esp the face.
popeyed with protuberant eyes.
pout a pushing out of the lips (verb) to protrude the lips in ill humor
pouty given to pouting.
risus (Lat.) a laugh; a grin.
scowl to frown angrily.
scowler one who scowls.
scowling wearing an angry frown.
scowlingly (Adv.) SCOWLING.
simper to smile in a silly, weak or affected manner.
simperer one who simpers.
simperingly (Adv.) SIMPERING.
skellie (Scots) to squint.
skelly cross-eyed (verb) to squint
smerk to smirk.
smicker (Obs.) to look amorously or wantonly; to smirk.
smile the expression of the face when smiling (verb) to upturn the corners of the mouth in pleasure
smileful full of smiles.
smileless not having a smile.
smiler one who smiles.
smilet (Shakesp.) a little smile.
smilingly (Adv.) SMILING, wearing a smile.
smirk a smug smile (verb) to smile in an affected or smug manner
smirker one who smirks.
smirkily (Adv.) SMIRKY, given to smirking.
smirking wearing a smug smile.
smirkingly (Adv.) SMIRKING, smiling smugly.
smirky given to smirking.
smoile (Obs.) to smile.
smoyle (Obs.) to smile.
sneer an expression of contempt (verb) to curl the lip in contempt
sneerer one who sneers.
squinch to screw up, contort (one's face, features, etc.).
squint a cross-eyed look (adj.) cross-eyed (verb) to look with the eyes partly closed
squinter one who squints.
squintingly (Adv.) SQUINTING.
squinty given to squinting.
squiny (Dial.) to squint.
unsmiling not smiling.
unsmilingly (Adv.) UNSMILING, not smiling.
visaged having a visage (usually in combination).
widechapped (Shakesp.) open-mouthed.
wink to close and open one eye quickly.
winkingly (Adv.) WINKING, with eyes shut.
yawn a deep inhalation of air (verb) to open the mouth wide with a deep inhalation of air
yawner one who yawns.
yawningly (Adv.) YAWNING, gaping.