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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

abraid (Spenser) to awake, arouse.
abray (Spenser) to awake, arouse.
aisling (Irish) a vision or dream.
antisleep opposed to sleep.
awake not asleep; (verb) to wake up.
awaken to awake.
awakener one that awakens.
awoken (PaP.) AWAKE, to wake up.
catnap to take a short nap.
cauchemar (Fr.) a nightmare.
daydream a waking dream; (verb) to fantasize.
daydreamlike like a daydream > DAYDREAMIER, DAYDREAMIEST.
daydreamy given to daydreaming.
daymare a terrifying experience, similar to a nightmare, felt while awake.
dogsleep pretended sleep.
dormient (Arch.) sleeping, dormant.
dormition the act of sleeping; falling asleep.
dove a pigeon; (verb, Scots) to doze.
dover (Scots) to doze.
doze a light sleep (verb) to sleep lightly
dozen twelve; (verb, Scots) to doze.
dozer one who dozes.
dozily (Adv.) DOZY, sleepy.
doziness the state of being dozy.
dozy sleepy.
dream a series of images occurring during sleep (verb) to have a dream
dreamer one that dreams.
dreamery a place favourable to dreams.
dreamful full of dreams.
dreamfully (Adv.) DREAMFUL.
dreamily (Adv.) DREAMY, given to dreaming.
dreaminess the state of being dreamy.
dreamingly (Adv.) DREAMING.
dreamless free from, or without, dreams.
dreamlessly (Adv.) DREAMLESS, free from, or without, dreams.
dreamlike like a dream.
dreamwhile the duration of a dream.
dreamworld a world of illusion or fantasy.
dreamy given to dreaming.
drowse to doze.
drowsihead (Spenser) drowsiness.
drowsihed (Spenser) drowsiness.
drowsily (Adv.) DROWSY, sleepy.
drowsiness the state of being drowsy.
drowsy sleepy.
fainty faintish.
hibernate to pass the winter in a dormant state.
hypnagogic of, relating to, or occurring in the period of drowsiness immediately preceding sleep.
hypnogenetic relating to the production of hypnotic sleep.
hypnogenic relating to the production of hypnotic sleep.
hypnogogic of, relating to, or occurring in the period of drowsiness immediately preceding sleep.
hypnoid like sleep or hypnosis.
hypnoidal like sleep or hypnosis.
hypnology the study of sleep or hypnosis.
hypnopompic pertaining to the semiconscious state before waking.
hypnotee one who is hypnotised.
hypnotise to put in a state of hypnosis.
hypnotism the science of practice of hypnosis.
hypnotist one who practises hypnotism.
hypnotistic relating to a hypnotist.
hypnotize to put in a state of hypnosis.
insomnia chronic inability to sleep.
insomniac one who suffers from insomnia.
insomnious restless; sleepless.
insomnolence sleeplessness.
lull a break, a period of calm; (verb) to cause to sleep or rest.
luller one who lulls.
lullingly in a lulling manner.
microsleep a very short sleep.
nap a short sleep; (verb) to take a short sleep.
narcose experiencing a hallucinogenic stupor.
nightmare a bad dream.
nightmarish like a nightmare.
nightmarishly (Adv.) NIGHTMARISH, like a nightmare.
nightmary like a nightmare.
noctambulism somnambulism.
noctambulist a sleepwalker, a somnambulist.
nympholepsy a trance incurred by erotic daydreams.
nympholept one in state of nympholepsy, a trance incurred by erotic daydreams.
nympholeptic relating to nympholepsy.
oneiric pertaining to dreams.
oneirically (Adv.) ONEIRIC, pertaining to dreams.
oneirocritic one who interprets dreams.
oneirocritical of, relating to or specializing in the interpretation of dreams.
oscitance yawning, sleepiness.
oscitancy yawning, sleepiness.
oscitation yawning, sleepiness.
outdream to pass, or escape, while dreaming.
outsleep to exceed in sleeping.
oversleep to sleep past a planned time for waking.
pandiculation a stretching out when drowsy or when waking.
phantasmagoria a fantastic sequence of haphazardly associative imagery, as seen in dreams or fever.
phantasmagorial of or like a phantasmagoria.
phantasmagoric of or like a phantasmagoria.
phantasmagory a fantastic sequence of haphazardly associative imagery, as seen in dreams or fever.
presleep before sleep.
rearousal the act of rearousing.
rearouse to arouse again.
reawake to awake again.
reawaken to awaken again.
reawoken (PaP.) REAWAKE, to awake.
redream to dream again.
reveur (Fr.) a daydreamer.
reveuse (Fr.) a (female) daydreamer.
rewake to wake again.
rewaken to waken again.
rouse to bring out of a state of sleep or inactivity.
rousing stirring.
rousingly (Adv.) ROUSING, stirring.
shakedown any makeshift bed, esp one made up on the floor.
shuteye (Coll.) sleep.
siesta (Spanish) a midday or afternoon nap.
sleep a natural, periodic state of rest (verb) to be in a natural, periodic state of rest
sleeper one that sleeps.
sleepery (Scots) sleepy.
sleepily (Adv.) SLEEPY, full of sleep.
sleepiness the state of being sleepy.
sleepless without sleep.
sleeplessness the state of being sleepless.
sleeplike like sleep.
sleepout the act of sleeping outdoors overnight.
sleepover the custom of staying overnight at a friend's house.
sleepry (Scots) sleepy.
sleepwalk to walk in one's sleep.
sleepwalker one who sleepwalks.
sleepy full of sleep.
sleepyheaded given to sleep.
sloom slumber (verb) to doze, slumber
slumber sleep (verb) to sleep
slumberer one who slumbers.
slumberful sleepy,
slumberingly (Adv.) SLUMBERING.
slumberland the state of slumber.
slumberless without slumber.
slumberous inviting or causing slumber.
slumberously (Adv.) SLUMBEROUS, causing slumber.
slumberousness the state of being slumberous.
slumbersome sleepy.
slumbery full of slumber > SLUMBERIER, SLUMBERIEST.
slumbrous full of sleep.
slumbrously (Adv.) SLUMBROUS, full of sleep.
slumbrousness the state of being slumbrous.
slumbry full of slumber.
snooze a brief light sleep; (verb) to sleep lightly
snoozer one who snoozes.
snoozle (Coll.) to nuzzle and then sleep.
snoozy given to snoozing.
somnambulance sleepwalking.
somnambulant having the habit of walking while asleep; (noun) a sleepwalker.
somnambular relating to somnambulation, sleepwalking.
somnambulary relating to somnambulation, sleepwalking.
somnambulate to walk when asleep.
somnambulation sleepwalking.
somnambulator a sleepwalker.
somnambule a sleepwalker.
somnambulic like a somnambule, a sleepwalker.
somnambulism an abnormal condition of sleep in which motor acts, such as walking, are performed.
somnambulist a sleepwalker.
somnambulistic relating to somnambulism.
somnial pertaining to dreams.
somniate to dream.
somniative pertaining to sleep or dreams.
somniatory pertaining to sleep or dreams.
somniferous causing sleep.
somniferously (Adv.) SOMNIFEROUS, causing sleep.
somnific causing sleep.
somniloquence talking in one's sleep.
somniloquous talking in one's sleep.
somniloquy the act or habit of talking while asleep.
somnolence sleepiness.
somnolency sleepiness.
somnolent sleepy; causing, or resembling, sleep.
somnolently (Adv.) SOMNOLENT, sleepy.
somnolescent becoming sleepy.
sopite to put to sleep, make drowsy.
sopor a profound sleep from which a person can be roused only with difficulty.
soporiferous causing or tending to cause sleep.
soporiferously (Adv.) SOPORIFEROUS, causing or tending to cause sleep.
soporific tending to produce sleep (noun) a drug producing sleep
soporifically (Adv.) SOPORIFIC, tending to produce sleep.
soporose causing sleep; sleepy.
soporous causing sleep; sleepy.
sweven (Obs.) a dream, vision.
trancedly (Adv.) TRANCED, in a trance.
unawake not awake.
unawaked not awakened.
undreaming not dreaming.
unsleeping not sleeping; (noun) the absence of sleep.
unslumbering not slumbering.
unslumbrous not slumbrous.
unwaked not waked.
unwakened not wakened.
uprouse to rouse up; to arouse.
vigil a period of watchfulness maintained during normal sleeping hours.
vigilance the state of being vigilant.
wake a watch or vigil beside a corpse, the night before a funeral; (verb) to rouse from sleep.
wakeful not sleeping or able to sleep.
wakefully (Adv.) WAKEFUL, not sleeping.
wakefulness the state of being wakeful.
waken to wake.
wakener one who wakens.
waker one who wakes.
wakerife (Scots) wakeful, vigilant.
waukrife (Scots) wakeful, vigilant.
woken (PaP.) WAKE, to rouse from sleep.
ziz a nap or sleep; (verb) to take a nap.
zizz a nap or sleep; (verb) to snooze.