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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

abought (Pt.) ABY, to pay as a penalty.
addrest (Obs.) arrayed, ready.
arraught (Pt.) AREACH, to reach, get at.
bedropt (Pt.) BEDROP, to sprinkle, as with drops.
bewept (Pt.) BEWEEP, to weep over.
blest (PaP.) BLESS, to sanctify.
burnt (Pt.) BURN, to consume by fire.
clapt (Pt.) CLAP, to bring the hands together smartly.
claspt (Pt.) CLASP, to embrace tightly.
clept (Pt.) CLEPE, to call.
clipt (Pt.) CLIP, to cut eg hair.
coft (Pt.) COFF, to buy.
commixt (Pt.) COMMIX, to mix together.
coost (Pt.) CAST, to throw.
couldest (Arch.) 2nd pers. pt. sing. of can, to be able.
couldst (Arch.) 2nd pers. pt. sing. of can, to be able.
crost (Pt.) CROSS, to cross.
curst (Pt.) CURSE, to wish evil upon.
dealt (Pt.) DEAL, to trade or do business.
defaste (Pt.) DEFACE, to mar the appearance of.
docht (Pt.) DOW, to be able.
dought (Pt.) DOW, to be able.
dreamt (Pt.) DREAM, to have a dream.
drest (Pt.) DRESS, to put clothes on.
dript (Pt.) DRIP, to fall in drops.
drookit (Scots) drowned.
dropt (Pt.) DROP, to let fall.
droukit (Scots) drowned.
dwelt (PaP.) DWELL, to reside.
embaste (Pt.) EMBACE, to debase.
enrapt enraptured.
enswept (Pt.) ENSWEEP, to sweep over.
enwrapt (Pt.) ENWRAP, to wrap round.
fixt (Pt.) FIX, to make firm, fasten.
forlent (Pt.) FORLEND, to grant or resign beforehand.
fought (Pt.) FIGHT, to engage in conflict.
gart (Pt.) GAR, to compel.
gript (Pt.) GRIP, to take hold of.
grypt (Pt.) GRIPE, to pierce.
haddest (Arch.) 2nd pers. pt. sing. of have, to possess.
hadst (Arch.) 2nd pers. pt. sing. of have, to possess.
haulst (Spenser) halsed, embraced.
hept (Spenser) heaped.
imbrast (Spenser) embraced.
indwelt (Pt.) INDWELL, to exist within as a guiding force.
infought (Pt.) INFIGHT, to fight at close quarters.
inswept narrowed in front.
interdealt (Pt.) INTERDEAL, to intrigue.
inwrapt (Pt.) INWRAP, to wrap round.
keight (Spenser) caught.
kempt combed, tidy.
keppit (Pt.) KEP, to catch.
kept (PaP.) KEEP, to tend, look after.
learnt (PaP.) LEARN, to acquire knowledge.
lent (Pt.) LEND, to give the temporary use of.
loast (Pt.) LOOSE, to set free.
lost (Pt.) LOSE, to mislay.
luit (Pt.) LET, to allow.
meant (Pt.) MEAN, to signify.
ment (Pt.) MENG, to mix.
mishapt (Spenser) misshaped.
missent (Pt.) MISSEND, to send amiss or incorrectly.
misspelt (Pt.) MISSPELL, to spell wrongly.
misust (Spenser) misused.
mixt (Pt.) MIX, to mingle.
moste (Pt.) MOTE, may, must.
nempt (PaP.) NEMN, to name.
outbought (Pt.) OUTBUY, to surpass in buying.
outbuilt (Pt.) OUTBUILD, to surpass in building.
outcaught (Pt.) OUTCATCH, to surpass in catching.
outdwelt (Pt.) OUTDWELL, to dwell or stay beyond.
outfelt (Pt.) OUTFEEL, to surpass in feeling.
outkept (Pt.) OUTKEEP, to keep out.
outspelt (Pt.) OUTSPELL, to surpass in spelling.
outwept (Pt.) OUTWEEP, to exceed in weeping.
outwrought (Pt.) OUTWORK, to surpass in work.
overbought (Pt.) OVERBUY, to buy too much.
overburnt (Pt.) OVERBURN, to burn too much.
overcaught (Pt.) OVERCATCH, to overtake.
overkept (Pt.) OVERKEEP, to keep.
overplast (Spenser) overplaced, placed above.
pearst (Spenser) pierced.
perst (Spenser) pierced.
pierst (Spenser) pierced.
plaste (Pt.) PLACE, to set in a particular position.
poukit (Pt.) POUK, to pluck, pinch.
poupt (Pt.) POUPE, to befool.
premixt (Pt.) PREMIX, to mix beforehand.
rapt deeply engrossed.
raught (Pt.) REACH and RECK.
rebought (Pt.) REBUY, to buy again.
rebuilt (Pt.) REBUILD, to build again.
recaught (Pt.) RECATCH, to catch again.
redealt (Pt.) REDEAL, to deal again.
redipt (Pt.) REDIP, to dip again.
relearnt (Pt.) RELEARN, to learn again.
remixt (Pt.) REMIX, to mix again.
renforst (Pt.) RENFORCE, to reinforce.
resought (Pt.) RESEEK, to seek again.
respelt (Pt.) RESPELL, to spell again.
rethought (Pt.) RETHINK, to think again.
rewrapt (Pt.) REWRAP, to wrap again.
rewrought (Pt.) REWORK, to work again.
ript (Pt.) RIP, to tear.
rub the act of rubbing; a hitch; (verb) to apply friction (Scots) to rob
rubbed (Pt.) RUB, to rob.
rubbet (Pt.) RUB, to rob.
rubbit (Pt.) RUB, to rob.
shakt (Pt.) SHAKE, to agitate.
souct (Spenser) soused.
sought (Pt.) SEEK, to look for.
spent (Pt.) SPEND, to pay out.
spoilt (Pt.) SPOIL, to mar.
stopt (Pt.) STOP, to halt the motion of.
thought a product of thinking.
tost (Pt.) TOSS, to throw up.
transfixt (Pt.) TRANSFIX, to impale.
unbuilt (Pt.) UNBUILD, to demolish.
unclipt (Pt.) UNCLIP, to remove a clip from.
underbought (Pt.) UNDERBUY, to buy at less than the real value or worth.
underkept (Pt.) UNDERKEEP, to keep under; to suppress.
undrest (Pt.) UNDRESS, to take off attire.
unfelt not felt.
unfixt not fixed.
unfought not fought.
unkempt untidy.
unkept not kept.
unlaste (Pt.) UNLACE, to unfasten the laces of.
unpinkt (Shakesp.) not pinked, i.e. not ornamented with punched holes.
unrent not torn.
unsought not sought.
unspoilt not spoilt.
unstuft (Shakesp.) unstuffed.
unswept not swept.
unwept not wept for, unlamented.
upbuilt (Pt.) UPBUILD, to build up.
upleapt (Pt.) UPLEAP, to leap up.
upsent (Pt.) UPSEND, to send up.
upwrought wrought up.
welkt (Shakesp.) twisted.
wept (Pt.) WEEP, to shed tears.
whipt (Pt.) WHIP, to beat with a whip.
wouldest (Arch.) 2nd pers. pt. sing. of would.
wouldst (Arch.) 2nd pers. pt. sing. of would.
wrapt (PaP.) WRAP, to enclose in something wound or folded about.
ympt (Pt.) YMPE, to imp.
yrapt (Spenser) rapt.