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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

accouter (US) to dress or equip, esp a warrior.
accoutre to dress or equip, esp a warrior.
accoutrement (Fr.) an accessory item of clothing or equipment.
aguise (Spenser) to dress, equip.
aguize (Spenser) to dress, equip.
apparel (Arch.) to dress.
attire to clothe.
attrap (Spenser) to adorn with trappings.
beclothe to clothe.
bediaper to put a nappy on.
bedizen to dress or adorn with gaudy finery or vulgarity.
bedizenment the act of bedizening.
breech the lower or back part of anything, esp of a gun; (verb) to clothe with breeches (trousers).
clothe to provide with clothing ) YCLED.
dack (Aust. sl.) to remove the trousers from, debag.
debag to remove the trousers from.
devest to undress.
dight disposed; (verb, arch.) to adorn.
disadorn to deprive of ornaments.
disapparel to disrobe; to strip of apparel.
disattire (Spenser) to unrobe; to undress.
discase (Shakesp.) to undress.
disfrock to unfrock.
disgown to strip of a gown.
disrobe to undress.
disrobement the act of undressing.
disrober one who, or that which, disrobes.
divest to strip or deprive of anything.
divestment the act of divesting.
divesture the act of divesting.
dizen (Obs.) to dress up, dress gaudily.
don a university lecturer; (verb) to put on (clothes, etc.).
dress clothes, attire (verb) to put clothes on
dresser one that dresses.
enclothe to clothe.
fig a shrub of the mulberry family; its fruit; (verb) to dress up.
guise a semblance, seeming; (verb, arch.) to dress.
habilable (Carlyle) capable of being clothed.
habilatory of or relating to clothes or dressing.
habit official or customary dress; (verb) to dress; to inhabit.
outdress to surpass in dressing.
outrig to supply with an outfit.
overdress to dress or adorn to excess; to dress too much.
prim over-demure (verb) to dress with great nicety
reapparel to clothe again.
reclad to reclothe.
reclothe to clothe again.
redon to don again.
rigout a person's clothing.
tog a garment, an item of clothing; (verb) to dress.
toilet the act of dressing; (verb) to carry out one's toilet.
unapparel to divest of clothing; to strip.
unboot to take off the boots from.
unbreech to remove the breeches of.
unbutton to unfasten the buttons of.
uncloak to take off a cloak.
unclothe to divest of clothing.
undeck to divest of ornaments.
underclothe to clothe insufficiently.
underdress to dress inadequately.
undight (Spenser) to undo, take off.
undrape to strip of drapery; to uncover.
undress to remove one's clothing.
ungarbed not garbed.
ungird to remove a belt from.
ungown to strip of a gown.
unhat to take off the hat of.
unhelm to remove the helm from.
unhood to remove a hood from.
unmantle to remove the mantle from.
unrobe to take off a robe.
unshoe to remove the shoes from.
unvizard to remove or open the vizor of.