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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

acquittance payment of, or release from, debt; (verb, Shakesp.) to acquit or clear.
debarrass (Arch.) to disembarrass, disentangle.
deoppilate to free from obstruction.
discage to uncage.
disculpate to free from blame.
discumber (Arch.) to free of encumbrance.
disembrangle (Obs.) to free from dispute.
disembroil to disentangle; to free from perplexity.
disenchain to free from restraint.
disenchant to free from enchantment.
disenchantingly (Adv.) DISENCHANTING.
disenclose to free from being inclosed.
disenslave to free from bondage or slavery.
disenthral to release from a state of enthralment.
disenthrall to release from a state of enthralment.
disenthrallment the act of disenthralling.
disespouse (Milton) to release from espousal or plighted faith.
disimmure to liberate; to release from walls.
disinthral to release from a state of enthralment.
disyoke to unyoke.
exeem (Scots) to release or exempt.
exeme (Scots) to release or exempt.
losed (Spenser) loosed.
losen (Spenser) to loosen.
lowse (Scots) loose (verb) to loosen
manumit to release from slavery.
manumitter one who manumits, releases from slavery.
prerelease to release in advance.
quietus (Lat.) a final stroke that settles something; death; a release from a duty or debt.
releasable that may be released.
release to set free.
releasee one to whom a release is given.
releaser something or someone that releases.
releasor one by whom a release is given.
rerelease to release again.
rewild to release (an animal) from captivity into the wild to return (land) to a natural, undeveloped state.
unbag to remove from a bag.
unbale to remove from a bale.
unbelt to loosen the belt.
unbind to free from bindings.
unbolt to open by withdrawing a bolt.
unbottle to allow out of a bottle.
unbounded not bounded.
unboundedly (Adv.) UNBOUNDED.
unbraid to separate the strands of.
unbrake to release a brake.
unbuckle to loosen a buckle.
uncage to take out of a cage.
unchain to free by removing a chain.
uncharm to release from a charm or fascination.
unchoke to free from obstruction.
unclamp to release from a clamp.
unclasp to release from a clasp.
unclench to open from a clenched position.
unclip to remove a clip (a fastening device) from.
unclog to unblock.
uncoil to release from a coiled position.
uncombine (Dickens) to separate.
unconfine to free from confinement.
unconfinedly (Adv.) UNCONFINED.
uncord to release from cords, as, to uncord a package.
uncork to draw the cork.
uncouple to disconnect.
uncuff to remove a cuff.
undam to free from a dam or other obstruction.
unfasten to release from fastenings.
unfetter to release from fetters.
unfix to unfasten.
unglue to release from a state of being glued.
ungum to unstick.
ungyve to remove the fetters from.
unhand to remove one's hands from, release.
unharness to release from a harness.
unhasp to unloose the hasp of; to unclose.
unhitch to free from being hitched, as, to unhitch a horse, or a trace.
unhook to remove from a hook.
unjam to free from jamming.
unlace to unfasten the laces of.
unlash to loose, as that which is lashed or tied down.
unlatch to undo the latch of.
unleash to let off a leash.
unlink to unfasten the links (connecting devices) of.
unlock to unfasten the lock of.
unloose to loosen.
unloosen to loosen.
unmanacle to free from manacles.
unmesh to free from meshes.
unnail to unfasten by removing nails.
unpack to remove the contents of.
unpeg to remove a peg or pegs from.
unpen to release from a pen or from confinement.
unpin to remove the pins from.
unreave to unwind; to disentangle; to loose.
unreel to unwind from a reel.
unrope to free from a rope.
unshackle to release from shackles.
unshift to release the shift key on a typewriter.
unsling to release from a sling.
unsnarl to disentangle.
unsocket to loose or take from a socket.
unspar to take the spars from.
unstrap to remove a strap from.
unstring to remove the strings from.
unstrung (PaP.) UNSTRING, to remove the strings from.
untackle to free from tackle.
untether to release from a tether.
untie to free from something that ties.
untrace to loose from traces.
untruss to remove the truss from.
unwire to take the wire from.
unyoke to release from a yoke.
unzip to open the zipper of.