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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

arch sly, mischievous (noun) a structure of wedge-shaped stones or other pieces; (verb) to bend
archlike like an arch.
backbend an acrobatic feat.
bend a curve (verb) to curve
bendable capable of being bent.
bendiness the state of being bendy
bendingly (Adv.) BENDING.
biflex bent in two places.
bow a bending of neck or body in greeting; (verb) to bend or incline downwards.
bowbent (Milton) bent like a bow.
buckle a fastening for a strap or band, consisting of rim and tongue; (verb) to bend under pressure.
camber a slight arch or convexity eg to a road surface or the deck of a ship; (verb) to give a camber to.
circumflect to bend round; to mark with a circumflex.
circumflexion a bending round.
compliable capable of bending or yielding; compliant.
compliably (Adv.) COMPLIABLE, capable of bending or yielding.
courb (Arch.) to bend or stoop.
curvate curved.
curvated curved.
curvation the state of being curved.
curvative relating to curvation.
curvature a curving or bending.
curve a line that is not straight (verb) to deviate from straightness
curvedly (Adv.) CURVED, not straight.
curvesome curvy.
curvital of or relating to curvature.
curvity the state of being curved.
decurve to curve downwards.
deflective causing deflection.
deflex to bend down.
dorsiflexion a bending backwards; a bending of the back.
dumple to make dumpy; to fold, or bend, as one part over another.
embow (Arch.) to bend, to arch.
embowment the act of embowing, bending.
enarch to arch.
flection the act of bending, or state of being bent.
flectional relating to flection, the act of bending, or state of being bent.
flectionless without flection.
flex to bend.
flexible capable of being bent.
flexibly (Adv.) FLEXIBLE, capable of being bent.
flexile flexible.
flexion the act of bending, or state of being bent.
flexional relating to flexion, a bend, a fold.
flexural of, pertaining to, or resulting from, flexure.
flexure the act of flexing or bending.
genuflect to bend the knee and lower the body, esp in reverence.
hookedness the state of being bent like a hook.
hump a rounded protuberance (verb) to arch into a hump
hunch an intuition; (verb) to arch forward.
incurvate curved inward; (verb) to curve in.
incurvation the state of being incurved.
incurvature the state of being incurved.
incurve to curve inwards.
incurvity a state of being bent or curved.
inflect to bend; to alter tone or pitch, to modulate.
inflexure an inflection; a bend or fold.
kink a bend or curl (verb) to form a tight curl or bend in
kinkiness the state of being kinky.
kinkle a slight kink.
mangulate (Aust. sl.) to bend out of shape, mangle.
pandation (Arch.) warping.
pliable easily bent.
pliably (Adv.) PLIABLE, easily bent.
pliancy the state of being pliant.
pliant easily bent.
pliantly (Adv.) PLIANT, easily bent.
plicate folded like a fan (verb) to pleat, fold like a fan
plication the act of folding.
plicature the act of folding.
ply a fold; (verb) to bend or fold.
plyingly (Adv.) PLYING, bending.
proneness the state of being prone.
recurve to curve again; curve back.
reflex bent backwards (noun) an instinctive action; (verb) to bend back
reflexion the act of reflexing, bending back.
reflexional relating to reflexion.
reflexly (Adv.) REFLEX, bent backwards.
retroflected bent or turned back.
retroflection the state of being bent back.
retroflex a backward curve; (verb) to bend backward.
retroflexed bent or turned back.
retroflexion the state of being bent back.
serpentize to wind; to cause to wind.
sinuate curved (verb) to curve in and out
sinuately (Adv.) SINUATE, having a wavy edge.
sinuation a winding or bending in and out.
swervable capable of being swerved.
unflexed not flexed.
upcurve to curve upward.
whippy pliant, supple.