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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

affix to fix on to, append.
affixable able to be affixed.
affixal relating to an affix, an appendage.
affixation the act of affixing.
affixial relating to an affix, an appendage.
affixment something affixed.
affixture something affixed.
belay to fasten a rope.
bind a tie; a difficult situation; (verb) to tie, fasten.
bindingly (Adv.) BINDING.
bolt a bar or rod that slides into a hole or socket to fasten a door; (verb) to fasten with a bolt.
bond something that binds; (verb) to secure with a bond.
cement a fine powder made of clay and calcined limestone; (verb) to bind firmly.
chain a series of links or rings passing through one another; (verb) to bind with a chain (a series of connected rings).
clamp to fasten with a clamp (a securing device).
confix (Shakesp.) to fix firmly.
cord a small rope or thick string; (verb) to bind with a cord.
dorsifixed attached at or by the back.
empight (Spenser) fixed; (verb) to fix or position.
enchain to bind with chains.
enfix (Arch.) to fasten or fix by piercing or thrusting in.
enroot to fix by the root.
fasten to secure.
fastener one that fastens.
fetter a chain or shackle for the feet; (verb) to shackle.
fetterless free from fetters.
fix to make firm, to arrange.
fixable capable of being fixed.
fixate to make stable or stationary.
fixation the act of fixating.
fixedly (Adv.) FIXED, firm, stable.
fixedness the state of being fixed.
fixer one that fixes.
fixity a fixed state; stability.
fixive tending to fix.
hasp a kind of clasp; (verb) to fasten with a hasp.
hesp (Scots) a hasp; (verb) to fasten with a hesp.
hogtie to tie a person up so as to prevent any movement of the arms or legs.
hoop to fasten with a hoop (a circular band of metal).
hopple to restrain by tying the feet together.
implant to set securely.
implanter one who implants.
infibulate to fasten with a clasp.
infix to fasten or fix by piercing or thrusting in.
infixation the act of infixing.
infixion the act of infixing.
inset to set in, to infix.
latch a door catch lifted from the outside by a lever or string; (verb) to close with a latch.
lockfast firmly fastened by locks.
moor a wide expanse of uncultivated ground, esp upland, often covered with heath, and having a poor, peaty soil (verb) to secure a vessel by means of cables
nog a wooden peg; a kind of drink; (verb) to fix with a nog, a wooden peg.
padlock a type of lock; (verb) to secure with a padlock.
paste a sticky mixture (verb) to fasten with a sticky mixture
peg a pin or fixture; (verb) to fasten with a peg.
pin a piece of wood or metal used for fastening; (verb) to fasten with a pin.
putty a fine cement of slaked lime and water; (verb) to fix with putty.
reaffix to affix again.
rebutton to button again.
refasten to fasten again.
refix to fix again.
resecure to secure again.
screw a type of metal fastener (verb) to attach with a screw
secure free from danger (verb) to make firm or tight
securely (Adv.) SECURE, firm, safe.
sneck (Scots) a latch; (verb) to fasten with a latch.
snib (Scots) a small bolt, a catch for a window-sash; (verb) to fasten with such.
spike a long thick nail (verb) to fasten with a spike
stake a pointed piece of wood or metal; (verb) to fasten with a stake.
staple a U-shaped metal loop; (verb) to fasten by means of a U-shaped metal loop.
strap a narrow strip of flexible material (verb) to fasten with a strap
tack a short, sharp-pointed nail; a shoddy object (verb) to fasten with tacks
tape a long, narrow strip or band (verb) to fasten with tape
tether to fasten to a fixed object with a rope.
tie to fasten.
toggle a type of pin or short rod; (verb) to fasten with a type of pin or short rod.
truss a bundle, esp of hay or straw; (verb) to tie up.
tyde (Spenser) tied.
upbind to bind up.
uptie to tie up.
wire a slender rod, strand, or thread of ductile metal (verb) to fasten with wire
zip a kind of fastener; energy (verb) to fasten with a zip
zipper a zip; (verb) to fasten with a zipper.