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Now updated for CSW15. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

adpress to press against.
appress to press against.
chirt a squeeze; (verb) to squeeze, squirt.
coarctate to press together; to crowd.
hotpress to apply heat to, in conjunction with mechanical pressure, for the purpose of giving a smooth and glossy surface, or to express oil, etc.; as, to hotpress paper, linen, etc.
outpress to surpass in pressing.
preace (Spenser) to press.
prease (Spenser) to press.
preasse (Spenser) to press.
press an apparatus or machine for flattening, compressing etc,; (verb) to act upon with steady force.
pressing an instance of stamping with a press.
pression the act of pressing.
pressure the act of pressing; (verb) to apply force to.
pressurise to place under pressure.
pressurize to place under pressure.
quasher one who quashes.
quelch to squelch.
scrooge to crowd; to squeeze.
scrouge to crowd; to squeeze.
scrowdge to crowd; to squeeze.
scruze (Obs.) to squeeze.
serre to press close, close the ranks of.
squashable that can be squashed.
squeezable that can be squeezed.
squeezer one that squeezes.
squeezy esp. of a bottle, able to be squeezed.
squidge to squeeze or squash.
squish to squash.
squishy squashy.
squoosh to squash SQUOOSHY.
squooshy squashy.
squush to squash.
steamroll to crush with a steamroller.
thrutch (Dial.) to press, thrust, shove.