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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

anhidrosis absence of sweating.
anidrosis absence of sweating.
bromhidrosis foul-smelling sweat; body odor.
bromidrosis foul-smelling sweat; body odor.
forswatt (Spenser) covered with sweat.
hidrotic causing or exuding sweat; (noun) a substance causing sweat.
hyperhidrosis excessive sweating.
hyperidrosis excessive sweating.
lathery covered with or resembling lather, eg of a horse, covered with frothy sweat.
mucksweat a profuse sweat.
osmidrosis the emission of ill-smelling sweat.
perspirable capable of being perspired or of perspiring.
perspirate to sweat.
perspiration the act of perspiring.
perspire to give off moisture through the pores of the skin.
perspiring sweating.
perspiringly (Adv.) PERSPIRING, sweating.
schvitz (Yiddish) to sweat.
shvitz (Yiddish) to sweat.
sudate to sweat.
sudation sweating.
sudor (Lat.) sweat.
sudoriferous inducing or secreting sweat.
sudorific inducing sweating; (noun) a drug causing or inducing sweat.
sudoriparous secreting sweat.
sweat the moisture excreted by the skin (verb) to perspire
sweatily (Adv.) SWEATY, like sweat.
sweatiness the state of being sweaty.
sweatless without sweat.
sweaty like sweat.