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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

abluent a cleanser or cleansing product.
abluted washed clean.
ablution the act of washing one's body or part of it.
ablutionary relating to the act of ablution.
absterge to wipe clean, expunge.
abstergent serving to cleanse, detergent; (noun) an abstergent substance.
abstersion the act of wiping clean; a cleansing; a purging.
abstersive serving to cleanse or purge; (noun) an abstersive substance.
aerotone a type of deep bath with jets of compressed air to massage the body.
balneation the act of bathing.
bath water for immersing the body; (verb) to take a bath.
bathcube a fragrant cube for dissolving in a bath.
bathe to wash.
bathwater the water in a bath.
baye (Spenser) to bathe.
beadblast a jet of small glass beads blown under pressure; (verb) to clean with such a jet.
bescour to scour thoroughly.
besom a broom, esp one made of twigs; (verb) to sweep with a besom.
bodywash a liquid product for cleansing the body.
broom a long-handled domestic sweeping brush; a shrub (verb) to sweep with a broom
buffable that can be buffed.
cam an irregular projection on a revolving shaft or rotating cylinder; (verb) to whiten with camstone.
catharise to render absolutely clean; to purge.
catharize to render absolutely clean; to purge.
cathartical cleansing, purifying.
cathartically (Adv.) CATHARTICAL, cleansing, purifying.
clay earth in very fine particles (verb) to purify (eg sugar) with clay
clean free from dirt or stain (verb) to rid of dirt or stain
cleanable able to be cleaned.
cleaner one that cleans.
cleanhanded with clean hands.
cleanish somewhat clean.
cleanlily (Adv.) CLEANLY, habitually clean.
cleanliness the state of being cleanly.
cleanly habitually clean.
cleanness the state of being clean.
cleanout the act of cleaning something out.
cleansable capable of being cleansed.
cleanse to clean.
cleanser one that cleanses.
dentifrice a powder or other substance to be used in cleaning the teeth; tooth powder.
depurate to purify.
depurator one who, or that which, cleanses.
depuratory tending to depurate or cleanse.
detergence a cleansing quality.
detergency a cleansing quality.
detergent a cleansing agent.
deterger one that deterges.
detersion the act of cleaning.
detersive cleansing; (noun) a detergent.
dishmop a mop for cleaning dishes.
douche a jet of water directed on to the body; (verb) to use a douche.
dustcloth a cloth used for dusting.
embathe (Arch.) to bathe.
emunge (Obs.) to clean.
epurate to purify.
fay whimsical (noun) a fairy; (verb) to clean out esp a ditch
fey foreseeing the future (verb) to clean out, esp a ditch
feyly (Adv.) FEY, foreseeing the future.
formaline a 40 per cent solution of formaldehyde in water, used as a disinfectant.
furbish to rub or scour to brightness; as, to furbish a sword or spear.
glasscloth a cloth for cleaning glass, which does not leave fibres behind.
groom a person who looks after horses; (verb) to clean and care for.
hoover (Tradename) a kind of vacuum cleaner; (verb) to vacuum clean using a Hoover.
imbathe (Arch.) to bathe.
launder to wash clothes.
launderer one who launders.
lavation the act of washing or cleansing.
lavational relating to lavation.
lave (Arch.) to wash, bathe.
lavement a washing or bathing; a clyster.
liquitab a plastic packet containing a portion of detergent for use in a washing machine or dishwasher.
mop a sponge, etc., on a stick; (verb) to clean with a mop.
mopper one who mops.
mouthwash an antiseptic solution for cleansing the mouth and for gargling with.
mundification the act of cleansing, purification.
mundificative cleansing, purifying; (noun) a cleansing medicine or preparation.
mundify to cleanse, purify.
overclean to clean to excess.
oversuds to form an excessive amount of suds.
penwiper a piece of equipment for cleaning the ink from a pen.
perc (Short for) perchloride, a chemical used in dry cleaning.
posh smart, stylish (verb) to polish up
preclean to clean in advance.
preen to smooth or clean with the beak or tongue.
prerinse a rinse beforehand; (verb) to rinse beforehand.
prewash to wash beforehand.
pumice an acid glassy lava so full of gas cavities that it floats in water; (verb) to smooth or clean with pumice-stone.
pure free from stain (verb) to cleanse or refine; to treat with pure (dog faeces)
purely (Adv.) PURE, free from stain.
purgation the act of purging.
purgative serving to purge (noun) a medicine that empties the intestines
purgatively (Adv.) PURGATIVE, serving to purge.
purge a purification, a purgative; (verb) to purify.
purger one who purges.
purification the act or an instance of purifying or of being purified.
purifier one that purifies.
purify to free from impurities.
purity the quality of being pure.
rainwash to wash with rain.
reclean to clean again.
repolish to polish again.
repure to purify again.
rewash to wash again.
rinsable that can be rinsed.
rinse to cleanse with clear water.
rinseable that can be rinsed.
rinser something or someone that rinses.
rinsible that can be rinsed.
sapple (Scots) to wash clothes by hand in soapy water.
scour to cleanse or polish by hard rubbing.
scrub stunted tres and bushes (verb) to rub hard in order to clean
shampoo a preparation for cleaning the hair; (verb) to cleanse with a special preparation.
shinola (Tradename) a kind of boot polish.
shoebrush a brush for cleaning shoes.
sind (Scots) to rinse, wash out.
sine (Scots) to rinse, wash out.
sloosh to wash or rinse with (usu. large quantities of) water or other liquid.
soap a cleansing agent (verb) to treat with soap
soapflakes small particles of solid soap or detergent used for washing clothes.
soogee a solution of soap, soda etc. for cleaning the deck of a ship; (verb) to clean, wash with this solution.
soogie a solution of soap, soda etc. for cleaning the deck of a ship; (verb) to clean, wash with this solution.
soojey a solution of soap, soda etc. for cleaning the deck of a ship.
sponge a mass of absorbent material (verb) to wipe with a sponge
squilgee a scraping implement consisting of a rubber-edged blade attached to the end of a handle; (verb) to scrape with a squilgee.
suds a soapy froth (verb) to foam up, to lather
sujee a solution of soap, soda etc. for cleaning the deck of a ship.
superclean exceptionally clean.
swab a bit of cotton wool or the like for mopping up blood or discharges; (verb) to absorb or mop with a swab.
sweep a swinging movement (verb) to clear or clean with a brush or broom
swill to dash water over or around.
swob a bit of cotton wool or the like for mopping up blood or discharges; (verb) to absorb or mop with a swob.
synd (Scots) to rinse, wash out.
synding the act of rinsing or washing out.
syne (Scots) then; next; since; (verb) to rinse, wash out.
tersion the act of wiping.
toothbrush a brush for cleaning the teeth.
toothpaste a paste for cleaning the teeth.
toothwash a liquid preparation for cleaning the teeth.
towelette a small usually pre-moistened piece of material eg for cleaning the hands.
ultraclean very very clean.
uncleaned not cleaned.
uncleansed not cleansed.
vac a vacation; (verb) to clean with a vacuum cleaner.
vituperator one who vituperates.
wash a broad thin layer of colour (verb) to cleanse by immersing in or applying a liquid ) WASHEN.
washability the quality of being washable.
washable that can be washed; (noun) something that can be washed without damage.
washball a ball of toilet soap.
washcloth a piece of cloth used in washing, a dishcloth.
washdown the act of washing (oneself or something) down:.
washen (PaP.) WASH, to cleanse by immersing in or applying a liquid.
washer a ring, usually flat, of metal, rubber, etc, to keep joints or nuts secure, etc; (verb) to fit with a washer.
washrag (US) a facecloth, a flannel.
washwipe a mechanism for spraying and wiping a windscreen.
willy a willow-basket; a willowing machine; (verb) to clean in a willowing machine.
wipe to rub lightly in order to clean or dry.