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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

acknowne (Shakesp.) confessedly cognizant.
advew (Spenser) to view.
aftereye (Shakesp.) to gaze after.
aftersensation an afterimage.
airscape a view of earth from eg an aircraft.
apercu (Fr.) a glimpse; an intuitive insight.
apparition an unusual or unexpected sight.
apparitional of or like an apparition.
aspect an appearance; (verb, obs.) to look at or for.
autoptical based on personal observation, as autoptic testimony.
autoptically (Adv.) AUTOPTICAL, seen with one's own eyes.
avise (Obs.) to advise.
avizefull (Spenser) watchful.
begaze to gaze at.
behold to view.
beholder one that beholds.
belgard (Spenser) a fair or kind look.
besee (Obs.) to see, look.
bopeep a child's peeping game, aka peekaboo.
browse to look at casually.
circumspective looking around; wary.
cosmorama a view of different parts of the world.
cosmoramic of or pertaining to a cosmorama.
cyclorama a circular panorama.
cycloramic of or like a cyclorama, a circular panorama.
decern in Scots law, to judge, decree.
decko (Sl.) a look; (verb) to take a look.
dekko (Sl.) a look; (verb) to take a look.
descrier one who descries.
descry to discern, detect.
discern to perceive.
discernable that can be discerned.
discernably (Adv.) DISCERNABLE, that can be discerned.
discernible that can be discerned.
discernibly (Adv.) DISCERNIBLE, that can be discerned.
discerning discriminating.
discerningly (Adv.) DISCERNING.
envision to envisage.
espier one who espies.
espy to catch sight of.
examine to inspect.
eye the organ of sight ) EEN, EINE, EYNE, (US) EYEN; (verb) to look at carefully
eyeable able to be eyed.
eyeball the ball of the eye; (verb) to look closely at.
eyebeam a glance of the eye.
eyer one who eyes.
eyeshot the range of the eye; as, to be out of eyeshot.
eyesight the ability to see.
eyewink (Shakesp.) a wink of the eye.
farseeing seeing a long way.
farsighted seeing or able to see to a great distance.
farsightedly (Adv.) FARSIGHTED, seeing or able to see to a great distance.
foresee to see in advance.
foreseeingly (Adv.) FORESEEING, seeing in advance.
foreseen (PaP.) FORESEE, to see in advance.
gaup to stare and gape.
gawk a person who is awkward or ungainly, esp from tallness or shyness (verb) to stare and gape
gawker one who gawks.
gawp to stare and gape.
gawper one who gawps.
gaze an intent look (verb) to look intently
gazeful (Spenser) gazing.
gazement (Spenser) a stare, look.
gazer one who gazes.
gazy given to gazing.
glance a quick look; (verb) to look quickly ) YGLAUNST.
glancer one who glances.
glancingly (Adv.) GLANCING.
glee mirth, joy; (verb, Scots) to squint.
gley (Scots) to squint.
glimpse a brief sighting; (verb) to see for an instant.
glimpser one who glimpses.
glisk (Scots) a glimpse.
gorm (ON) a smear, a daub (verb) to stare vacantly or handle in a clumsy manner
gorp to stare and gape.
hindsight the ability or opportunity to understand and explain an event after it has happened.
impercipient not percipient.
impercipiently (Adv.) IMPERCIPIENT, unperceptive.
inspect to look carefully at or over.
inspectingly (Adv.) INSPECTING.
introspect to look inwards.
invisible that cannot be seen (noun) an invisible export
invisibly (Adv.) INVISIBLE, that cannot be seen.
keek to glance; to peep.
keeker someone who looks, spec. an inspector of coal; a black eye.
kenspeck (Scots) obvious, conspicuous.
kenspeckle (Scots) obvious, conspicuous.
look to use one's eyes in seeing.
looker one that looks.
lookout one engaged in keeping watch.
megascopic visible to the naked eye.
megascopically (Adv.) MEGASCOPIC, visible to the naked eye.
notice an announcement, a placard; (verb) to become aware of.
noticer one who notices.
observable that can be observed.
observably (Adv.) OBSERVABLE, that can be observed.
observant carefully attentive (noun) a person who observes a law, custom etc
observantly (Adv.) OBSERVANT, carefully attentive.
observator one who observes or takes notice.
observe to look attentively.
observer one that observes.
observingly (Adv.) OBSERVING.
ocular perceived by the eye (noun) the eyepiece of an optical instrument
ocularly (Adv.) OCULAR, depending on, or perceived by, the eye.
onlooker a spectator.
onlooking watching.
optical pertaining to sight.
outgaze to gaze beyond.
outpeep to surpass in peeping.
outsee to see beyond.
outsight the power of seeing external things.
outstare to surpass in staring.
outwatch to exceed in watching.
overeye to survey, overview.
overglance to glance over.
overlook to fail to notice.
overpeer to look down on, tower over.
oversee to watch over and direct.
overseen (PaP.) OVERSEE, to watch over and direct.
overstare to outstare.
overwatch to watch too much.
panoptic all-embracing; viewing all aspects.
panoptical all-embracing; viewing all aspects.
panoptically (Adv.) PANOPTICAL, viewing all aspects.
panorama a wide or complete view.
panoramic relating to a panorama, a wide or complete view.
panoramically (Adv.) PANORAMIC, relating to a panorama, a wide or complete view.
peek a quick or furtive look; (verb) to look furtively or quickly.
peekabo a child's peeping game.
peekaboo a child's peeping game.
peep a quck look; (verb) to take a quick look.
peephole a hole through which one may look without being seen.
peer a nobleman, an equal; (verb) to look narrowly or searchingly.
perceivable able to be perceived.
perceivably (Adv.) PERCEIVABLE, able to be perceived.
perceive to become aware of through the senses.
perceiver one who perceives.
perceptible able to be perceived.
perceptibly (Adv.) PERCEPTIBLE, able to be perceived.
perception a result of perceiving.
perceptional relating to perception.
percipience the state of being percipient.
percipiency the state of being percipient.
percipient perceiving; perceptive (noun) one who perceives
percipiently (Adv.) PERCIPIENT, perceiving.
periscopic viewing all around, or on all sides.
periscopically (Adv.) PERISCOPIC, viewing all around, or on all sides.
perusal the act of perusing.
peruse to read.
peruser one who peruses.
photism a hallucinatory sensation of light; a visual synaesthesia.
prereview to review in advance.
prevision foresight; (verb) to foresee.
previsional showing prevision, foresight.
previsionary relating to prevision, foresight.
prevue (US) to preview.
recco (Coll.) a reconnoitre.
reexamine to examine again.
regard a look; esteem; (verb) to look upon with a particular feeling.
regarder one who regards.
reinspect to inspect again.
relook to look again.
reobserve to observe again.
reperusal a second or repeated perusal.
reperuse to peruse again.
resee to see again.
reseed to seed again.
resight to sight again.
scan to examine closely.
scerne (Arch.) to discern.
scope a visual display unit; (verb) to examine using a scope.
scrutinise to examine closely and minutely.
scrutiniser one who scrutinises.
scrutinisingly (Adv.) SCRUTINISING.
scrutinize to examine closely and minutely.
scrutinizer one who scrutinizes.
scrutinizingly (Adv.) SCRUTINIZING.
scrutiny a close examination.
search to look through or over carefully in order to find something.
searcher one that searches.
see to perceive by the eye.
seeable able to be seen.
seek to go in search of.
seeker one that seeks.
seemingly (Adv.) SEEMING, apparent.
seen (PaP.) SEE, to perceive by the eye.
seer a prophet.
sensate felt through the senses (verb) to apprehend through the senses
sensately (Adv.) SENSATE, perceived through the senses.
seruewe (Spenser) to surview.
servewe (Spenser) to surview.
shufti (Coll.) a look, a dekko.
shufty (Coll.) a look, a dekko.
sicht (Scots) sight; (verb) to sight.
sight the faculty of seeing; (verb) to observe or notice.
sightline a line of sight.
sightsee to view tourist attractions.
sightseer one who sightsees.
sken (Dial.) to squint or stare.
skyscape a view of the sky.
spectate to attend and view.
spectator an onlooker.
spectatorial of or like a spectator.
spectatorship the office of spectator.
spectatress a female spectator.
spectatrix a female spectator.
spottable that can be spotted.
spy a secret agent employed to watch; (verb) to watch secretly ) SPIDE.
spyhole a peephole.
squinny squinting (verb) to squint, look askance
squiz (Aust. sl.) a quick, close look.
stare a fixed look; (verb) to gaze fixedly.
starer one who stares.
staringly (Adv.) STARING.
stereopsis stereoscopic or three-dimensional vision.
stime (Scots) to peer.
styme (Scots) to peer.
subitise to perceive number of items in a group without counting.
subitize to perceive number of items in a group without counting.
subvisible below the threshold of visibility.
surveil to observe, keep under surveillance.
surveillance (Fr.) a watch kept over someone or something, esp over a criminal.
surveille to observe, keep under surveillance.
survey to determine the boundaries, area, or elevations of by measuring angles and distances.
surveyal the act of surveying.
surview to survey, look over.
townscape a view of a town; (verb) to design a town.
transpicuous easily understood or seen through.
transpicuously (Adv.) TRANSPICUOUS, easily understood or seen through.
tweer a nozzle for a blast of air; (verb, obs.) to peer.
underpeep (Shakesp.) to peep under.
undiscerned not discerned.
undiscernedly (Adv.) UNDISCERNED, not discerned.
undiscernible incapable of being discerned.
undiscernibly (Adv.) UNDISCERNIBLE, incapable of being discerned.
unespied not espied.
ungazed not gazed (at or upon).
ungazing not gazing.
unregarding not regarding.
unsee to (deliberately) fail to see.
unseeable that cannot be seen.
unsight to prevent from seeing.
unsightedly (Adv.) UNSIGHTED.
unspide (Spenser) unobserved.
unspied not spied.
unviewed not viewed.
unwatched not watched.
upgaze to look up.
uplook to look or gaze up.
upstare to gaze upwards.
veduta (Ital.) a panoramic view of a town > VEDUTE, VEDUTAS.
vide (Lat.) see.
videndum (Lat.) a thing to be seen.
view a prospect, scene (verb) to look at
viewable that can be viewed.
viewer one that views.
viewless offering no view.
viewlessly (Adv.) VIEWLESS, offering no view.
viewpoint a place offering a good view.
visibility the state of being visible.
visible able to be seen (noun) a visible thing
visibleness the state of being visible.
visibly (Adv.) VISIBLE, able to be seen.
visie (Scots) a close or careful look; (verb) to take a close look.
vision the act or faculty of seeing; (verb) to see, perceive.
visioner a visionary.
visioning the act of seeing visions.
vista (Ital.) a view, prospect; (verb) to make into, or see into, vistas.
vistal of or like a vista.
vistaless without a vista.
visto (Obs.) a vista, a prospect.
visual related to sight (noun) something visual
visualise to call up a clear visual image.
visualist a visualizer, a visile.
visuality (Carlyle) the state of being visible to the mind.
visualize to call up a clear visual image.
visually (Adv.) VISUAL, related to sight.
vizy (Scots) a close or careful look; (verb) to take a close look.
vizzie (Scots) a close or careful look; (verb) to take a close look.
watch to observe carefully.
watchable worth watching; (noun) something worth watching.
watcher one that watches.
watchful closely observant or alert.
watchfully (Adv.) WATCHFUL, alert.
watchout the act of keeping a look out for something.
witness to see or know by personal experience.
witnesser one who witnesses.