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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

aborticide the killing of a fetus; abortion.
antisuicide opposed to suicide.
assassinate to murder by secret assault.
assassination the act of assassinating.
assassinator one who assassinates.
bacillicide something which destroys bacteria.
biocidal killing living material, pesticidal.
biocide the killing of living material.
bloodguilty guilty of shedding blood.
bloodbath a massacre.
bullycide the act or an instance of killing oneself intentionally as a result of bullying.
bushwhack to shoot from ambush.
butchery wanton or cruel killing.
butching the act of killing for food.
carnage great and bloody slaughter.
deadliness the quality of being deadly.
deadly lethal.
deathful deadly, murderous.
deicidal relating to deicide, the killing of a god.
deicide the destruction or killing of a god.
ecocidal relating to ecocide, destruction of the environment.
ecocide destruction of the environment.
extermination the act of exterminating.
extermine (Shakesp.) to exterminate; to destroy.
femicidal relating to femicide, the killing of women and girls because of their gender.
femicide the killing of women and girls because of their gender.
feticidal relating to the killing of a fetus.
feticide the killing of a fetus.
fishkill a mass killing of fish by pollution.
foeticidal relating to foeticide.
foeticide the killing of a foetus.
frag to blow up an unpopular officer with a grenade.
genocidaire a person who is guilty of genocide.
giganticide the killing of a giant.
hecatomb a large sacrifice or slaughter; the killing of one hundred animals or people.
holocaust a complete or wholesale destruction, esp by fire.
holocaustal relating to a holocaust.
holocaustic relating to a holocaust.
internecine deadly, murderous.
internecive deadly, murderous.
kild (Spenser) killed.
kill to deprive of life.
killable that can be killed.
killer one that kills.
killingly (Adv.) KILLING.
liberticide destruction of liberty.
mactation the killing or slaughter esp of a sacrificial victim.
massacre to kill indiscriminately.
medicide suicide assisted by a doctor.
molluscicidal relating to molluscicide, the killing of molluscs.
molluscicide the killing of molluscs.
neonaticide the killing of the newborn.
nonfatal not fatal.
outkill to surpass in killing.
overkill an excessive kill; (verb) to subject to overkill.
ovicidal relating to ovicide, sheep-killing.
ovicide sheep-killing.
parasiticide the killing of parasites.
parasuicide a harmful act appearing to be an attempt at suicide.
roadkill an animal killed on a road.
rodenticide the killing of rodents.
shinju (Japanese) a ritual double suicide of lovers.
slain (PaP.) SLAY, to kill.
slaughter killing (verb) to kill, esp animals for food
slaughtery slaughter.
slay to amuse overwhelmingly (verb) to kill violently
slayable that can be slain.
slayer one that slays.
speciocide the destruction of an entire species.
stranglement the act of strangling.
suffocatingly (Adv.) SUFFOCATING.
suffocation the act of suffocating.
suicide self-killing; (verb) to commit suicide.
taeniacide the killing of tapeworms.
throttle a valve regulating the supply of steam or of gas and air in an engine; (verb) to choke by pressure at the windpipe.
tyrannicidal relating to tyrannicide.
tyrannicide the killing or killer of a tyrant.
unlethal not lethal.
vaticide the killing of a prophet.
verbicide destruction of the meaning of a word.
vulpicide the killing of a fox.