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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

backbreaker a strenuous task.
busywork active but valueless work.
darg a day's labour.
daytale reckoning by the day, esp of work or wages.
daywork work done during the day.
dayworker one who does daywork.
dogsbody one whose work is routine and boring, a drudge; (verb) to act as a dogsbody.
droil (Obs.) to drudge.
drudge someone who does heavy monotonous work; (verb) to do hard, menial, or tedious work.
drudger one who drudges.
drudgery hard, menial, or tedious work.
drudgingly (Adv.) DRUDGING.
drudgism the work of a drudge.
fag a tiresome task; (offensive slang) a homosexual (verb) to work, or be worked, hard
forswink (Obs.) to exhaust by labour.
forswonck (Spenser) overworked.
forswunk (Spenser) overworked.
labor (US) toil, hard work; (verb) to work, toil.
laboredly (Adv.) LABORED.
laboringly (Adv.) LABORING.
laborious full of labour.
laboriously (Adv.) LABORIOUS, full of labour.
laborsome requiring hard work.
labour toil, hard work; (verb) to work, toil.
labouredly (Adv.) LABOURED.
labourer one who labours.
labouringly (Adv.) LABOURING.
laboursaving reducing (human) effort, hard work, or labour.
laboursome (Shakesp.) laborious.
mislabour to labour wrongly.
moil to drudge.
moiler one who moils, drudges.
moilingly (Adv.) MOILING, drudging.
operose laborious, tedious.
operosely (Adv.) OPEROSE, laborious, tedious.
operosity laboriousness.
ouvrage (Fr.) work.
ouvrier (Fr.) a (male) manual or industrial worker.
ouvriere (Fr.) a (female) manual or industrial worker.
overlabor to cause to labor excessively; to overwork.
overlabour (Arch.) to labour excessively.
overtask to task too heavily.
overtoil to overwork.
overworn worn out or subdued by toil.
penpushing boring paperwork involving much writing.
scutwork menial or dull work.
shapeup a method of selecting workers esp dockers for a single day's work from an assembly gathered for the purpose.
swink (Arch.) to toil.
swinker one who swinks.
tasker one who imposes a task.
toil hard work; (verb) to work strenuously.
toiler one that toils.
toilful producing or involving much toil; laborious.
toilfully (Adv.) TOILFUL, producing or involving much toil.
toilfulness the state of being toilful.
toilless free from toil.
toilsome demanding much exertion.
toilsomely (Adv.) TOILSOME, demanding much exertion.
toilsomeness the state of being toilsome.
toylesome (Spenser) toilsome.
toylsom (Spenser) toilsome.
travail painfully difficult work; (verb) to toil.
untoiling not toiling.
wark (Scots) to work.
work physical or mental effort directed towards making or achieving something; (verb) to exert one's powers of body or mind for some purpose.
worksome (Carlyle) industrious.
yacker (Aborig.) hard work, toil.
yakka (Aborig.) hard work, toil.
yakker (Aborig.) hard work, toil.