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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

adward (Spenser) to award.
allot to give as a share or portion.
almous (Scots) alms.
alms relief given out of charity to the poor.
almsgiver one who gives alms.
almsgiving the act of giving alms.
almswoman a woman who receives alms.
award something awarded, a prize; (verb) to grant as due or merited.
awardable that can be awarded.
awardee a recipient of an award.
awarder one who awards.
awmous (Scots) alms.
begift to present with gifts.
bequeathal the act of bequeathing.
bestow to present as a gift.
bestowal the act of bestowing.
bestower one who bestows.
bestowment the act of giving or bestowing.
beteem (Spenser) to grant, vouchsafe.
beteeme (Spenser) to grant, vouchsafe.
bounteous generous.
bounteously (Adv.) BOUNTEOUS, generous.
bountiful generous in giving.
bountifully (Adv.) BOUNTIFUL, generous in giving.
bountyhed (Spenser) bounteousness.
cadeau (Fr.) a present.
confer to bestow.
conferral the act of conferring.
donate to contribute.
donation something donated.
donator one who donates.
donee the person to whom a gift or donation is made.
doning (Coll.) the act of donating eg blood.
donne (Fr.) a datum, something given.
donnee (Fr.) a datum, something given.
donor one that donates.
donorship the state of being a donor.
dotal pertaining to dower, or a woman's marriage portion.
dotation an endowment or donation.
dower a dowry, an endowment; (verb) to endow.
dowery the property which a woman brings to her husband at marriage.
dowry the property which a woman brings to her husband at marriage.
ecogift a donation of land to the government for ecological purposes.
empower to give power to.
endew (Spenser) to endow.
endow to provide with something.
endower one who endows.
endowment the act of endowing; something that is settled on any person or institution.
ensample (Arch.) an example; (verb) to give an example of.
exchange the giving and taking of one thing for another; (verb) to give and receive reciprocally.
exchanger one who exchanges.
gie (Scots) to give.
gift a thing given; (verb) to make a gift.
giftable suitable as a gift; (noun) something suitable as a gift.
giftee one who receives a gift.
givable that can be given.
give to transfer freely to another's possession to put gyves on
giveable that can be given.
giveback a worker's benefit given back to management.
given something given, a premise.
givenness the state of being given.
giver one that gives.
goodie a free gift.
grant something bestowed; (verb ) to bestow upon.
grantable capable of being granted.
grantee a recipient of a grant.
guerdon a reward, a recompense; (verb) to reward.
handout something given out free.
handover an instance of giving up control.
impower to give power to.
incentivise to give an incentive.
incentivize to give an incentive.
indew (Spenser) to endow.
indow to endow.
indue to endow.
issuance the act of giving out, promulgation.
largess (Fr.) a bestowal or distribution of gifts.
largesse (Fr.) a bestowal or distribution of gifts.
largition (Arch.) the giving of largesse.
munificence magnificent liberality in giving.
munificent generous, liberal.
outgive to surpass in giving.
overgive (Spenser) to give over or give up.
pressie (Coll.) a present.
reciprocate to give and take mutually.
redeliver to deliver or give back; to return.
redisburse (Spenser) to refund.
reendow to endow again.
regift to take a gift that has been received and give it to somebody else, sometimes in the guise of a new gift.
regifter one who regifts.
regive to give back.
retribute to give in return.
thanksgiver one who gives thanks.
tocher (Gaelic) a dowry; (verb) to dower.
untochered without a tocher or dowry.
yeve (Obs.) to give.