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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

accessary An adjunct. [More usually ACCESSORY].
affoord (Spenser) to afford.
afront (Shakesp.) in front, abreast. Cf. AFFRONT.
alegge To alleviate, lighten. [Cf. ALLEGE].
alledge (Obs.) to allege.
ambassy An embassy.
anough (Milton) enough.
apatite A mineral, calcium fluoride phosphate, used as a fertilizer. Cf. APPETITE.
aquafer An underground reservoir of water which can be extracted for surface use. [More usually AQUIFER].
artifact Something made. [More usually ARTEFACT].
ashler A squared or dressed stone used in building or facing a wall; (verb) to face with ashler. [More usually ASHLAR].
astroid Star-shaped; (noun) anything star-shaped. Cf. ASTEROID.
atchieve (Obs.) to achieve.
breese (Shakesp.) a gadfly. [Cf. BREEZE].
brocoli A type of cabbage. [More usually BROCCOLI].
caried Affected by CARIES, tooth decay.
carrat A unit of weight used for gems. [More usually CARAT].
centry (Shakesp.) a centre. Cf. SENTRY.
cieling Ceiling.
chickory A blue-flowered herb. [More usually CHICORY].
cigaret Cigarette.
cingular ring-shaped. Cf. SINGULAR.
cloye (Spenser) claw. Cf. CLOY.
corelate To be related one to another. [More usually CORRELATE].
coste (Spenser) coast. Cf. COST.
cowheard (Spenser) a coward. Cf. COWHERD.
cundum A condom.
cypres A legal term. Cf. CYPRESS, the tree.
dandriff Flakes of scruff on the scalp. [More usually DANDRUFF].
derth (Spenser) dearth.
develope (Obs.) to develop.
dismayd (Spenser) ill made. Cf. DISMAYED.
drownd (Coll.) to drown.
etherial Characterized by lightness and insubstantiality; intangible. [More usually ETHEREAL].
extasy (Obs.) ecstasy.
extatic Ecstatic.
franzy Cross, peevish: FRANZIER, FRANZIEST. Cf. FRENZY.
galop A dance; (verb) to perform a galop: GALOPS, GALOPPED, GALOPPING. Cf. GALLOP, the horse's movement: GALLOPS, GALLOPED, GALLOPING.
gealous (Spenser) jealous.
goary (Milton) gory.
hampster A small rodent. [More usually HAMSTER].
hearken To listen attentively. [More usually HARKEN].
idealogy A system of ideas. [More usually IDEOLOGY].
idiotcy Idiocy.
immanent Indwelling, inherent. Cf. IMMINENT.
imposter One who pretends to be another. [More usually IMPOSTOR].
insipient Wanting wisdom; stupid; foolish. Cf. INCIPIENT, beginning.
isobare A line connecting points of equal atmospheric pressure. [More usually ISOBAR].
macrami (Turkish) a fringe or trimming of knotted thread. [More usually MACRAME].
maile An old word for a halfpenny. Cf. MAIL.
mandatary The holder of a mandate. Cf. MANDATORY, obligatory.
medle (Obs.) MEDDLE.
misletoe The parasitic plant. [More usually MISTLETOE].
momento A souvenir. [More usually MEMENTO].
moniment (Obs.) MONUMENT.
morall (Shakesp.) possibly = MURAL.
morsal Pertaining to the cutting edge of a knife. Cf. MORSEL.
mungoose an Indian animal of the civet family, a great slayer of snakes and rats. More usually MONGOOSE. Pl. MUNGOOSES, not MUNGEESE, though MONGOOSE can take either MONGOOSES or MONGEESE.
parly A gingerbread cake in biscuit form. Cf. PARLEY, to hold talks.
pensil A small pennon. Also PENSEL, PENCEL.
perswade (Obs.) PERSUADE.
placcate A jacket reinforced with strips of mail. Cf. PLACATE, to calm.
pollicy (Obs.) POLICY.
poursuit (Obs.) PURSUIT.
pourtray (Obs.) PORTRAY.
poynant (Obs.) POIGNANT.
prescious Prescient. Cf. PRECIOUS.
probeable That can be probed. Cf. PROBABLE.
programer (US) = programmer.
raine (Spenser) to reign.
rellish (Obs.) RELISH.
repreeve (Obs.) REPRIEVE.
reprive (Obs.) REPRIEVE.
repryve (Obs.) REPRIEVE.
retraict (Obs.) RETREAT.
retrait (Obs.) RETREAT.
retraite (Obs.) RETREAT.
sallad (Obs.) SALAD.
scenary (Obs.) scenery.
seemless (Spenser) unseemly (nothing to do with SEAMLESS, without seams).
sleezy Sordid. [More usually SLEAZY].
spacial Relating to space. [More usually SPATIAL].
surloin A joint of meat. [More usually SIRLOIN].
surviver One who survives. [More usually SURVIVOR].
sycosis (Greek) an inflammation of the hair follicles. Pl. SYCOSES. Cf. PSYCHOSIS.
synonyme US spelling of SYNONYM.
taboggan A kind of sledge. [More usually TOBOGGAN].
toboggin A kind of sledge. [More usually TOBOGGAN].
tarboggin A kind of sledge. [More usually TOBOGGAN].
tallent An old weight. [More usually TALENT].
unbraste (Spenser) unbraced.
unbrused (Shakespeare) unbruised.
unhouzzled (Shakespeare) unhouseled, i.e. not having received the Eucharist shortly before death.
unred (Spenser) unread.
unredy (Spenser) unready.
unrimed (Obs.) unrhymed.
unvail unvaile (Spenser) to unveil.
visiter One who visits. [More usually VISITOR].
wimbrel A bird like a curlew. [More usually WHIMBREL].
wolverene A N. American mammal, aka GLUTTON. [More usually WOLVERINE].
wrethe (Spenser) to wreathe.