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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

agelastic never laughing.
amusable capable of being amused.
amuseable capable of being amused.
amusive having power to amuse.
anticise to play antics.
anticize (Browning) to play antics.
antick (Obs.) an antic.
badinage (Fr.) playful repartee, banter; (verb) to banter.
ballyrag to overawe; to maltreat by jeering at or playing practical jokes on.
banter to exchange mildly teasing remarks.
banterer one who banters or rallies.
banteringly (Adv.) BANTERING.
baur (Scots) a joke, amusing incident.
bawr (Scots) a joke, amusing incident.
beclown to cause to appear ridiculous.
bemock (Arch.) to mock.
bourd (Obs.) a jest, fun; (verb) to jest.
campily (Adv.) CAMPY, comically exaggerated.
campy comically exaggerated.
chaff husks from corn that has been threshed or winnowed (verb) to tease
chaffingly (Adv.) CHAFFING, teasing.
chiack (Aust. sl.) to tease, deride.
chyack (Aust. sl.) to tease, deride.
clownery clownishness.
comical amusing.
comicality the quality of being comical.
comically (Adv.) COMICAL, funny.
daff a daffodil; (verb, arch.) to play the fool.
deride to ridicule.
derider one who derides.
deridingly (Adv.) DERIDING.
derisible worthy of derision.
derision the act of deriding.
derisive expressing derision.
derisively (Adv.) DERISIVE, expressing derision.
derisiveness the state of being derisive.
derisory worthy of derision.
dicacity (Arch.) raillery, banter.
dido an antic, caper.
dorr (Obs.) to mock, scoff.
droll quaint (verb) to practice drollery, to jest
drollery drollness.
drolly (Adv.) DROLL, quaintly jesting.
facete (Arch.) facetious.
facetely (Adv.) FACETE, facetious.
farce a comedy of extravagant humour, buffoonery, and improbability; (verb) to fill out with witty material.
flippancy the state of being flippant.
flouter one who flouts; a mocker.
fredaine (Fr.) an escapade or prank.
frolicsome given to pranks; sportive.
frolicsomely (Adv.) FROLICSOME, given to pranks; sportive.
funnily (Adv.) FUNNY, amusing.
funny amusing (noun) a joke; the comic section of a newspaper
funster a prankster; a person who causes merriment.
gaggery the practice of telling jokes.
geare (Spenser) to jeer.
gibe to scoff, mock.
giber one who gibes.
gibingly (Adv.) GIBING, mocking.
gleek an old card game; (verb, obs.) to joke or jest, to gibe.
guy (Coll.) a person; (verb) to make fun of.
halfseriously in a partially joking way.
hazer one who hazes, a tease.
hilarious very amusing.
hilariously (Adv.) HILARIOUS, very amusing.
horseplay rough, boisterous play.
humor (US) humour; (verb) to humour.
humorful humorous.
humorous funny; witty.
humorously (Adv.) HUMOROUS, funny.
huntiegowk (Scots) a fools' errand, appropriate to the first of April; (verb) to go on a fool's errand.
inficete not facetious; rudely jesting.
irrision the act of laughing at another.
irrisory mocking, derisive.
jape to play a joke.
japer one who japes.
japery jesting, buffoonery.
japingly (Adv.) JAPING, joking.
jeer to mock.
jeerer one who jeers.
jeeringly (Adv.) JEERING, mocking.
jest a joke; (verb) to joke.
jestee the object of a jest.
jestful given to jesting; full of jokes.
jesting the act of one who jests.
jestingly (Adv.) JESTING.
jiber one who jibes.
jibingly (Adv.) JIBING, mocking.
jocose merry; characterized by joking > JOCOSER, JOCOSEST.
jocosely (Adv.) JOCOSE, merry; characterized by joking.
jocular given to joking.
jocularly (Adv.) JOCULAR, given to joking.
joke an amusing quip or story; (verb) to say something amusing
joker one that jokes.
jokesome full of jokes.
jokester one who tells jokes.
jokey full of jokes.
jokily (Adv.) JOKY, full of jokes.
jokiness humour.
jokingly (Adv.) JOKING, in jest.
joky full of jokes.
jollily (Adv.) JOLLY, mirthful.
jolly mirthful (verb) to make fun of; to put or keep in a good humour
josh to tease.
josher one who joshes.
joshingly (Adv.) JOSHING, teasing.
kidder a person who kids another, a teaser.
kiddingly (Adv.) KIDDING, joking.
larkiness playfulness.
larkish given to larking.
larkishness the state of being larkish.
larksome given to larking.
larky given to larking.
laughline a funny line in a dialogue.
laughsome (Arch.) exciting laughter; inclined to laugh.
laughworthy worthy of being laughed at.
ludicrous ridiculous.
mag to tease; to steal.
michael as in take the michael, to make fun of.
mirthfulness the state of being mirthful.
mock to ridicule.
mockable such as can be mocked.
mockage (Obs.) mockery.
mocker one that mocks; (verb) to clothe.
mockery the act of mocking.
mockingly (Adv.) MOCKING, derisive.
monkeyshine a monkeyish trick.
niftily (Adv.) NIFTY, apt, agile.
nifty apt, agile (noun) a joke, a witty remark or story
nugae (Lat.) trifles; jests.
outjest to surpass in jesting.
outlaugh to surpass or outdo in laughing.
pawk (Scots) a trick.
pawkily (Adv.) PAWKY, drily or slily humorous.
pawkiness being pawky, drily or slily humorous.
pawky (Scots) drily or slily humorous.
persiflage (Fr.) frivolous, bantering talk.
persifleur (Fr.) one who indulges in persiflage.
picong (Caribbean) teasing or satirical banter.
pliskie (Scots) tricky, mischievous (noun) a practical joke; a trick
plisky (Scots) a practical joke; a trick.
prankful full of pranks.
prankish full of pranks; frolicsome.
prankishly (Adv.) PRANKISH, full of pranks.
pranksome full of pranks.
prankster one who plays pranks.
pranky full of pranks.
quip a witty remark (verb) to make witty remarks
quippish given to making quips.
quippy full of quips.
raillery good-natured ridicule, banter.
reik (Obs.) a prank.
repartee a quick, witty reply or conversation; (verb) to retort with ready wit.
riancy the state of being riant, laughing.
riant mirthful, gay.
riantly (Adv.) RIANT, mirthful, gay.
ribber one that ribs.
riddler one who poses riddles.
risibility the quality of being risible.
risible provoking laughter (noun) something that provokes laughter
risibly (Adv.) RISIBLE, provoking laughter.
sardonic marked by scorn, mockery, and cynicism.
sardonical bitterly or evilly humorous; grimly mocking.
sarkily (Adv.) SARKY, sarcastic.
sarkiness the quality of being sarky.
sarky (Coll.) sarcastic.
satirisable capable of being satirised.
satirise to subject to satire.
satirizable capable of being satirized.
satirize to subject to satire.
scoff to express rude doubt or derision.
scoffer one who scoffs.
scoffingly (Adv.) SCOFFING.
scurril (Arch.) like or worthy of a vulgar buffoon; indecently opprobrious or jocular.
scurrile (Arch.) like or worthy of a vulgar buffoon; indecently opprobrious or jocular.
sendup a satirical imitation.
shenanigan a deceitful trick or mischievous act.
skit a short dramatic scene.
spoofy humorously satiric.
squib a lampoon; (verb) to aim squibs at, to lampoon.
tagline the funny line of a joke.
taunt a wounding jibe; (verb) to challenge or reproach sarcastically.
taunter one who taunts.
tauntingly (Adv.) TAUNTING.
tease to make fun of; to draw out.
teaser one who teases.
teasingly (Adv.) TEASING, making fun of.
teaze (Obs.) to tease.
throwaway a line, or a joke, that an actor purposely delivers casually or without emphasis.
tomfool a great fool, a buffoon; (verb) to play the fool.
waggery waggish behaviour, drollery.
waggish drolly humorous.
waggishly (Adv.) WAGGISH, drolly humorous.
waggishness the state of being waggish.
wagsome waggish.
whifflery levity; trifling.
whimmy full of whims; whimsical.
whimsily (Adv.) WHIMSY, full of whims.
whimsy delicately fanciful behaviour; gentle fantasy (adj.) full of whims
wisecrack a pungent comment; (verb) to make a wisecrack.
wisecracker one who wisecracks.
witticism a witty remark.
wittiness the quality of being witty.
witwanton to engage in irreverent wit.