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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

adultery voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and someone other than his or her spouse.
advoutry (Obs.) adultery.
algolagnist one who derives sexual gratification from pain.
amation lovemaking.
anaphrodisia lessening of sexual desire.
anilinctus oral stimulation of the anus.
anilingus oral stimulation of the anus.
antierotic designed to prevent sexual arousal.
antisex opposed to sex.
antismut opposed to smut.
aphrodisiac an agent (as a food or drug) that arouses or is held to arouse sexual desire.
aphrodisiacal relating to aphrodisiac.
autoeroticism sexual feeling arising without known external stimulation.
autoerotism self-love.
avoutry (Obs.) adultery.
bawdry (Arch.) lewd talk, procuring.
bestialism having sexual intercourse with animals.
blowjob oral sex, fellatio.
bonk to hit or thump; to have sexual intercourse with.
bugger someone guilty of buggery; a general term of abuse for a man or child; (verb) to practise buggery.
buggery sodomy.
bukkake (Japanese) a type of sexual practice.
bull an uncastrated male of the cattle family; (verb) to copulate with a cow.
buss a kiss, esp a rude or playful kiss; (verb) to kiss.
camwhore to perform sexual or titillating acts in front of a webcam for the gratification of online customers in return for money or gifts.
canoodle to pet, fondle, caress.
canoodler one who canoodles.
caress to touch lovingly.
caressive of or like a caress.
caressively (Adv.) CARESSIVE, of or like a caress.
carnal relating to the flesh (verb, obs.) to act carnally
carnally (Adv.) CARNAL, relating to the flesh.
celibacy abstention from sexual intercourse.
celibatarian advocating celibacy; (noun) a person who lives in celibacy, advocating celibacy.
chaperonage the act of chaperoning.
chemsex sexual activity performed while under the influence of psychoactive drugs.
cohabitor one who cohabits.
coital relating to coitus.
coitally (Adv.) COITAL, relating to coitus.
coition sexual intercourse, copulation.
coitional relating to coition.
coitus (Lat.) copulation.
coll (Obs.) to embrace, hug.
concupiscent having strong sexual desires.
concupiscible lustful, desirous.
condom a prophylactic.
constuprate (Obs.) to ravish.
contrasexual in psychiatry, said of the personality traits that most people repress because they are characteristic of the opposite sex; (noun) one who represses such traits
coprology the study of pornography.
copulate to join with, esp sexually.
cum with the addition of; (noun) ejaculated sperm; (verb) to ejaculate sperm.
cundum a condom.
cunnilinctus oral stimulation of clitoris or vulva.
cunnilingus oral stimulation of the clitoris or vulva.
defloration rupture of the hymen.
dick a man, a fellow; (verb) as in 'to dick around', to have sexual intercourse with (someone).
dildo an object serving as an erect penis substitute.
dildoe an object serving as an erect penis substitute.
ephebophilia sexual desire for youths or adolescents.
erogeneity the state of being erogenous.
erogenic producing erotic desire or gratification.
erogenous producing erotic desire or gratification.
erotica (Lat.) erotic books, art etc.
erotical of or pertaining to the passion of love.
erotically (Adv.) EROTICAL, of or pertaining to the passion of love.
eroticise to render erotic.
eroticism erotic quality.
eroticist one of an amorous temperament or habit.
eroticize to render erotic.
erotism sexual desire.
erotogenic producing erotic desire or gratification.
erotogenous producing erotic desire or gratification.
erotologist a student of erotology.
erotology the study of erotic stimuli and sexual behaviour.
fellate to perform oral intercourse on.
fellatio (Lat.) oral stimulation of the penis.
fellation oral stimulation of the penis.
fellator one who fellates.
fellatrix a female who commits fellatio.
fescennine obscene or scurrilous.
foreplay erotic stimulation preceding sexual intercourse.
fornicate to have illicit sexual intercourse.
fornication consensual sexual intercourse between two persons not married to each other.
franger (Aust. sl.) a condom.
frig a refrigerator (verb) to have sex
gamahuche to practise cunnilingus or fellatio.
gamaruche to practise cunnilingus or fellatio.
gangbang a group rape; (verb) to subject to group rape.
gangbanger one involved in a gangbang.
gangshag to participate in group sex with.
gaydar the supposed ability of a homosexual to determine whether another person is homosexual or not.
handjob an act of manually stimulating the penis of another person.
hardcore seriously pornographic; (noun) a style of rock music.
heterosexism the belief that homosexuality is a perversion.
heterosexist one who believes that homosexuality is a perversion.
heterosexual attracted to the opposite sex (noun) a heterosexual person
heterosexuality the state of being heterosexual.
heterosexually (Adv.) HETEROSEXUAL, attracted to the opposite sex.
hircosity goatishness, lewdness.
hochmagandy fornication.
houghmagandie fornication.
hypersexual excessively sexed.
hypersexuality the state of being hypersexual.
incest sexual intercourse between closely related persons.
incestuous constituting or involving incest.
ithyphallus an erect phallus.
johnnie (Sl.) a condom.
johnny (Sl.) a condom.
kinkily (Adv.) KINKY, having kinks.
kinky having kinks.
kiss a caress, greeting, etc by touching with the lips (verb) to touch with the lips as a sign of affection
kissy given to kissing.
koap in Papua New Guinea, a slang word for sexual intercourse.
lascivious lustful; inclining or tending to lechery.
lasciviously (Adv.) LASCIVIOUS, lustful.
lech a lecher; (verb) to lust.
lecher an excessively lewd man; (verb) to lust.
lecherous lustful.
lecherously (Adv.) LECHEROUS, lustful.
lecherousness the state of being lecherous.
letch to lust after.
lewd sexually suggestive.
lewdly (Adv.) LEWD, sexually suggestive.
lewdness the state of being lewd.
libidinous having lustful desires; characterized by lewdness.
lovebite a mark made by a bite given in amorous play.
lovelight an amorous look in the eyes.
lovemaker one who makes love.
lovemaking sexual play and usually intercourse.
lubric (Arch.) lubricious.
lubrical (Arch.) lubricious.
lubricious slippery; lewd.
lubriciously (Adv.) LUBRICIOUS, slippery; lewd.
lubricous slippery; lewd.
lubricously (Adv.) LUBRICOUS, slippery; lewd.
lustful marked by excessive sexual desire.
lustfully (Adv.) LUSTFUL, marked by lust.
lustfulness the state of being lustful.
masturbate to practice masturbation.
masturbation the act of masturbating.
masturbator one who masturbates.
multiorgasmic experiencing more than one orgasm.
musth (Hindi) a state of frenzied sexual excitement.
naughty ill-behaved (noun) an act of sexual intercourse
necromania the erotic love of corpses.
necrophilism a morbid (esp sexual) attraction towards dead bodies.
noncoital not related to coition.
nookie (Coll.) sexual intercourse.
nooky full of nooks (noun) sexual intercourse
nooner a brief sexual encounter during the lunch-break.
nymphomania sexual mania in females.
nymphomaniacal relating to nymphomania.
onanism masturbation.
onanist one who practises onanism.
onanistic relating to onanism.
orgasm the culmination of sexual excitement; (verb) to come to orgasm.
orgasmic relating to orgasm.
orgasmically (Adv.) ORGASMIC, relating to orgasm.
orgastic relating to orgasm.
orgastically (Adv.) ORGASTIC, relating to orgasm.
orgia (Lat.) an orgy.
orgiac relating to orgies.
orgiastic relating to orgies.
orgiastically (Adv.) ORGIASTIC, relating to orgies.
orgic relating to orgies.
orgy a party marked by unrestrained sexual indulgence.
outercourse sexual activity without vaginal or anal penetration.
overlewd too lewd.
oversexed excessively sexual.
paederasty anal intercourse between a man and a boy.
pederastic of or pertaining to pederasty.
pederasty anal intercourse between a man and a boy.
perv (Short for) pervert; (verb) to behave as a sexual pervert.
poontang (US sl.) sexual intercourse.
porn pornography.
porno (Coll.) pornography.
pornographic relating to pornography.
pornography the depiction of erotic behavior (as in pictures or writing) intended to cause sexual excitement.
pornotopia a perfect setting for the antics of pornography.
pornotopian relating to a pornotopia, a perfect setting for the antics of pornography.
porny (Coll.) pornographic.
postcoital after sexual intercourse.
priapean pertaining to male reproductive power.
priapic pertaining to male reproductive power.
priapism a state of constant erection; licentiousness.
prurience the state of being prurient.
pruriency the state of being prurient.
prurient stemming from the indulgence of lewd ideas.
pruriently (Adv.) PRURIENT, lewd.
quickie (Coll.) a hurried act of sexual intercourse.
quicky (Coll.) a hurried act of sexual intercourse.
raunchily (Adv.) RAUNCHY, earthy, bawdy.
raunchy earthy, bawdy.
retrosexual a man with traditional sexual attitudes.
ribaldry ribald language, behaviour, etc..
ribaudry (Spenser) ribaldry.
roger (Sl.) to have intercourse with.
rumpo (Sl.) sexual intercourse.
ruttily (Adv.) RUTTY, ruttish, lustful.
ruttiness the state of being rutty.
ruttish (Shakesp.) lustful.
ruttishly (Adv.) RUTTISH, lustful, lascivious.
ruttishness the state of being ruttish.
rutty ruttish, lustful.
rybaudrye (Spenser) ribaldry.
sadomasochism the derivation of pleasure from the infliction of physical or mental pain either on others or on oneself.
sadomasochistic relating to sadomasochism.
salacious indecently erotic, lecherous.
salaciously (Adv.) SALACIOUS, indecently erotic, lecherous.
salaciousness the state of being salacious.
salacity lewdness.
schtup (Yiddish) to have sexual intercourse with.
scoptophilia the practice of obtaining sexual pleasure from things seen, as eg naked bodies.
sculduddery (Scots) a breach of chastity; bawdy talk.
sculduddry (Scots) a breach of chastity; bawdy talk.
seduction the act of seducing.
seductor (Obs.) one who seduces or misleads.
sex the quality of being male or female (verb) to identify the sex of
sexcapade a sexual escapade.
sexercise sexual activity regarded as a way of keeping fit.
sexily (Adv.) SEXY, sexually attractive.
sexiness the state of being sexy.
sexless lacking sexual characteristics.
sexlessness the state of being sexless.
sexploitation the exploitation of sex in the media and esp in film.
sexual pertaining to sex.
sexually (Adv.) SEXUAL, pertaining to sex.
sexy sexually attractive.
shaggable worthy of a shag, i.e. sexually attractive.
shagger (Vulg. sl.) a person who engages in sexual intercourse.
shagtastic sexually very attractive.
shtup (Yiddish) to have sexual intercourse with.
shunamitism rejuvenation of an old man by a young woman.
skulduddery (Scots) a breach of chastity; bawdy talk.
sleazo sleazy, esp pornographic; (noun) a sleazy person.
smooch to kiss closely (noun) an act of smooching
smoochy given to smooching.
smouch to kiss closely.
snog (Sl.) to kiss.
sodomise to practise or commit sodomy on or with (a person).
sodomitical relating to sodomy.
sodomitically (Adv.) SODOMITICAL, relating to sodomy.
sodomize to practise or commit sodomy on or with (a person).
sodomy anal intercourse (with a man or woman) or copulation with an animal, imputed to the inhabitants of Sodom.
softcore of pornography, not explicit.
spammie (Dial.) a lovebite.
spermatorrhea involuntary seminal discharge without orgasm.
spermatorrhoea involuntary seminal discharge without orgasm.
spooner one who engages in spooning (amorous behaviour).
starfucking having sexual relations with celebrities.
stiffie an erect penis.
stiffy an erect penis.
superorgasm an extreme orgasm.
supersex very good sex.
swaining lovemaking.
swive (Arch.) to have sexual intercourse with.
teledildonics sexual activity available through computer networks or by means of virtual reality.
tentigo (Lat.) morbid lasciviousness.
tomcat a male cat; (verb) to engage in sexually promiscuous behaviour.
toothing the practice of trying to initiate sex with strangers using Bluetooth phone technology.
troilism sexual activity between three people (of two different sexes).
tup of a ram, to copulate.
turnon something sexually exciting.
unchastity the state of being unchaste.
uncuckolded not cuckolded.
undersexed deficient in sexual desire.
unerotic not erotic.
unlibidinous not libidinous.
venereal relating to sexual desire or intercourse.
venereally (Adv.) VENEREAL, relating to sexual desire or intercourse.
venereous venereal; exciting lust.
venery (Arch.) the pursuit of sexual gratification; hunting.
vibrator a type of dildo that can be made to vibrate.
wank an act of masturbation (verb) to masturbate
zoophilia the love of animals; erotic fondness for animals.
zoophilic of or like zoophilia, the erotic love of animals.
zoophilism the love of animals; erotic fondness for animals.
zoophilist a lover of animals.
zoophily the love of animals; erotic fondness of animals.