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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

bestick to stick over, as with sharp points pressed in.
bore the diameter of a hole; (verb) to pierce, make a hole in.
borer one that bores.
broach to pierce (a cask).
broddle (Dial.) to poke or pierce.
drill a tool for boring holes; (verb) to make a hole in.
empale to pierce with a pointed object.
emperce (Spenser) to pierce.
empierce (Spenser) to pierce.
engore to gore; to pierce.
foraminated perforated or pierced with small holes.
gimlet a small hand tool with a pointed screw-tip for boring holes in wood; (verb) to pierce as with a gimlet.
gride (Arch.) to pierce, cut; to grate.
gryde (Arch.) to pierce, cut; to grate.
impenetrate to penetrate thoroughly.
lancinate to pierce or tear.
pearce (Spenser) to pierce.
penetrate to thrust or force a way into the inside of.
penetratingly (Adv.) PENETRATING.
penetrator something or someone that penetrates.
perce (Spenser) to pierce.
perceable (Spenser) able to be pierced.
perceant (Keats) piercing.
percen (Spenser) to pierce.
perforant perforating.
perforate to bore through or into.
perforation the act of perforating.
perforative causing perforation.
perforatory causing perforation.
persant (Spenser) piercing.
persaunt (Spenser) piercing.
perse a dark blue colour; (verb, Spenser) to pierce.
pertusate pierced at the apex.
pertuse punched; pierced; slit.
pertused punched; pierced; slit.
pierce to cut or pass into or through ) PEARST, PERST, PIERST.
pierceable that may be pierced.
piercer something or someone that pierces.
piercingly (Adv.) PIERCING.
pinprick a slight hurt; (verb) to prick with a pin.
prick the act, feeling, or stimulus of piercing or puncturing (verb) to puncture slightly
prickle a sharp point growing from the epidermis of a plant (verb) to prick
prong a tine, tooth or spike of a fork or forked object; (verb) to pierce with a pointed projection.
puncture to pierce with a pointed object.
riddle a conundrum; (verb) to pierce with many holes.
riddlingly (Adv.) RIDDLING.
skiver (Dial.) a skewer; (verb) to skewer.
stab to pierce with a pointed weapon.
stabber one who stabs.
stabbingly (Adv.) STABBING.
terebrate to bore into; to pierce.
transfixion the act of transfixing.
transpierce to pierce through.
tusk an enlarged canine tooth (verb) to pierce with the tusks
unperforated not perforated.
unpierced not pierced.
vuln to wound; pierce with a weapon.