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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

affaire (Fr.) a liaison, an intrigue.
brigue (Fr.) an act of intrigue; (verb) to intrigue.
cabal a plot; (verb) to plot, intrigue.
caballer one who cabals, intrigues.
complot (Arch.) a plot; (verb) to plot or conspire.
complotter one who complots.
coplot to plot together with.
courtcraft the courtier's art, intrigue etc.
enterdeale (Spenser) to interdeal, to intrigue.
interdeal (Arch.) to intrigue.
interdealer one who interdeals.
intrigant (Arch.) a (male) intriguer.
intrigante (Fr.) a female intriguer.
intriguant (Arch.) one that intrigues.
intriguante (Fr.) a female intriguer.
intriguer one who intrigues.
machiavellian characterised by ruthless political cunning; (noun) a politically cunning person.
machinator one who machinates; a plotter.
outplot to surpass in plotting.
overplot to devise an excessively complex plot.
plotful abounding with plots.
replot to plot again.