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Study > Adjectives that don't Compare

Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

a) 2-syllable adjectives in -Y

bleaky Bleak.
blooey (Sl.) out of order.
busky (Shakesp.) bushy.
cheerly Gay; cheerful.
deawy (Spenser) dewy.
deely As in deely boppers, a hairband with two bobbing antennae-like projections.
dormy In golf, as many strokes ahead as there are holes to play.
dreadly Dreadful.
fleury Having fleur-de-lis.
flooey Awry.
frory Frozen.
goary (Milton) gory.
griesy (Spenser) grisly.
grisy (Spenser) grey.
gryesy (Spenser) grey.
guly (Obs.) of colour gules (heraldic red).
hugy (Arch.) huge, vast.
laithly (Scots)loathsome.
leany (Spenser) lean.
lionly Like a lion; fierce.
loathy (Arch.) loathsome.
mifty (Obs.) quick to take offence.
nitry Containing nitre.
nowy Having a convex curvature near the middle.
only ONLIEST but no ONLIER*.
paty Having expanded crossed arms.
plurry (Coll.) bloody.
primy (Shakesp.) in one's prime, blooming.
prismy Pertaining to a PRISM.
purfly (Carlyle) short-winded.
saughy Full of saughs, willows.
sleepry (Scots) sleepy.
sonly Pertaining to a SON.
spoffy (Arch.) officious.
tenny Orange-brown.
thristy (Spenser) thirsty.
urdy Pointed, with a pattern of points.
viewly (Dial.) pleasing to look at.
yawey Pertaining to YAWS, the disease.
yesty (Obs.) yeasty.

b) Other non-comparing adjectives that may mislead

averse Opposed, reluctant.
azury Azure.
blankety Damned.
blooie (Sl.) out of order.
brickle Brittle.
conceity Full of conceit.
cousinly Like or becoming a cousin.
crouse (Scots) lively, pert, arrogant.
dawney (Irish) dull or slow.
deawie (Spenser) dewy.
dormie IN golf, as many strokes ahead as there are holes to play.
dowf (Scots) dull, heavy, spiritless.
erect upright. There is a noun ERECTER (also ERECTOR): one who erects. But no ERECTEST*.
fap Intoxicated, fuddled.
finite Limited.
flooie Awry.
frack (Scots) prompt, eager.
fusc Brown, dingy.
grushie (Scots) healthy, thriving.
histie (Scots) dry, barren.
hirstie (Scots) dry, barren.
pavid Afraid.
queint (Obs.) quaint.
rogue Mischievous; diverging from accepted norms.
seld Rare; uncommon; unusual. Cf. SELDSEEN, SELDSHOWN.
sleepery (Scots) sleepy.
smittle (Scots) infectious.
sprack Quick; lively; alert.
sprag Quick; lively; alert. Also a verb, so SPRAGS, SPRAGGED, SPRAGGING.
sprush Spruce, neat. Also a verb, so SPRUSHES, SPRUSHING, SPRUSHED.
squiff (Coll.) tipsy, drunk. No comp, but SQUIFFER is valid as a noun.
swack (Scots) pliant, nimble.
swart Black.
teachie (Obs.) tetchy.
void Empty. No VOIDEST: there is VOIDER, but it is a noun.
yald (Scots) active, nimble.
yauld (Scots) active, nimble.