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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

abusion (Spenser) misuse, deception.
assot (Obs.) to befool, besot.
bam to hoax or cheat.
bamboozle to deceive by underhanded methods; to frustrate.
bamboozlement the act of bamboozling.
bamboozler one who bamboozles, deceives by underhanded methods.
beflum (Scott) to befool, cajole.
befool to fool; to delude or lead into error.
beguile to deceive.
beguilement the state of being beguiled.
beguiler one who beguiles.
beguilingly (Adv.) BEGUILING.
begunk (Scots) to trick, to play a trick on.
belie to misrepresent.
belier one who belies.
bilk to avoid paying someone what is due.
bilker one who bilks, eludes payment of what is due.
bishop a senior clergyman in charge of a diocese; (verb) to fill, or otherwise tamper with, the teeth of a horse, to make it seem younger.
bluff open, frank (noun) a pretence, a trick; (verb) to deceive
bluffable able to be bluffed.
bluffer one that bluffs.
bluffness the state of being bluff, open, frank.
bogus not genuine, counterfeit.
bogusly (Adv.) BOGUS, not genuine, counterfeit.
bogusness the state of being bogus.
braide (Shakesp.) dissembling, deceitful.
brummagem making an imposing display but inferior and of little worth; (noun) something showy but cheap.
bumbaze (Scots) to perplex, bamboozle.
bunce (Sl.) profit or gain; (verb) to ring up wrongfully an extra item on every customer's bill, to offset theft.
bunco (US sl.) a confidence trick; (verb) to practice such a trick.
bunko (US sl.) a confidence trick; (verb) to practice a confidence trick.
canard (Fr.) a false or unfounded report or story.
cardsharp one who engages in sharp practice at cards.
cardsharper one who engages in sharp practice at cards.
catchpenny a worthless thing made only for profit.
cauker a big lie.
caulker a big lie.
cheat one who deceives or defrauds; (verb) to defraud.
cheater one that cheats.
cheatery (Coll.) cheating.
cheatingly (Adv.) CHEATING.
chiaus a cheat, a swindler; (verb) to cheat.
chicane a series of sharp bends on a motor-racing track; (verb, arch.) to quibble, to use tricks and artifices.
chicaner a person who chicanes, a quibbler.
chicanery deception by trickery or sophistry.
chiseler one who chisels; a swindler.
chiseller one who chisels; a swindler.
chiz (Sl.) a cheat, a swizz; (verb) to swindle.
chizz (Sl.) a cheat, a swizz; (verb) to swindle.
chouse a cheat, a swindler; (verb) to cheat; to swindle.
chouser a swindler.
choush a cheat, a swindler.
chowse to cheat; to swindle.
cod a kind of food fish; (verb) to hoax or make fun of.
codology the art or practice of bluffing or deception.
cog a projection, eg on a toothed wheel; (verb) to furnish with cogs; to cheat at dice.
cogger a flatterer or deceiver.
colt a young male horse; (verb, arch.) to frisk like a colt, to defraud.
coosen (Obs.) to cheat.
coosin (Obs.) to cheat.
counterbluff actions or words intended as a bluff, made in opposition to someone else's bluff.
counterfect (Spenser) counterfeit, made in imitation.
counterfeisance an act of counterfeiting; forgery.
counterfeit imitation (verb) to imitate or feign esp with intent to deceive
counterfeitly (Adv.) COUNTERFEIT, imitation.
counterfesaunce (Arch.) an act of counterfeiting; forgery.
covinous (Arch.) fraudulent.
cozenage the art or practice of cozening.
cozener one who cozens.
credulous gullible.
credulously (Adv.) CREDULOUS, gullible.
cretism a lie.
cully a pal, a mate; (verb, arch.) to cheat, deceive.
daubery a crudely artful device, a pretence.
daubry a crudely artful device, a pretence.
dawbry (Shakesp.) a crudely artful device, a pretence.
deceit the act of deceiving.
deceitful given to deceiving.
deceitfully (Adv.) DECEITFUL, given to deceit.
deceitfulness the state of being deceitful.
deceivability the quality of being deceivable.
deceivable fitted to deceive; deceitful.
deceivableness the state of being deceivable.
deceivably (Adv.) DECEIVABLE, fitted to deceive; deceitful.
deceive to mislead by falsehood.
deceiver one that deceives.
deceivingly (Adv.) DECEIVING.
deceptibility the quality of being deceptible.
deceptible capable of being deceived; deceivable.
deception the act of deceiving.
deceptional of the nature of deception.
deceptious (Shakesp.) deceitful.
deceptive tending to deceive.
deceptively (Adv.) DECEPTIVE, given to deceiving.
deceptiveness the state of being deceptive.
deceptory tending to deceive.
decoy to lure into a trap.
decoyer one who decoys.
defraud to swindle.
defrauder one who defrauds.
defraudment the act of defrauding.
deludable capable of being deluded.
delude to mislead the mind or judgment of.
deluder one who deludes.
deludingly (Adv.) DELUDING.
delusion the act of deluding.
delusional relating to delusion.
delusionary relating to delusion.
delusive tending to delude.
delusively (Adv.) DELUSIVE, tending to delude.
delusiveness the state of being delusive.
delusory tending to delude.
diddler a cheat.
dissemblance the act of dissembling.
dissimulate to pretend, feign.
dodgery evasion, trickery.
duckshover (Aust.) one who duckshoves, jumps a queue; cheats.
dumminess being like a dummy, sham.
dummy sham, feigned (noun) a sham or counterfeit article taking the place of a real one; (verb) to fake
dupability the ability to be duped.
dupable capable of being duped.
dupe someone who is cheated; (verb) to deceive.
duper one who dupes another.
dupery the act or practice of duping.
duplicitous given to or marked by deliberate deceptiveness in behavior or speech.
duplicitously (Adv.) DUPLICITOUS, given to or marked by deliberate deceptiveness in behavior or speech.
duplicity doubleness, esp in conduct or intention.
elusion the action of eluding.
elusory tending to elude or deceive.
equivocal subject to two or more interpretations and usually used to mislead or confuse.
equivocally (Adv.) EQUIVOCAL, subject to two or more interpretations and usually used to mislead or confuse.
equivocate to use equivocal or doubtful words in order to mislead or to avoid answering a question
equivocatingly (Adv.) EQUIVOCATING.
equivocation the use of equivocal or doubtful words.
factitious contrived, artificial.
factitiousness the state of being factitious.
faine (Spenser) to feign.
fake not genuine > FAKER, FAKEST; (verb) to contrive and present as genuine
fakement a sham, a dodge.
faker one who fakes eg works of art.
fakery the practice of making fakes.
fakey fake (noun) a skateboarding position in which the skateboarder faces the opposite direction to that which they would normally
false wrong, deceiving (verb, obs.) to deceive
falsehood a lie.
falsely (Adv.) FALSE, wrong, deceiving.
falseness the state of being false.
falser (Obs.) a falsifier, a counterfeiter.
falsidical conveying a meaning that is false.
falsifiable that can be falsified.
falsification the act of falsifying.
falsifier one who falsifies.
falsify to represent falsely.
falsish somewhat false.
falsity something false.
fastie (Aust. sl.) a deceitful trick.
faux (Fr.) fake, as in faux naif, falsely simple or naive, feigning artlessness.
fayne (Spenser) to feign.
feign to pretend, give a false impression.
feignedly (Adv.) FEIGNED, in a manner to deceive.
feignedness the state of being feigned.
feigner one who feigns or pretends.
feigning the act of feigning.
feigningly (Adv.) FEIGNING.
fib a small lie; (verb) to tell a small lie.
fibber one that fibs.
fibbery the habit of fibbing.
fibster one who tells fibs.
fictive feigned; counterfeit.
fictively (Adv.) FICTIVE, feigned, counterfeit.
finagler one who finagles, obtains by guile or swindling.
flam to deceive.
flimflam a confidence trick; (verb) to engage in confidence trickery.
flimflammer one who engages in flimflam.
flimflammery the act of engaging in flimflam.
fob to put off.
foister one who foists.
fop an affected dandy; (verb) to deceive.
fubbery (Obs.) a deception.
fudge to falsify.
gammon the cured meat from the hindquarters and leg of a pig; (verb) to feign an action; to perpetrate a hoax on.
gammoner one who gammons, i.e. feigns or cheats.
geck a dupe, an object of scorn; (verb) to mock, dupe.
gimcrack cheap and showy; (noun) something cheap and showy, of little use.
gimcrackery the state of being gimcrack.
gip to swindle.
gipper one who gips, a swindler.
grift (US) to swindle.
grifter (US) a swindler.
guile cunning; (verb, obs.) to beguile.
guilefulness the state of being guileful.
guiler (Spenser) a deceiver.
gull a dupe or fool; (verb) to dupe, deceive.
gullable (Arch.) easily deceived.
gullably (Adv.) GULLABLE, easily deceived.
guller one who gulls, a deceiver.
gullery (Arch.) deception.
gullibility the state of being gullible.
gullible easily deceived.
gullibly (Adv.) GULLIBLE, easily deceived.
guyle (Spenser) to beguile.
guyler (Spenser) a deceiver.
gyp pain, torture; (verb) to swindle.
hoax a deceptive trick played as a practical joke; (verb) to deceive.
hoaxer one that hoaxes.
hocus to deceive or cheat.
hoodwink to deceive.
hoodwinker one who hoodwinks.
hornswoggle to bamboozle, deceive.
humbug pretence, fraud; (verb) to deceive, cheat.
humbuggable capable of being humbugged.
humbugger one who humbugs, deceives.
humbuggery deception.
hypocrisy a feigning to be better than one is, or to be what one is not.
hypocrite one who pretends to be better or other than they are.
hypocritic characterized by hypocrisy.
hypocritical characterized by hypocrisy.
illude to trick.
illusion a false perception.
illusional of or like an illusion.
illusioned having an illusion.
illusorily (Adv.) ILLUSORY, based on illusion.
illusory based on illusion.
imposter someone who assumes a false character or impersonates another.
impostor someone who assumes a false character or impersonates another.
impostorous relating to imposture.
impostrous doing imposture.
imposture a fraud, the act of an impostor.
imposturous relating to imposture.
jackleg an amateur; one characterized by unscrupulousness, dishonesty or lack or standards.
jadery the tricks of a jade.
jimcrack cheap and showy; (noun) something cheap and showy, of little use.
jookery (Scots) trickery, roguery.
joukery (Scots) trickery, roguery.
kid a young goat; a child; (verb) to hoax or deceive.
kiddy to hoax; to kid.
kidologist a student of kidology.
kidology the study of kidding.
lee shelter; (verb, Scots) to tell a lie.
leear (Scots) a liar.
leger one who sells short weight in charcoal.
liar one that speaks falsely.
lie a false statement; (verb) to tell a lie to be in a horizontal position
lier one who lies.
lyingly (Adv.) LYING, untruthful.
malengine (Spenser) evil machination, deceit.
malinger (Fr.) to feign sickness in order to avoid duty or work.
malingerer one who malingers.
malingery the spirit or practices of a malingerer.
mamaguy (Caribbean) to deceive or tease esp by flattery.
maskirovka (Russian) use of deception or camouflage as military stratagem.
masquerade an assembly of people wearing masks, costumes, esp at a ball; (verb) to disguise oneself.
mendaciousness the quality of being mendacious, given to lying.
mendacity given to lying, esp habitually.
misfeign (Spenser) to feign with evil intent.
mislead to deceive.
misleading deceptive.
misleadingly (Adv.) MISLEADING.
misrepresent to give a false or misleading representation of.
misseem (Spenser) to be unbecoming to.
mythomane someone who is prone to lie or believe in lies.
nontruth an untruth.
outbluff to surpass in bluffing.
outcheat to exceed in cheating.
outlie to lie outside, be outlying to surpass in lying
outtrick to surpass in tricking.
palter to talk or act in an insincere or deceitful manner.
palterer one who palters, talks in a deceitful manner.
perfidy treachery; breaking of promise.
perjure to lie under oath to tell the truth.
personate to assume the identity of, with intent to deceive.
personation the act of personating.
phenakism deceit.
phoney counterfeit, fake; (verb) to fake, counterfeit.
phoneyness the state of being phoney.
phonily (Adv.) PHONY, fake.
phoniness the state of being phony.
phony counterfeit, fake (noun) a fake; (verb) to fake, counterfeit
plagiary (Arch.) one who plagiarises.
playact to act as in a play, pretend.
poop the after part of a ship; (verb) to fool, cozen.
porky plump like a pig (noun) a lie
possum an aphetic form of opossum; (verb) to play possum.
poupe (Obs.) to befool, to cozen.
pretence the act of pretending.
pretenceless without pretence.
pretend to assume or display a false appearance of.
pretendedly (Adv.) PRETENDED.
pretendingly (Adv.) PRETENDING.
pretense (US) the act of pretending.
prevaricate to avoid telling the truth by being ambiguous, evading, or misleading.
pseudograph spurious writing; forgery.
pseudologia lying in speech or writing.
pseudologue a pathological liar.
pseudology the art or science of lying.
puton a hoax.
ramp an inclined plane, a slope; (verb) to swindle, esp by the practice of causing large, false increases in the price of shares etc. by dishonest means.
ringster a member of a ring, esp a price-fixing ring.
ripoff a swindle, an excessively high price.
rook a bird of the crow family (verb) to swindle
roorbach a defamatory falsehood published for political effect.
roorback a defamatory falsehood published for political effect.
ruse a deception.
scam (Sl.) a swindle; (verb) to swindle.
scammer one who perpetrates scams.
scamster one who perpetrates scams.
schnook (Yiddish) a stupid, easily deceived person.
shaft anything long and straight; (verb) to dupe, swindle.
sham to feign.
sharker one who lives by sharking, a swindler.
sharper a cheat or hoaxer, esp someone who cheats at cards.
shavie (Scots) a trick.
shnook (Yiddish) an unscrupulous person; a crook.
shyster one who is professionally unscrupulous esp in the practice of law or politics.
simular counterfeit, feigned; (noun, arch.) one that simulates, a dissembler.
skelder to beg; to swindle; to cheat.
slanter (Aust. sl.) a dodge, a trick.
slenter (Aust. sl.) a dodge, a trick.
slinter (Aust. sl.) a dodge, a trick.
sophistic relating to sophistry.
sophistical relating to sophistry.
sophistry deceptively subtle reasoning or argumentation; an argument used to deceive.
speciosity the state of being specious.
speciousness the state of being specious.
spieler a swindler or card-sharper; a gambling den.
spoof a parody (verb) to ridicule in fun
spoofer one who spoofs, a hoaxer.
spoofery the practice of spoofing.
spuriosity the state of being spurious.
spurious not genuine, sham.
spuriously (Adv.) SPURIOUS, not genuine.
spuriousness the state of being spurious.
stiff rigid (noun) a corpse; (verb, sl.) to cheat, rob
subreption a deliberate misrepresentation; an inference drawn from it.
subreptitious fraudulently obtained; surreptitious.
subreptitiously (Adv.) SUBREPTITIOUS, fraudulently obtained; surreptitious.
subterfuge deception by artifice or stratagem in order to conceal or evade.
supercherie (Fr.) deception, hoax, fraud.
suppositious fraudulently substituted.
supposititious fraudulently substituted.
swiftie (Aust. sl.) a trick, deception.
swifty (Aust. sl.) a trick, deception.
swindle a fraud, a cheat; (verb) to take money or property from by fraudulent means.
swindler one that swindles.
swiz a swindle; (verb) to deceive.
swizzle a fraud, a great disappointment; (verb) to defraud, cheat.
thimblerig a sleight-of-hand trick played with three small cups, shaped like thimbles, and a small ball or little pea; (verb) to cheat by trickery.
thimblerigger one who thimblerigs.
thimblerigging the act of thimblerigging.
treacher (Obs.) a traitor; a deceiver.
trick a deceitful device (verb) to deceive
tricker one who plays tricks.
trickery deception.
trickie full of tricks.
trickiness the state of being tricky.
trickish given to tricks.
trickishly (Adv.) TRICKISH, given to tricks.
trickless without tricks.
tricksily (Adv.) TRICKSY, tricky.
tricksome full of tricks.
tricksy exhibiting artfulness; trickish.
tricky full of tricks.
truqueur (Fr.) one who engages in trucage, the faking of works of art.
unbeguile to set free from the influence of guile; to undeceive.
undeceivable not deceivable.
undeceiver one who undeceives.
untruth something that is untrue.
weasel a small carnivore with long slender body, furtive and bloodthirsty (verb) to get out of something by devious means
weaseler one who weasels.
weaseller one who weasels.
weaselly like a weasel, shifty.
wile a trick, device (verb) to beguile, inveigle
wileful full of wiles; trickish; deceitful.
wyle to beguile.
yanker (Scots) a rap; a big lie.