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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

align to arrange in a straight line.
aline to arrange in a straight line.
appose to place in juxtaposition or proximity.
ark a chest or coffer; (verb, obs.) to place in an ark.
arrayal the act of arraying.
belee (Shakesp.) to place on the lee side of something.
bit a small piece (verb) to curb or restrain
circumpose to place around.
collate to compare critically.
collocate to place together.
collocation the placing of things together.
collocational relating to collocation.
counterpose to place in opposition, contrast, or equilibrium.
darraigne (Obs.) to vindicate; to put in battle array.
decenter to put out of centre.
decentre to put out of centre.
deposit to place.
disembark to leave a ship, to land.
dishumour (Obs.) to put out of humour.
disloign (Spenser) to put at a distance; to remove.
dout (Scots) to put out, extinguish.
echelon a steplike arrangement; (verb) to arrange in an echelon formation.
embar (Arch.) to shut in; to put under embargo.
emplace to put in or provide with an emplacement.
encradle (Spenser) to lay in a cradle.
endoss (Obs.) to endorse, to inscribe.
endue to put on, as of clothes; to invest with.
enhearse (Shakesp.) to put in, or as in, a hearse or coffin.
enisle to put on or make into an island.
enrange to range in order; to put in rank.
enrank (Shakesp.) to place in order.
enraunge (Spenser) to arrange; to rove over.
ensconce to settle securely or comfortably.
ensky (Shakesp.) to place in the sky.
ensteep (Shakesp.) to steep; to place under water.
flange a projecting or raised edge or flank, such as of a wheel or rail; (verb) to widen out; to put a flange on.
fleme (Scots) to put to flight.
forslow (Shakesp.) to delay.
fub (Arch.) to put off.
germ a microorganism; a shoot (verb) to put forth buds, sprout
gyve a fetter; (verb) to put fetters on.
hypnoidise to put in the hypnoidal state.
hypnoidize to put in the hypnoidal state.
imburse to put in a purse; to pay.
impocket (Arch.) to put in one's pocket.
inhearse (Shakesp.) to put in, or as in, a hearse or coffin.
inserter one who inserts.
install to set up and put into use.
instate to set, place, or establish, as in a rank, office, or condition.
interbed to insert between other layers.
interfile to arrange in or add to a file.
interlay to interpose, lay between.
interpone to interpose; to insert or place between.
interposal the act of interposing.
interpose to place between.
interposer one who interposes.
intersert (Obs.) to put in between other things; to insert.
inurnment the act of inurning, putting into an urn.
juxtapose to place side by side.
kembo to set akimbo.
kimbo to set akimbo.
lay a situation, a place for lying; (verb) to deposit, place horizontal.
makeup the way anything is arranged or constituted.
marshal (In France and the French colonies) an officer of the highest military rank; (verb) to arrange, place, or rank in order at a banquet, table, etc.
marshall to arrange, place, or rank in order at a banquet, table, etc.
middle equally distant from the extremes; (noun) the middle point or area; (verb) to place in the middle.
middling average, so-so (noun) goods of a middle quality; coarsely ground wheat
middlingly (Adv.) MIDDLING, neither good nor bad.
misarrange to arrange wrongly.
mislocate to locate in the wrong place.
mislocation the act of mislocating.
misplace to place incorrectly.
mussily (Adv.) MUSSY, disarranged; rumpled.
mussy disarranged, rumpled.
niche a recess in a wall; (verb) to place in a niche.
offput (Scots) the act of putting off.
on in contact with the upper surface of; (adv.) in operation; (adj.) operating; (noun) the side of the field on which the batsman stands; (verb) to go on with, to put up with.
outmode to put out of fashion.
outmodedly (Adv.) OUTMODED.
outmodedness the state of being outmoded.
packet a small package; (verb) to put into a packet.
parcel a package, esp one wrapped in paper and tied with string; (verb) to put into a parcel.
place position, location; (verb) to set in a particular position ) PLAST or PLASTE or YPLAST.
posit to dispose or set firmly or fixedly; to place or dispose in relation to other objects.
prepose to place or set before; to prefix.
put to place; to throw.
radialise to arrange radially.
radialize to arrange radially.
recentre to centre again.
redd (Scots) to put in order.
repone to replace.
reposit to lay away, deposit.
repudiable admitting of repudiation.
reputative reputed, putative.
reputatively (Adv.) REPUTATIVE, reputed, putative.
rerack to put back in a rack.
resite to site again.
roster a list of employees, army personnel, etc with assigned duties; (verb) to put into a roster.
seriate arranged in a series or rows (verb) to arrange in rows
seriately (Adv.) SERIATE, arranged in rows.
setup the way something is arranged.
shelf a board fixed horizontally on a wall, for putting things on (verb) to put on a shelf, to shelve
site a place, situation; (verb) to place in position for operation.
situate to place in a certain position.
socket a hollow into which something is inserted or into which something fits; (verb) to fit into a socket.
stell to place or fix firmly or permanently.
superimposable capable of being superimposed.
superimpose to place or lay over or above something.
superposable capable of being superposed.
superpose to place above or on something else.
synthesise to combine or produce by synthesis.
synthetise to put together in a synthesis.
synthetize to put together in a synthesis.
tier a row, level, rank; (verb) to arrange in tiers.
trance a dazed, abstracted, ecstatic or exalted state (verb) to put in a trance
underprop to prop from beneath.