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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

burial the act of burying.
burier one who buries.
burrow a hole in the ground dug esp by certain animals for shelter or defence; (verb) to dig a hole or tunnel in the ground.
burrower one that burrows.
bury to hide in the ground; to cover.
cointer to bury together.
delve to dig.
delver one who delves.
dig an excavation; (verb) to make a hole, excavate.
diggable able to be dug.
digger one that digs.
dike a trench, a ditch; (verb) to make a dike.
disinhume to disinter.
disinter to exhume.
ditch a trench dug in the ground; (verb) to dig a trench in the ground.
eard (Scots) earth; (verb) to bury.
earthmoving the act of moving large quantities of earth, as with a bulldozer.
entomb to place in a tomb; to bury.
entombment the act of entombing.
entrench to make trenches in or upon.
entrencher one who entrenches.
entrenchment the act of entrenching.
excavate to dig out.
excavation the act of excavating.
excavational relating to excavation.
excavator a vehicle for excavating.
exhumate to dig out of the earth.
exhumation the act of exhuming.
exhume to dig out of the earth.
exhumer one who exhumes.
furrow a groove (verb) to make a furrow
gopher a name applied to various burrowing animals; (verb) to burrow, mine.
graveside the area around a grave.
grout a thin coarse mortar (verb) to root or grub with the snout
grub an insect larva (verb) to dig around in the dirt
holk (Scots) to dig, burrow.
howk (Scots) to dig, burrow.
inearth (Arch.) to inter.
inhumate to bury in earth; to inter.
inhume to bury in earth; to inter.
inhumer one who inhumes.
inter to bury.
interment the act or ceremony of depositing a dead body in the earth.
intomb (Obs.) to place in a tomb.
intrench to make trenches in or upon.
intrencher one who intrenches.
mud wet soft earth (verb) to bury or hide in mud
quarry an open excavation for building-stone, slate, etc; (verb) to dig stone from an excavation.
reburial a second burial.
rebury to bury again.
reinter to bury again.
reinterment reburial.
respade to spade again.
rootle to grub.
rotavate to break up (soil) with a Rotavator.
rotovate to break up (soil) with a Rotavator.
sepultural relating to sepulture, the act of burial in a sepulchre.
sepulture the act of depositing the dead body of a human being in the grave; (verb) to bury, inter.
spade an implement for digging; (verb) to dig with a spade.
spader one who, or that which, spades; specifically, a digging machine.
spadework preparatory drudgery.
tomb any place serving as a grave; (verb) to entomb, bury.
trench a long, narrow excavation in the ground; (verb) to dig a long, narrow excavation in the ground.
trowel a flat or scoop-shaped tool with a short handle; (verb) to dig with a trowel.
tunnel a passage cut underground; (verb) to make a tunnel, dig through.
tunneler one who tunnels.
tunneller one who tunnels.
unburrow to force from a burrow; to unearth.
unbury to disinter; to exhume; fig., to disclose.
undermine to dig beneath (eg a wall) in order to make it fall.
undug not dug.
unearth to dig up.
vivisepulture the practice of burying people alive.
wroot (Obs.) to turn up with the snout.
yeard (Scots) to bury.
yerd (Scots) earth; (verb) to bury.
yird (Scots) earth; (verb) to bury.
yirth (US) earth.