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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

afflict to distress with mental or physical pain.
bane an evil, a poison; (verb, arch.) to harm, poison.
baneful having poisonous qualities; deadly.
banefully (Adv.) BANEFUL, having poisonous qualities; deadly.
banefulness the state of being baneful.
blastment (Shakesp.) a blight.
damage harm, injury; (verb) to injure.
damager one who damages.
damagingly (Adv.) DAMAGING.
dear precious (verb) to injure
deare (Spenser) to injure.
dearly (Adv.) DEAR, precious.
deere (Spenser) grievous; (noun) a deer.
deleterious harmful, injurious.
deleteriously (Adv.) DELETERIOUS, harmful.
dere (Spenser) to injure.
detrimental harmful (noun, arch.) an undesirable or harmful person or thing
detrimentally (Adv.) DETRIMENTAL, harmful.
disserve (Arch.) to do injury or mischief to.
endamage to damage.
endamagement damage, injury.
harm damage, injury; (verb) to injure.
harmdoing the doing of harm.
harmer one who harms.
harmful capable of harming.
harmfully (Adv.) HARMFUL, capable of harming.
harmfulness the state of being harmful.
harmless not harmful.
hurt a wound, injury; (verb) to injure.
hurtful causing injury.
hurtfully (Adv.) HURTFUL, causing injury.
hurtfulness the state of being hurtful.
impairer one who, or that which, impairs.
injure to do or cause injury to.
injurer one who injures.
injurious causing injury.
injuriously (Adv.) INJURIOUS, causing injury.
injury harm inflicted or suffered.
jeoparder one who puts in jeopardy.
jugulate to cut the throat of; (fig.) to stop something by extreme measures.
jugulation the act of jugulating.
maim to injure so as to cause lasting damage.
maimer one who maims.
maleficent (Arch.) hurtful.
maleficial (Arch.) injurious.
mar to spoil or damage.
marrer one who mars or injures.
molest to disturb or annoy.
molestation the act of molesting.
molester one who molests.
nocent causing injury; harmful (noun) one who does this
nocently (Adv.) NOCENT, injurious.
nocuous hurtful, noxious.
nocuously (Adv.) NOCUOUS, hurtful, noxious.
noninjury relating to something that is not an injury.
noxious harmful to health.
noxiously (Adv.) NOXIOUS, harmful to health.
noxiousness the state of being noxious.
noy (Spenser) to annoy.
noyous (Spenser) vexatious, grievous.
offenceful (Shakesp.) giving offence, injurious.
owie an injury that is not serious.
reinjure to injure again.
reinjury the act of injuring again.
scaith (ON) injury, harm; (verb) to injure.
scath (Spenser) to injure.
scathe (ON) to injure.
scatheful harmful.
scathing scornfully critical.
scathingly (Adv.) SCATHING.
skaith (ON) to injure.
skaithless without skaith, scathe, i.e. unhurt.
teen injury, pain; (verb) to injure.
teene (Arch.) injury, pain.
teenful full of teen; harmful; grievous.
tene (Arch.) injury, pain.
unharmful not harmful.
unharmfully (Adv.) UNHARMFUL, not harmful.
wound an injury (verb) to inflict an injury upon
woundingly (Adv.) WOUNDING.