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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

aberrance erring, deviation.
aberrancy erring, deviation.
aberrant wandering or straying (noun) one who commits an aberration
aberrantly (Adv.) ABERRANT, wandering or straying.
aberrate to go astray; to diverge.
aberration an instance of being aberrant.
anachronism the error of placing a person, object, custom, or event in the wrong historical period.
anachronistic relating to anachronism.
anachronous relating to anachronism.
anachronously (Adv.) ANACHRONOUS, relating to anachronism.
ballup (US sl.) a mess up.
barry (Aust. sl.) an embarrassing mistake.
bevue (Fr.) a blunder, an inadvertent error.
bish a mistake, a blunder.
blunder a mistake; (verb) to make a mistake.
blunderingly (Adv.) BLUNDERING.
blunk (Scots) to spoil, bungle.
boner (US sl.) a stupid mistake.
boob to make a mistake.
booboo a blunder.
botch a clumsy patch (verb) to bungle
botchedly (Adv.) BOTCHED, bungled.
botchery clumsy or careless workmanship.
bumble confusion, indistinct utterance; (verb) to bungle.
bungle anything clumsily done; (verb) to work, make, or do clumsily.
bunglingly (Adv.) BUNGLING.
clanger (Coll.) a mistake.
cockup a mistake, a shambles.
disinform to inform incorrectly.
emendate to correct errors.
err to make a mistake.
errable (Obs.) capable of erring.
errancy the condition of erring or being in error.
erratical (Arch.) erratic.
erratically (Adv.) ERRATICAL, erratic.
erraticism the state of being erratic.
erringly (Adv.) ERRING, mistaken.
erroneous wrong.
erroneously (Adv.) ERRONEOUS, wrong.
erroneousness the state of being erroneous.
error a mistake.
errorist one holding a mistaken opinion.
errorless without errors.
etourderie (Fr.) heedlessness or stupid blundering.
fallible capable of erring.
fallibleness the state of being fallible.
fallibly (Adv.) FALLIBLE, capable of erring.
flub to bungle, botch.
folly foolishness; (verb, arch.) to act with folly.
foozle to manage or play awkwardly, to bungle.
gaffe (Fr.) a faux pas, a social mistake.
goof a stupid or awkward person (verb) to make a blunder
inerrable incapable of erring; infallible.
inerrableness the state of being inerrable, incapable of erring.
inerrably (Adv.) INERRABLE, incapable of erring.
inerrancy exemption from error, infallibility.
malfunction to function imperfectly or badly.
malposed being in the wrong position.
metachronism an error of dating an event too late.
misacceptation (Obs.) misinterpretation.
misact to act mistakenly.
misadapt to adapt wrongly.
misadd to add mistakenly.
misadjust to adjust wrongly; to throw out of adjustment.
misaim to aim badly.
misalign to align wrongly.
misallege (Obs.) to state erroneously.
misallocate to allocate wrongly.
misallot to apportion wrongly.
misally to make a wrong alliance.
misalter to alter wrongly; esp to alter for the worse.
misanalysis a wrong analysis.
misapply to apply wrongly.
misassay to assay, or attempt, improperly or unsuccessfully.
misassemble to assemble wrongly.
misassign to assign wrongly.
misassume to assume wrongly.
misatone to atone wrongly.
misaver to aver mistakenly.
misaward to award mistakenly.
misbecome (Arch.) to be unbecoming to.
misbegin to begin wrongly.
misbegot begotten by mistake.
misbegotten begotten by mistake.
misbehave to behave wrongly.
misbelief erroneous or false belief.
misbelieve to hold a false or unorthodox belief.
misbeliever one who misbelieves.
misbeseem (Arch.) to be unsuited to.
misbestow to bestow improperly.
misbestowal the act of misbestowing.
misbias to bias wrongly.
misbill to bill mistakenly.
misbind to bind imperfectly.
misbrand to brand wrongly.
misbuild to build wrongly.
misbutton to button wrongly.
miscall to call by a wrong name; (in games) to make a bad call.
miscaption to caption wrongly.
miscarry to be unsuccessful.
miscast to cast wrongly.
miscatalog to catalog wrongly.
mischallenge (Spenser) an unjust challenge.
mischannel to channel wrongly.
mischaracterise to characterise wrongly.
mischaracterize to characterize wrongly.
mischarge to charge erroneously, as to an account.
mischoice a wrong choice.
mischoose to choose wrongly.
miscitation the act of misciting.
miscite to cite wrongly.
misclaim a mistaken claim.
misclass to class wrongly.
miscode to code wrongly.
misconceit (Spenser) a misconception; (verb) to have a wrong conception of.
misconceive to conceive wrongly.
misconstrue to construe wrongly.
miscount to count incorrectly.
miscreate to create wrongly.
miscreation wrong creation.
misdate to date wrongly.
misdeemful having a mistaken judgment of.
misdefine to define wrongly.
misdescribe to describe wrongly.
misdevelop to develop wrongly.
misdevotion a wrong devotion.
misdial to dial mistakenly.
misdight (Spenser) badly prepared; (verb) to mismanage or treat badly.
misdirect to point in the wrong direction.
misdivision a wrong division.
misdo to do wrongly.
misdonne (Spenser) to misdo.
misdraw to draw wrongly.
misdrive to drive wrongly.
miseat to eat improperly.
misedit to edit wrongly.
misenrol to enrol wrongly.
misenroll to enrol wrongly.
misenter to enter or insert wrongly, as a charge in an account.
misentry an erroneous entry or charge, as of an account.
misestimate to estimate wrongly.
misevaluate to evaluate wrongly.
misfile to file wrongly.
misfire to fail to fire.
misfit to fit wrongly.
misfold to fold wrongly.
misframe to frame wrongly.
misfunction to function wrongly.
misgage to gauge wrongly.
misgauge to gauge wrongly.
misgo (Dial.) to go the wrong way, go astray.
misgrade to grade erroneously.
misgraff (Shakesp.) badly grafted or matched.
misgrow to grow in the wrong way.
misguess to guess wrongly.
misguggle (Scots) to bungle, mar.
mishandle to handle wrongly.
mishguggle (Scots) to bungle, mar.
mishit to hit poorly.
misimprove to make worse by would-be improvement.
misinfer to infer incorrectly.
misinform to inform incorrectly.
misinformer one who misinforms.
misinstruct to instruct wrongly.
misintend (Obs.) to aim amiss.
misinter to inter wrongly.
misjudge to judge wrongly.
misjudgement an erroneous judgment.
misjudgment an erroneous judgment.
miskeep to keep wrongly.
miskey to key wrongly.
miskick to kick wrongly.
misknow to have a mistaken notion of or about.
mislabel to label wrongly.
mislabor to labor badly.
misleader one who leads into error.
mislearn to learn wrongly.
mislie to lie in a wrong position.
mislight to lead astray by a light.
mislive (Obs.) to live a bad life.
mislodge to lodge amiss.
mismake to make wrongly.
mismanage to manage wrongly.
mismark to mark wrongly.
mismarry to make a wrong marriage.
mismate to mate wrongly or unsuitably; as, to mismate gloves or shoes.
mismeasure to measure or estimate incorrectly.
mismeet to meet under unfortunate circumstances.
mismove to move wrongly.
misnumber to number wrongly.
misobserve to observe inaccurately.
misorder to order incorrectly.
misorient to orient in a wrong direction.
mispackage to package incorrectly.
misparse to parse incorrectly.
mispart to part badly.
mispatch to patch wrongly.
mispen to pen wrongly.
misperceive to perceive wrongly.
mispersuade to persuade wrongly.
misphrase to phrase wrongly.
misplan to plan badly.
misplant to plant incorrectly.
misplead to err in pleading.
mispoint to point improperly; to punctuate wrongly.
misposition to position wrongly.
misquote to quote wrongly.
misraise to raise unreasonably.
misrate to rate erroneously.
misread to read incorrectly.
misreckon to reckon wrongly; to miscalculate.
misrecord to record incorrectly.
misrefer to refer incorrectly.
misreference a wrong reference; (verb) to reference inaccurately.
misregister to register wrongly.
misrelate to relate inaccurately.
misrelation the act of misrelating.
misrely to rely wrongly.
misremember to remember wrongly.
misrender to render wrongly; to translate or recite wrongly.
misreport to report erroneously; to give an incorrect account of.
misroute to route incorrectly.
missay (Arch.) to say wrongly.
misseat to seat wrongly.
missee to see wrongly.
missend to send amiss or incorrectly.
misset to set or place wrongly.
misshod improperly shod.
missort to sort wrongly.
misspace to space wrongly.
misspeak to err in speaking.
misspell to spell incorrectly.
misspend to spend wrongly.
misstamp to stamp wrongly.
misstart to start wrongly.
misstate to state wrongly.
missteer to steer in a wrong direction.
misstep to make a wrong step.
misstop to stop wrongly.
misstyle to style wrongly.
missuit to suit badly.
missummation wrong addition.
mistakable liable to be mistaken.
mistakably (Adv.) MISTAKABLE, liable to be mistaken.
mistake to interpret wrongly.
mistakeable liable to be mistaken.
mistakeably (Adv.) MISTAKEABLE, that can be mistaken.
mistaken (PaP.) MISTAKE, to interpret wrongly.
mistakenly (Adv.) MISTAKEN.
mistakenness the state of being mistaken.
mistaker one who makes a mistake.
misteach to teach wrongly.
mistell to tell erroneously.
mistend to tend wrongly.
misterm to call by a wrong name; to miscall.
mistime to time incorrectly.
mistitle to accord the wrong title.
mistrace to trace wrongly.
mistrain to train amiss.
mistreading (Shakesp.) a false step, a misdeed.
mistrial a trial that miscarries.
mistune to tune wrongly.
mistutor to instruct amiss.
mistype to type incorrectly.
misunion a mistaken union.
misuser one who misuses.
misween (Spenser) to judge wrongly, have a wrong opinion of.
miswend (Spenser) to go wrong; to go astray.
misword to word incorrectly.
miswrite to write incorrectly.
misyoke to yoke or marry unsuitably.
mux to spoil, botch.
parablepsis false vision; oversight.
parablepsy false vision; oversight.
parableptic relating to parablepsy, false vision; oversight.
paralogise to reason falsely.
paralogize to reason falsely.
prochronism assigning a date to an event earlier than actual.
refutation the act of refuting.
remedilessness the state of being remediless.
resipiscence recognition of error; change to better frame of mind.
ricket a mistake or blunder.
screwup a disaster, a fiasco.
slipless free from errors.
slipup a mistake.
tentation experiment by trial and error.
unerring not erring.
unerringly (Adv.) UNERRING, not erring.
vagarious erratic in behaviour or direction.
vagariously (Adv.) VAGARIOUS, erratic in behaviour or direction.