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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

acclaim to shout approval of.
acclaimer one who acclaims.
acclamation a shout of approval.
acclamatory expressing acclamation.
adulate to praise excessively.
adulation the act of adulating.
adulator one who adulates.
adulatory showing adulation.
applaud to express approval by clapping the hands.
applauding expressing applause.
applaudingly (Adv.) APPLAUDING.
applause the sound made by persons applauding.
applausive expressing applause.
applausively (Adv.) APPLAUSIVE, expressing applause.
appro (Coll.) approval.
approbate to approve expressly or formally.
approbation approval, consent.
approbative (Arch.) expressing approbation.
approbatory expressing approbation.
approof (Arch.) the act of proving; approbation.
approval the act of approving.
approvance (Arch.) approval.
approve to regard favorably.
approver one that approves.
ballyhoo noisy publicity, commotion; (verb) to praise or advertise extravagantly.
belaud to laud or praise greatly.
bepraise (Arch.) to praise greatly.
bepuff (Arch.) to puff out, to praise to excess.
cheer a shout of approval (verb) to applaud with shouts of approval
commend to praise.
commendation an act of commending.
commender one who commends.
compliment an expression of admiration or praise; (verb) to pay a compliment to.
complimentary by way of compliment.
eloge (Fr.) a commendation; an encomium.
elogist one who pronounces an eloge.
elogium (Obs.) (Lat.) a funeral oration; a panegyric.
elogy (Obs.) a funeral oration; a panegyric.
encomiast a person who utters encomiums.
encomiastic bestowing praise.
encomiastical bestowing praise.
encomiastically (Adv.) ENCOMIASTICAL, bestowing praise.
encomion (Greek) glowing and warmly enthusiastic praise.
encomium (Lat.) glowing and warmly enthusiastic praise.
endorsation approval or support.
epaenetic (Arch.) eulogistic.
eulogise to praise fulsomely.
eulogiser one who eulogises.
eulogist one who composes eulogies.
eulogistic of or like a eulogy.
eulogistical of or like a eulogy.
eulogium (Lat.) a speech or writing in praise; a funeral oration.
eulogize to praise fulsomely.
eulogizer one who eulogizes.
eulogy a formal expression of high praise.
extol to praise.
extold (Spenser) extolled.
extoll to praise.
extoller one who extols.
extollingly (Adv.) EXTOLLING.
extolment praise.
flatter to praise excessively.
flatteringly (Adv.) FLATTERING, praising excessively.
herry (Spenser) to praise, regard as holy.
herye (Spenser) to praise, regard as holy.
illaudable not praiseworthy.
illaudably (Adv.) ILLAUDABLE, not praiseworthy.
kudo award, honour.
kudos (Greek) glory; praise.
laud praise; (verb) to praise.
laudability the state of being laudable.
laudable worthy of praise.
laudableness the state of being laudable.
laudably (Adv.) LAUDABLE, worthy of praise.
laudation the act of lauding; praise.
laudative expressing praise; (noun, obs.) a eulogy.
laudator one who lauds.
laudatory expressing praise; (noun, obs.) a eulogy.
lauder one who lauds.
laurel the sweet bay tree; (verb) to wreathe with laurel, adorn with or as with laurel; fig. to honour, acclaim.
los (Obs.) praise, reputation.
ovate egg-shaped (verb) to receive with an OVATION
ovation an outburst of popular applause.
ovational relating to ovation, an outburst of popular applause.
ovator one who gives an ovation.
overpraise to praise excessively.
panegyric an eulogistic oration or writing; a formal or elaborate praise.
panegyrise to deliver a panegyric upon.
panegyrist one who delivers a panegyric.
panegyrize to deliver a panegyric upon.
plaudit (Lat.) an act of applauding.
plauditory issuing enthusiastic approval or applause.
plausive (Shakesp.) plausible; pleasing.
praise the expression of admiration or approval; (verb) to express approval or admiration of.
praiseful praiseworthy.
praiseless without praise or approbation.
praiser one who praises.
praiseworthily (Adv.) PRAISEWORTHY, worthy of praise.
praiseworthy worthy of praise.
praisingly (Adv.) PRAISING.
preapprove to approve in advance.
puffery advertisement disguised as honest praise.
renown fame; (verb) to give someone renown.
renowner (Milton) a person who gives another renown.
roose to heap praise on.
rooser one who rooses, heaps praise on someone.
steem (Arch.) to esteem.
tribute something given to show respect, gratitude, or admiration.
trophy a memorial of victory; (verb) to give a trophy to, to celebrate with a trophy.
underpraise to praise insufficiently.
unpraise to deprive of praise.