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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

embrangle (Arch.) to embroil or entangle.
empleach to intertwine.
enlace to bind or encircle with lace.
ensnarl to snarl up, entangle.
entangler one who entangles.
entoilment entanglement, ensnaring.
entrammel to trammel; to entangle.
fank (Scots) a coil, tangle; an enclosure for sheep; (verb) to put sheep in a pen, to securely contain.
fankle (Scots) a tangle, muddle; (verb) to entangle.
immesh to catch or entangle in, or as in, the meshes of a net.
impleach to intertwine.
inmesh to catch or entangle in or as in the meshes of a net.
interlace to lace, weave together.
interlacedly (Adv.) INTERLACED.
intertangle to tangle together.
intricacy the state of being intricate.
intwine to interlace, weave together.
ravel a tangle (verb) to entangle; to perplex; sometimes also used as its opposite, unravel
ravelment confusion, complexity, tangle.
taigle to entangle or hinder.
tanglement a state of being entangled.
tangler one who tangles.
tanglesome causing entanglement.
tangly entangled.
taut stretched tight (verb, Scots) to mat, tangle
tautit (Scots) matted, tangled.
tautly (Adv.) TAUT, stretched tight.
tawt (Scots) to mat, tangle.
tawtie (Scots) matted, tangled.