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This is a selection of words in CSW that you might expect to take a plural -S but which in fact do not. Such words can be categorised as:

1. singular nouns that do not inflect in the plural, as is the case with, for example, some Japanese words. Note that to keep the list manageable I have not attempted to cover the several thousand singular nouns that do have a plural form which just happens not to be -S. For example, the plural of TIMPANO is TIMPANI not TIMPANOS*, but at least it does have a plural that is different from the singular, and so is not included here.

2. plural nouns whose form might fool you into thinking they were singular e.g. KYNE, LOCHIA, OTAKU. This is a fairly subjective set of inclusions and I have assumed a modicum of Latin/Greek knowledge on the part of the reader e.g. enough to know that RADII is not a singular noun so no RADIIS*

3. words which look very like nouns but are in fact adjectives e.g. RATBITE. Again this is a fairly subjective set of inclusions

4. interjections that don't take S e.g. EEK, HUH, JOKOL: some interjections do pluralise and some don't, and no rule can be given

I have omitted words of more than 10 letters.

Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

abram adj (Shakesp.) auburn.
accused n A person accused.
adnexa npl Conjoined anatomical parts.
aggri npl Ancient W. African variegated glass beads.
aha int Expressing exultation or pleasure.
ahem int A sound expressing delicate interruption.
alfredo adj Cooked with a cheese and egg sauce.
amadoda npl (Nguni) grown men.
angola adj Relating to a fabric made from the wool of the Angora goat.
antidora npl (Lat.) the unconsecrated bread remaining after the Eucharistic Liturgy, blessed by the priests and given to non-communicants as well as communicants.
apgar adj As in APGAR score, a system for determining the condition of an infant at birth.
arriba int Expressing pleasure or approval.
att n A Laotian monetary unit.
aue n (Maori) an exclamation of pain, distress or astonishment.
azerty adj A European version of the typewriter keyboard.
azo adj containing nitrogen
ballotini npl (Ital.) small glass beads used in reflective paint.
bandaid adj (Tradename) referring to a type of sticking-plaster.
bangalore adj As in bangalore torpedo, an explosive device in a long metal tube, used for blowing holes in barbed wire.
barro adj Embarrassing.
basho n (Japanese) in sumo wrestling, a tournament.
batwing adj As in batwing sleeve: a sleeve with a deep armhole and a tight cuff.
bedu n A tent-dwelling nomadic Arab.
bellcast adj Designating a style of roof architecture.
berbice adj As in berbice chair, a type of armchair with long arms that can be folded inwards to act as leg rests.
berko adj Berserk.
bigstick adj Of or relating to irresistible military strength.
bigtime adj Important.
bimble adj (Aborig.) as in bimble box, a type of dense Australian tree.
birchbark adj Made of birch bark, as in birchbark canoe.
bitou adj As in bitou bush, a sprawling woody South African shrub.
bliksem adj Expressing surprise.
bon adj (French) good
bona npl (Lat.) goods.
bonjour int (Fr.) good day.
bonsoir int (Fr.) good evening.
booshit adj Excellent.
borlotti npl (Ital.) as in borlotti bean, a variety of kidney bean.
borna adj As in borna disease, a type of viral disease.
bottomset adj As in bottomset bed, fine sediment deposited at the foot of a growing delta.
bowie adj As in bowie knife, a type of hunting knife.
buffel adj As in buffel grass, grass used for pasture in Africa etc.
bullosa n A genetic skin disorder.
bunde n A German federation or league.
bursera adj Designating a tropical American genus of trees yielding elemi and timber.
cajun adj (Fr.) relating to descendants of the French-speaking Acadians deported to Louisiana in 1755.
campeachy adj As in campeachy wood, a kind of logwood.
canneloni npl (Ital.) pasta in the shape of tubes, which are usually stuffed.
cardan adj As in cardan joint, a type of universal joint.
carrick adj As in carrick bend, a type of knot.
carron adj As in carron oil, an ointment of limewater and linseed oil.
cartop adj Able to fit on top of a car.
cattle npl Domesticated bovines.
centu n A Lithuanian monetary unit.
cevapcici npl (Yugoslavian) kebabs of minced beef and pork flavoured with mint and paprika.
chantilly adj (Fr.) as in chantilly lace, a type of ornamental lace.
charlier adj As in charlier shoe, a special light horseshoe.
cheval adj As in cheval glass, a full-length mirror that can be swivelled.
chimo int (Canadian) an Eskimo word used as greeting.
chinese n (Coll.) a Chinese meal.
chylde n A youth of gentle birth, esp. in ballads.
cimelia npl (Lat.) treasures laid up in store.
colorado adj Referring to a medium strength of cigar.
copataine adj Of a hat, high-crowned like a sugar loaf.
cremant adj Of wine, moderately sparkling.
cucking adj (Hist.) as in cucking stool, a kind of ducking stool for witches.
cunabula npl (Lat.) the place where something began or was nurtured.
curli npl Curled hairlike processes on the E. coli bacteria.
curule adj Of high authority, as a higher Roman magistrate who was entitled to a curule chair, one like a camp-stool with curved legs.
cyano adj Blue or dark blue.
dadchelor adj as in dadchelor party, a party primarily attended by men and held to honour and present gifts to a prospective father.
dataflow adj As in dataflow architecture.
dayglo adj (Tradename) of a luminous green, yellow, pink or orange.
deathcare adj Of, relating to, or providing products or services for the burial or cremation of the dead.
dirigiste adj (Fr.) relating to State control of economic and social affairs.
diriment adj That renders absolutely void; nullifying.
disodium adj Of a chemical compound containing sodium.
draco adj As in draco lizard, a flying lizard.
ducdame int (Shakesp.) a meaningless refrain.
eek int An interjection expressing fright.
elhi adj (US) pertaining to school grades 1 to 12. This is an adjective:
euoi int (Greek) a cry expressing Bacchic frenzy.
evoe int (Greek) a cry expressing Bacchic frenzy.
evhoe int (Greek) a cry expressing Bacchic frenzy.
evohe int (Greek) a cry expressing Bacchic frenzy.
fap adj drunk
farfalle npl Pasta in bow shapes.
fenning noun a monetary unit of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
fie int An interjection expressing reproach.
filmgoing adj Designating someone who goes to films e.g. the filmgoing public.
finnesko n (Norwegian) a reindeer-skin boot with the hair on.
finnsko n (Norwegian) a reindeer-skin boot with the hair on.
finsko n (Norwegian) a reindeer-skin boot with the hair on.
fisherfolk n People who fish especially for a living.
floatcut adj As in floatcut file, a file with parallel rows of teeth.
foefie adj as in foefie slide, a rope, fixed at an incline, along which a person suspended on a pulley may traverse a space, esp across a river.
freefall adj as in freefall parachuting
freewill adj Voluntary.
frenne adj (Spenser) foreign, strange.
fy int An interjection expressing reproach.
gaijin n (Japanese) a term for a foreigner.
galanty adj As in galanty show, a pantomime shadow play.
gandy adj As in gandy dancer, a railway track maintenance worker.
gateleg adj A style of table.
geronimo int A shout given by US paratroopers as they jump into battle.
gidday int An expression of greeting.
giltwood adj Made of wood and covered with gilt.
goldtail adj As in goldtail moth, a European moth with a yellow tail tuft.
gospoda n (Russian) a Russian title of address, equivalent to Mr.
gospodin n (Russian) a Russian title of address, equivalent to Mr.
grissini npl (Ital.) thin crisp breadsticks.
grubstreet adj relating to hack literature.
gullwing adj Of a vehicle door, opening upwards.
hadaway int An interjection urging someone on.
haikai npl (Japanese) a series of linked haiku.
haith int (Scots) interj. by my faith!
halfen n (Spenser) half.
halfpence n Coins worth half a penny.
heame n (Spenser) home.
heigh int A cry of enquiry, encouragement.
heishi npl (Japanese) tiny beads made from shells.
hic int Representing a hiccup.
hillfolk n People living among the hills.
hiphugger adj Of trousers, having a low waist.
hoka n (Maori) red cod.
hokku npl (Japanese) a series of haiku.
howzat int A cry in cricket appealing for dismissal of batsman.
howzit int A greeting.
huh int Interj. expressing non-understanding.
hwan n A monetary unit of S. Korea.
inro n (Japanese) a small container for pills and medicines.
inshallah int (Arabic) an interjection among Muslims: if Allah wills.
ither adj Other.
ivyleaf adj as in ivyleaf geranium.
jai int (Hindi) victory (to).
jillionth adj The ordinal of JILLION.
jinne int An interjection expressing surprise, shock etc.
jirre int An interjection expressing surprise, shock etc.
jokol yokul int (Obs.) (Shetlands) yes (literally yes, carl i.e. yes, fellow).
jonnock adj Honest.
jun n A coin of North Korea.
kaal adj (S. Afr.) naked.
kam adj (Shakesp.) crooked, awry
kasme int (Hinglish) I swear.
kerchoo int An interjection expressing a sneeze.
kernmantel adj Denoting a type of mountaineering rope.
keto adj Pertaining to KETONE, a chemical compound of carbon, obtained by distilling salts of organic acids.
kidglove adj As in kidglove treatment.
kiff adj (S. Afr.) excellent.
kirby adj As in kirby grip, a grip for the hair.
kneejerk adj As in kneejerk reaction.
kokobeh adj Of certain fruit, having a rough skin.
kongoni n (Swahili) an E. African hartebeest.
kreplach n (Yiddish) small dough dumplings usu. served in soup.
kreplech n (Yiddish) small dough dumplings usu. served in soup.
kueh n (Malay) any cake of Malay, Chinese or Indian origin.
kumbaloi npl (Greek) worry beads.
ky npl Cattle.
kyne npl (Spenser) kine, cattle.
lakeview adj Overlooking a lake.
laquearia n (Lat.) a ceiling consisting of panelled recessed compartments
leafcutter adj As in leafcutter ant.
lebkuchen n (Ger.) a biscuit containing honey and spices.
lehrjahre npl (Ger.) an apprenticeship.
leopardskin adj Made from the skin of a leopard.
leu n A unit of Romanian currency.
lifehold adj Of land, held by a life estate.
lightwave adj Relating to a wave of light.
lokshen npl (Yiddish) noodles.
longcase adj As in longcase clock, a grandfather clock.
lor int expressing surprise
lossmaking adj Making a loss, as in a lossmaking enterprise.
lyra adj As in lyra viol, a lute-like instrument forerunner of the mandolin.
macrobiota npl The larger organisms in the soil.
magyar adj (Hungarian) of a garment, cut with the sleeves in a piece with the rest.
malibu adj As in malibu board, a lightweight surfboard.
malist v (Spenser) pp. of MALICE, to bear ill-will towards.
manet int (Lat.) a stage direction: he or she remains on stage.
manriding adj Designating equipment on oil rigs that is for use of personnel rather than for carrying material.
marchen noun (Germ.) a folk tale or fable.
marengo adj (Ital.) designating a dish browned in oil and sauteed in mushrooms, tomatoes, onions and white wine.
mazeltov int (Yiddish) congratulations.
menshen n (Chinese) a Chinese door god.
meuniere adj (Fr.) (of food, esp. fish) lightly coated in flour and fried in butter.
midshore adj Designating a fishery that is between the inshore and offshore fisheries.
mim adj prim and proper
mixte adj Denoting a type of bicycle frame.
moai n (Rapanui) any of the gigantic stone statues of Easter Island.
murdabad int (Urdu) death to, used in slogans.
musha int (Irish) an interjection expressing surprise.
nanoscale adj On a very small scale.
nassella adj As in nassella tussock, a type of tussock grass.
nisi adj (Lat.) taking effect at a specified date unless cause is shown otherwise.
nogaku n (Japanese) a traditional Japanese style of drama, aka NOH.
noh n A traditional style of Japanese drama.
nontarget adj Describing something that is not a target.
novalia npl In Scots law, waste lands newly reclaimed.
omniana npl (Lat.) about all sorts of things.
organotin adj Of an organic compound used as a pesticide.
ovipara npl An artifical division of vertebrates, including those that lay eggs.
paravail adj below others in rank e.g. a tenant paravail
paravant adj before, in front
passager adj As in passager hawk, a young hawk or falcon caught on migration.
phew int An exclamation of relief, astonishment etc.
pice n (Hindi) an Indian coin, 1/4 anna.
pirojki n (Russian) a small Russian pastry made with meat or cabbage filling.
piroshki n (Russian) a small Russian pastry made with meat or cabbage filling.
pirozhki n (Russian) a small Russian pastry made with meat or cabbage filling.
polyacid adj Designating a compound with more than one acidic group
popeseye adj Denoting a cut of steak.
proface int (Shakesp) may it profit you, a phrase of welcome
prosit int (Lat.) a toast to good health.
prost int (Lat.) a toast to good health.
pugh int (Obs.) pooh, an expression of contempt.
puh int (Obs.) pooh, an expression of contempt.
quep int (Obs.) an interjection expression remonstrance.
rappen n (Ger.) a monetary unit of Switzerland.
rappini npl (Ital.) immature turnip plants.
raree adj As in raree show, a street show or carnival.
ratbite adj As in ratbite fever, an acute infectious disease caught from the bite of a rat.
rikishi n (Japanese) a sumo wrestler.
rokkaku n (Japanese) a Japanese fighting kite.
rusticana npl Objects such as agricultural implements, garden furniture etc made in the rustic style.
sagrada adj (Spanish) as in cascara sagrada, dried bark of the cascara buckthorn, used as a purgative.
santimu n (Latvian) a former coin of Latvia.
satem adj A classification group of Indo-European languages, in which an original palatal consonant developed as a sibilant
sau n A Vietnamese coin.
seelie npl Good benevolent fairies.
semilog adj Having an arithmetic scale of the x-axis and a logarithmic scale of the y-axis.
sengi n A monetary unit of Zaire.
senryu n (Japanese) a 3-line Japanese poem.
senti n A former monetary unit of Tanzania.
shagpile adj Of carpets, having a pile of long thick fibres.
sharon adj As in sharon fruit, persimmon.
shazam int (Tradename) a magic slogan.
shen noun the spiritual element of a person's psyche.
shojo noun manga for girls.
shortcrust adj Designating a type of pastry.
sidh npl (Irish) fairy people.
sidhe npl (Irish) fairy people.
signeur adj (Shakesp.) senior.
siroset adj Of or relating to the chemical treatment of woollen fabrics to give a permanent-press effect.
sitka adj As in sitka spruce, a tall N. American spruce tree.
sleepaway adj Relating to a camp for teenagers.
soho int (Shakesp.) a huntsman's halloo.
sokaiya n (Japanese) in Japan, a corporate racketeer.
solgel adj Relating to an alternation between SOL and GEL states.
sorbo adj As in sorbo rubber, a spongy form of rubber.
spaza adj (S. Afr.) as in spaza shop, a small shop in a township.
staghorn adj As in staghorn fern, a type of fern with fronds that resemble antlers.
strokeplay adj Referring to scoring by counting the total number of strokes played (rather than the number of holes won).
stunkard adj (Scots) sulky, sullen
subaudio adj Relating to low-frequency audio.
suboval adj Somewhat oval; nearly oval.
subsea adj Below the surface of the sea.
tachina adj As in tachina fly, bristly fly.
talaria npl (Lat.) small wings or winged shoes represented as fastened to the ankles, chiefly used as an attribute of Mercury or Hermes.
teenage adj Pertaining to teenagers.
teenybop adj Of or pertaining to TEENYBOPPERS.
tenesi noun a monetary unit of Turkmenistan.
tertium adj (Lat.) as in tertium quid, an unknown indefinite third thing.
thyine adj In biblical translations and allusions: of, pertaining to, or designating (the wood of) the thuya.
tompot adj as in tompot blenny, a kind of fish with tentacles over its eyes.
tonka adj (Tupi) as in tonka bean, a tall leguminous African tree with fragrant black almond-shaped seeds.
torii n (Japanese) a Shinto temple gateway.
tormina npl (Lat.) acute, colicky pains.
tother adj (Arch.) the other.
townfolk npl The people of a town.
townsfolk npl The people of a town.
trypan adj As in trypan blue, a blue dye obtained from tolidine.
tyin n A monetary unit of Kyrgyzstan.
uillean uilleann adj Denoting a kind of Irish bagpipes
umpteen adj Designating an indefinitely large number.
undead n A vampire.
unseelie npl Evil malevolent fairies.
vagrom adj (Shakesp.) vagrant.
verd adj As in verd antique, a dark green mottled impure variety of serpentine.
wardian adj As in wardian case, a type of glass container for housing delicate plants.
wayleggo int (NZ) a shepherd's call to his dog.
whee int An expression of delight.
willyard adj (Scots) wilful
willyart adj (Scots) wilful
wirra int An interjection expressing sorrow.
wotcha int A verbal salutation.
wotcher int A verbal salutation.
wowee int An interjection, an intensification of WOW.
wroth adj Wrathful; in commotion; stormy.
xu n A Vietnamese monetary unit.
yakuza n (Japanese) a Japanese gangster.
yokul int (Obs.) (Shetlands) yes (literally yes, carl i.e. yes, fellow).
zapata adj Denoting a kind of flowing, drooping moustache.
ziptop adj Having the top opening fastened with a zipper.
zite npl (Ital.) a type of pasta like large macaroni.