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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

aemule (Spenser) to emulate.
ape an anthropoid primate; (verb) to imitate.
aper one that apes.
apery the conduct of someone who imitates an ape.
apograph an exact copy.
autotype a facsimile; a true copy; (verb) to make an autotype.
autotypic like an autotype, a facsimile.
autotypy the process of producing true copies.
centuplicate to centuple.
centuplication multiplication a hundredfold.
copiable capable of being copied.
copier one that copies.
copy an imitation, a transcript; (verb) to imitate.
copyable that can be copied.
copycat an imitator; (verb) to imitate.
copygraph a process for copying type.
copyist one who makes copies.
cyclostyle a device for making multiple copies of written text; (verb) to make copies using this.
deduplication the act of deduplicating.
duplicand something being duplicated.
duplicate double, twofold (noun) a copy; (verb) to copy
duplicately (Adv.) DUPLICATE, double, twofold.
duplication the act of duplicating.
duplicative serving to duplicate.
duplicator one that duplicates.
dyeline a photocopying process using a diazo compound exposed to the light.
ectypal or or like an ectype, a reproduction or copy.
ectype a reproduction or copy.
emulate to strive to equal or excel; to imitate.
facsimile an exact copy; (verb) to make a facsimile of.
hectograph a contrivance for multiple copying, by means of a surface of gelatin softened with glycerin; (verb) to copy by hectograph.
hectography the process of copying using a hectograph.
imitability the state of being imitable.
imitable capable of being imitated or copied.
imitableness the state of being imitable.
imitancy (Carlyle) the tendency to imitate.
imitant an imitation.
imitate to behave in the same way as.
imitation the act of imitating, a copy.
imitational relating to imitation.
imitative inclined to imitate; formed after a model.
imitatively (Adv.) IMITATIVE, inclined to imitate.
imitativeness a tendency to imitate.
imitator one that imitates.
jellygraph an old device for copying that used a plate of jelly; (verb) to copy by jellygraph.
macrocopy an enlarged copy of printed material for people with weak sight.
manifold many in number (verb) to make many copies of
microcopy a copy on microfilm; (verb) to copy on microfilm.
microfilm a photographic film for preserving a microscopic record of a document; (verb) to make a microfilm copy of.
mime to mimic.
mimeo to copy using a mimeograph.
mimeograph (Tradename) an autographic stencil copying device invented by Edison; (verb) to copy by mimeograph.
mimesis (Greek) imitation, esp in literature and art or by an animal of its surroundings, etc.
mimetic imitative; of or relating to mimicry.
mimetical imitative; of or relating to mimicry.
mimetically (Adv.) MIMETICAL, imitative; of or relating to mimicry.
mimic one who imitates others; (verb) to imitate.
mimical imitative; mimetic.
mimicker one who mimics.
mimicry an instance of mimicking.
miscopy to copy wrongly.
mockup a full-sized model.
model an imitation of something on a smaller scale; (verb) to make a model of.
multicopy with many copies; (noun) any of several or many copies (of a book, document, record, etc).
multiplicate the condiiton of being in many copies.
ozalid (Tradename) a method of duplicating writing or illustrations.
pantagraph a jointed framework of rods, based on the geometry of a parallelogram, for copying drawings, plans, etc.
pantograph a jointed framework of rods, based on the geometry of a parallelogram, for copying drawings, plans, etc.
pantographic relating to pantography.
pantographical relating to pantography.
pantography copying by the use of a pantograph.
parrotry mindless and mechanical repetition of the words or actions of another.
pentagraph an erroneous form of pantograph.
photocopiable that can be photocopied.
photocopy a photographic reproduction of written matter, etc; (verb) to make a photocopy of.
photoduplicate to duplicate by photocopier.
photoreduce to photocopy with reduction of the image.
polygraph an instrument for multiplying copies of a writing; (verb) to copy by polygraph.
polygraphic relating to a polygraph.
polygraphically (Adv.) POLYGRAPHIC, relating to a polygraph.
polygraphist one who operates a polygraph.
quadruplicate fourfold; (noun) one of four corresponding things; (verb) to make quadruple or fourfold.
quadruplication the act of quadruplicating.
recopy to copy again.
reduplicative relating to reduplication.
reduplicatively (Adv.) REDUPLICATIVE, relating to reduplication.
replica a close copy or reproduction.
replicable capable of replication.
replicate to make a replica of.
replication copying, reproduction.
reproduce to produce a copy of.
reproducer one who reproduces.
reprographics the reproduction of graphic or typeset material, eg by photocopying.
roneo (Tradename) to produce copies on a Roneo, an early duplicating machine.
sextuplicate to copy sixfold.
transcribe to make a written copy of.
transcriber one who transcribes.
transcript a written, printed, or typed copy.
triplication the act of copying in triplicate.
varitype copy produced on a Varityper; (verb) to produce copy on a Varityper.
xerox (Tradename) to photocopy.