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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

afterglow a glow remaining after a light source has faded.
beamily (Adv.) BEAMY, emitting beams of light.
beaminess the state of being beamy.
beamingly (Adv.) BEAMING, smiling broadly.
beamish radiant.
beamishly (Adv.) BEAMISH, radiant.
beamless not having a beam.
beamlet a small beam of light.
beamlike like a beam.
beamy emitting beams of light, radiant.
bedazzle to dazzle or make dim by a strong light.
beshine (Arch.) to light up.
bricht (Scots) bright.
brightly (Adv.) BRIGHT, shiny.
brightness the state of being bright.
brightsome bright; clear; brilliant.
brilliance the state of being brilliant.
brilliancy the state of being brilliant.
brilliantness the state of being brilliant.
burnish polish, lustre; (verb) to polish.
candor (US) whiteness; brightness; (fig.) unsullied purity; innocence.
candour whiteness; brightness; (fig.) unsullied purity; innocence.
chatoyance the quality of being chatoyant, having a changing lustre.
chatoyancy the quality of being chatoyant, having a changing lustre.
clinquant (Fr.) glittering, esp with gold or tinsel; (noun) tinsel, glitter.
coruscant shining, glittering.
coruscate to sparkle; to throw off flashes of light.
coruscation glitter, sparkle.
daylit lit by daylight.
dazzle to blind by bright light.
dazzlement dazzling flash, glare, or burst of light.
dazzlingly (Adv.) DAZZLING.
delustrant a dense inorganic material added to manmade fibres that allows a range of fibres with different lustres to be obtained.
dislustre (Arch.) to deprive of lustre.
effulge to shine out; to beam.
effulgence radiant splendor.
effulgent radiant; bright.
effulgently (Adv.) EFFULGENT, radiant.
emblaze to adorn with glittering embellishments.
emicant beaming forth; flashing.
emicate to sparkle.
emication a sparkling.
enlight (Arch.) to illumine; to enlighten.
enlumine (Spenser) to illumine.
eradiate to shoot out like a ray of light.
eradiation emission of radiance.
eyeshine the reflection of light from animal eyes at night.
flash showy, vulgar (noun) a brief light (verb) to shine briefly
flasher one who, or that which, flashes.
fluoresce to demonstrate fluorescence.
foudroyant (Fr.) sudden and overwhelming in effect; dazzling.
foulder (Spenser) to thunder.
foxfire a glow produced by fungi.
fulgency brightness, splendour.
fulgent dazzlingly bright, radiant.
fulgently (Adv.) FULGENT, dazzlingly bright, radiant.
fulgid flashing.
fulgor dazzling brightness; splendor.
fulgorous flashing like lightning.
fulgour dazzling brightness; splendor.
fulgurant flashing like lightning.
fulgurate to flash like lightning.
fulguration the act of flashing like lightning.
fulgurous flashing like lightning.
fulmine (Spenser) to fulminate, flash.
gemmily (Adv.) GEMMY, glittering like a gem.
gemminess the state of being gemmy, full of gems.
gemmy full of gems, glittering like a gem.
glaik (Scots) a flash, a dazzle.
glare an oppressive or unrelieved dazzling light (verb) to shine with a harshly brilliant light
glariness the state of being glary.
glaringly (Adv.) GLARING.
glary glaring, shining harshly.
gleam a soft light (verb) to shine with a soft radiance
gleamer one who gleams.
gleamingly (Adv.) GLEAMING.
gleamy darting beams of light; casting light in rays.
glent (Obs.) a glint; (verb) to glint.
glimmer a faint shine (verb) to give feeble or scattered rays of light; to shine faintly
glimmeringly (Adv.) GLIMMERING.
glimmery glimmering > GLIMMERIER, GLIMMERIEST.
glint a gleam, a momentary flash (verb) to glitter
glinty full of glints.
glisten to sparkle or shine; esp to shine with a mild, subdued, and fitful luster.
glistening gleaming wetly.
glisteningly (Adv.) GLISTENING.
glister (Arch.) to be bright; to sparkle.
glistering sparkling.
glisteringly (Adv.) GLISTERING.
glitter sparkle (verb) to sparkle with light
glitterand (Spenser) glittering.
glitteringly (Adv.) GLITTERING.
glittery glittering.
glossiness the state of being glossy.
halo a ring of light; (verb) to surround with a halo.
highlight to throw into relief by strong light.
highspot a highlight.
illume to illuminate.
illuminance the act of illuminating.
illuminant that which illuminates or affords light; as, gas and petroleum are illuminants.
illuminatingly (Adv.) ILLUMINATING.
illumine to illuminate.
illuminer one who illumines.
imblaze to adorn with glittering embellishments.
incandesce to be or become incandescent.
iridescence exhibition of multicolored reflections such as the "play of colors" given by films of oil on water.
iridise to make iridescent.
iridize to make iridescent.
irisate to make iridescent.
irisation iridescence.
irradiant irradiating or illuminating; as, the irradiant moon.
irradiate to shed light or other rays upon or into.
lambency soft radiance.
lambent softly radiant.
lambently (Adv.) LAMBENT, softly radiant.
leam (Arch.) a gleam of light, a glow; (verb) to gleam, glow.
leme (Arch.) a gleam of light, a glow; (verb) to gleam, glow.
licht (Scots) light (noun) light; (verb) to light
light having little weight (verb) to illuminate
lightful full of light.
lightsome having light; not dark or gloomy.
lightsomely (Adv.) LIGHTSOME, having light.
limelight light produced by a blowpipe flame directed against a block of quicklime; (verb) to illuminate with limelight.
limelit illuminated by limelight.
lowe (Scots) to blaze.
lucence the quality of being lucent, shining.
lucency the quality of being lucent, shining.
lucent shining, bright.
lucently (Adv.) LUCENT, shining, bright.
lucidity the quality of being lucid.
lucidness the quality of being lucid.
luminant luminous; (noun) a means of lighting.
luminary a natural light-giving body; esp a celestial object, the sun or the moon.
lumination illumination.
lumine (Obs.) to illumine.
luminesce to show luminescence.
luminescence the emission of light by a substance as the result of some external stimulus.
luminescent showing luminescence.
luminosity the state of being luminous.
luminous giving off light.
luminously (Adv.) LUMINOUS, giving off light.
luminousness the state of being luminous.
lurid shining with a red glow or glare amid darkness.
luridly (Adv.) LURID, shining with a red glow.
luridness the state of being lurid, shining with a red glow.
luster the appearance of a surface in reflected light; (verb) to impart a lustre to.
lusterless without luster.
lustre sheen, gloss; (verb) to give a lustre to (cloth, pottery, etc.).
lustreless without lustre.
lustrous having lustre.
moonbeam a ray of light from the moon.
moonlit lighted by the moon.
moonshiny full of moonlight.
multiflash with many flashes.
nitid bright, shining.
noctilucence the quality of being noctilucent, shining in the dark.
noctilucent shining in the dark, often used of clouds that are luminous at night.
noctilucous shining in the dark, often used of clouds that are luminous at night.
nonglare designed to eliminate glare; (noun) a material designed to eliminate glare.
opalesce to show varying colours like an opal.
opalescence a milky iridescence.
opalescent reflecting a milky or pearly light from the interior.
opalescently (Adv.) OPALESCENT, reflecting a milky or pearly light from the interior.
oriency brightness or strength of color.
outdazzle to surpass in dazzling.
outflash to surpass in flashing.
outflush to suddenly glow.
outgleam to gleam more than.
outglitter to surpass in glittering.
outglow to surpass in glowing.
outlustre (Shakesp.) to outshine.
outshine to surpass in shining.
outsparkle to exceed in sparkling.
overbright excessively bright.
overlight to light to excess.
overshine (Shakesp.) to shine over or upon.
pearlescent having a pearly sheen.
prefulgent extremely bright.
profulgent shining out; radiant.
radiance the quality of being radiant.
radiancy the quality of being radiant.
radiate arranged like rays (verb) to emit rays
radiately (Adv.) RADIATE, arranged like rays, diverging from a centre.
raylet a small ray.
reflet (Fr.) an iridescent or metallic lustre.
refulgence the quality of being refulgent.
refulgency the quality of being refulgent.
refulgent radiant, brilliant, shining.
refulgently (Adv.) REFULGENT, radiant.
reglow to glow again.
reillume to light again.
reillumine to illumine again.
relucent (Arch.) reflecting light; shining.
reradiate to radiate again.
reradiation the act of reradiating.
reshine to shine again.
resplend to shine, dazzle.
resplendent shining brilliantly.
resplendently (Adv.) RESPLENDENT, shining brilliantly.
roarie (Scots) noisy, garish, too bright.
roary noisy, garish, too bright.
rorie noisy, garish, too bright.
rory (Scots) noisy, garish.
rutilant having a reddish glow, eg a sunset or a flushed skin.
schiller (Ger.) a peculiar bronze-like lustre in certain minerals.
schillerise to give a bronze lustre to.
schillerize to give a bronze lustre to.
scintillant sparkling.
scintillantly (Adv.) SCINTILLANT, sparkling.
scintillate to sparkle.
scintillating sparkling, witty.
scintillatingly (Adv.) SCINTILLATING.
scintillation the twinkling of stars or small bursts of light.
semimat having a slight lustre.
semimatt having a slight lustre.
semimatte having a slight lustre.
sheen shine, lustre (verb) to shine, have a lustre
sheenful shining.
sheeny bright, shining; (noun, obs.) a Jew, a pawnbroker
sheep a ruminant mammal.
shimmer a glimmer (verb) to glimmer
shimmering a tremulous gleam.
shimmeringly (Adv.) SHIMMERING.
shimmery shimmering > SHIMMERIER, SHIMMERIEST.
shine brightness, lustre; (verb) to emit light
shineless without shine.
shinily (Adv.) SHINY, shining.
shininess the state of being shiny.
shining bright, gleaming; excellent.
shiningly (Adv.) SHINING, bright, gleaming.
shiningness the state of being shining.
shiny shining.
skylit lit by light from the sky.
skyre (Scots) to shine, be gaudy.
sparkle a little spark (verb) to give off or reflect flashes of light
sparklingly (Adv.) SPARKLING.
sparkly sparkling (noun) something that sparkles
splendent (Arch.) glossy; brilliant.
splendid magnificent.
splendidly (Adv.) SPLENDID, magnificent.
splendidness the state of being splendid.
splendor (US) splendour.
splendour brilliance, magnificence.
starburst a pattern of rays or lines emanating from a light source.
starlight the light of stars.
starlighted lighted by the stars.
starlit lighted by the stars.
strobe the process of viewing vibrations with a stroboscope; (verb) of a stroboscopic light, to flash on and off.
sunbeamy full of sunbeams > SUNBEAMIER, SUNBEAMIEST.
sunbright bright as the sun.
sunburst a strong outburst of sunlight.
sunglow the glow in the sky before sunrise and after sunset.
sunlight the light of the sun.
sunlit lighted by the sun.
twink a twinkling; (verb) to blink, twinkle.
twinkle a blink, a wink (verb) to shine with a flickering or sparkling light
twinkler one who, or that which, twinkles.
twire (Shakesp.) to peep, twinkle.
unbright not bright.
unillumed not illuminated.
upflashing flashing up.
uplight to light to a higher degree.
vivid bright.