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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

bellyache a pain in the stomach; (verb) to moan, complain.
bellyacher one who complains.
bitch the female of the dog (verb) to complain
bleater (Coll.) a complainer.
carp an edible freshwater fish of the family Cyprinidae; (verb) to criticise, complain.
carpingly (Adv.) CARPING, in a criticising manner.
complain to express discontent.
complainant one who complains.
complainer one who complains.
complainingly (Adv.) COMPLAINING.
complaint an instance or the act of complaining.
gripe a gripping pain (verb) to keep on complaining
griper one who gripes.
grizzler a grumbler.
grouch a grumbler (verb) to grumble
grouser one who grouses.
grumble an expression of discontent (verb) to mutter in discontent
grumbler one that grumbles.
grumblingly (Adv.) GRUMBLING.
grumbly in a grumbling manner.
grump a grumble (verb) to grumble
grumpily (Adv.) GRUMPY, bad-tempered.
grumpiness the state of being grumpy.
grumpish grumpy.
grumpishly (Adv.) GRUMPISH, grumpy.
grumpishness the state of being grumpish.
grumpy bad-tempered (noun) a bad-tempered person
kvetch (Yiddish) to complain habitually, to gripe > KVETCHINGS.
kvetcher (Yiddish) a whiner, complainer.
kvetchily (Adv.) KVETCHY, whiny.
kvetchiness the state of being kvetchy.
kvetchy (Yiddish) whiny.
mutteration (Richardson) complaining.
noodge (Yiddish) to nag.
nudzh (Yiddish) to nag.
ologoan (Irish) to complain loudly without reason.
peenge (Scots) to whine like a peevish child.
plain unadorned (noun) a large level tract of ground; (verb, arch.) to complain, lament
plainly (Adv.) PLAIN, unadorned.
plaintful (Arch.) complaining.
plaintless without complaint; unrepining.
poormouth to complain about being poor.
puler one who pules.
pulingly (Adv.) PULING, whimpering.
querimonious complaining, querulous.
querimoniously (Adv.) QUERIMONIOUS, complaining, querulous.
querimony a complaint.
querulous complaining; peevish.
querulously (Adv.) QUERULOUS, complaining, peevish.
querulousness the state of being querulous.
sooky (Aust. sl.) petulant > SOOKIER, SOOKIEST.
wheenge (Scots) to whinge.
whinge to complain fretfully, to whine WHINGY.
whingeingly (Adv.) WHINGEING.
whingy complaining.
winge to complain fretfully, to whine.
winged having wings.
wingedly (Adv.) WINGED, having wings.
yammer to complain peevishly; to howl.
yatter to talk idly, complainingly, or incessantly.
yatteringly (Adv.) YATTERING.