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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

accident an unexpected or unintentional occurrence.
attendment an attendant circumstance.
bechance (Arch.) to happen by chance.
befall (Arch.) to happen to ) BEFELD, BEFALLEN.
befallen (PaP.) BEFALL, to happen to.
befeld (Spenser) befallen.
befortune (Shakesp.) to befall.
behappen (Spenser) to happen to.
betide to befall, happen to.
betime (Shakesp.) to betide.
calamity a grievous misfortune.
casus (Lat.) an event; an occurrence; a combination of circumstances.
cataclysm a great flood or other major disaster.
circumstance a condition, fact, or event accompanying, conditioning, or determining another; (verb) to place in particular circumstances.
contingence an event (as an emergency) that may but is not certain to occur.
contingency an event (as an emergency) that may but is not certain to occur.
eventive denoting an event.
eventualise to happen, come into being.
eventuality a possible event or outcome.
eventualize to happen, come into being.
eventuate to turn out.
eventuation the act of eventuating.
hap chance (verb) to happen by chance
haply by hap, chance.
happen to occur.
happenchance a circumstance esp that is due to chance.
happenstance a circumstance esp that is due to chance.
incident falling on; (noun) an event.
materialise to appear, become material.
misaunter (Scots) an unlucky chance, a misfortune.
mischance bad luck (verb) to happen amiss
mischanceful (Arch.) full of mischance, unlucky.
mischancy unlucky, happening amiss.
mischanter (Scots) an unlucky chance, a misfortune.
misevent a mishap.
misfall (Obs.) to befall unluckily.
mishanter (Scots) an unlucky chance, a misfortune.
mishap an unlucky happening; (verb, obs.) to happen amiss.
mishappen (Spenser) to happen ill or unluckily.
misluck ill luck; misfortune; (verb) to meet with ill-luck.
nonevent a happening without significance.
nonhappening an event of no importance.
obvention (Obs.) any incidental occurrence or advantage.
occasion a case, instance or time of something happening; (verb) to cause.
occur to take place.
occurrence something that occurs.
occurrent occurring; (noun) an occurrence.
perchance by chance, as it may happen.
recur to happen again.
recurrence the act of recurring.
recurrency the act of recurring.
recurringly (Adv.) RECURRING.
reoccur to happen again.
reoccurrence a repeated occurrence.
uneventful marked by no noteworthy or untoward incidents.
worth value, merit (verb) to be, to happen, as in woe worth the day