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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

avruga herring roe with a smoky flavour, sometimes used as a substitute for caviar.
bacalao bacalhau baccala salted cod.
bloater a smoked herring.
botargo the roe of the grey mullet. Pl. BOTARGOS or BOTARGOES.
bourride a fish dish from Provence.
brandade a Provencal dish made with salt fish, olive oil, garlic and cream.
carpaccio an hors-d'oeuvre made of thin strips of raw meat or fish, often eaten with a relish.
caviar caviare caviarie cavier salted roe of sturgeon.
ceviche seviche in Mexican cookery, raw fish marinated in lime juice and served as a hors d'oeuvre.
coquille a scallop or other seafood served in a scallop shell.
coulibiac coulibiaca koulibiaca a Russian baked dish consisting of flaked fish mixed with semolina encased in pastry. Also KOULIBIACA.
coulis a thin puree of fish, fowl, fruit or vegetables. Pl. COULISES.
crabmeat the meat of the crab.
findram finnan haddock cured in peat smoke, originally at Findon (pron. fin'an), Scotland.
fishball a FISHCAKE.
fishcake a cake made of fish and potato.
fishfinger an oblong piece of filleted or minced fish coated in breadcrumbs.
fumado a salted and smoked fish, as the pilchard. Pl. FUMADOES or FUMADOS.
garoupa in Chinese cookery, another name for GROUPER > GAROUPAS.
gefilte gefullte as in gefilte fish, a dish of fish stuffed with various ingredients. Also GEFILTE.
goujon a small strip of fish coated with flour and deep-fried > GOUJONS.
gravadlax gravlaks gravlax a Scandinavian dish of salmon with spices and salad.
gurry the parts left over after cleaning fish.
haberdine a cod salted and dried.
ikan fish esp in names of cooked dishes e.g. assam ikan.
jambalaya a Creole dish of rice, meat, shellfish etc.
kedgeree a dish of baked fish, boiled rice, and eggs.
kipper to cure or preserve a herring.
koulibiaca see COULIBIAC.
lemonfish shark meat sold as food.
lutefisk lutfisk dried codfish. [Norw. lute, to wash in lye solution, + fisk, fish].
maatjes matjes a young herring before it has spawned, cured in brine. Pl. the same.
osetra ossetra a type of caviar.
rollmop a fillet of herring rolled up in onion.
saltfish salted cod.
sashimi fish, sliced paper-thin and served raw.
scampi crustaceans of the genus Nephrops, often fried in breadcrumbs. [Ital. scampi, pl. of scampo, shrimp]. Pl. SCAMPIS or SCAMPIES.
scungile conch used as food > SCUNGILI.
scungille conch used as food > SCUNGILLI.
seviche see CEVICHE.
sild herring, esp. canned, lightly smoked herring imported from Scandinavia.
smokie smoky a smoked haddock.
stockfish salted and dried fish, especially codfish, hake, ling, and torsk; also, codfish dried without being salted.
sushi a dish of raw fish sliced.
tarama a Greek paste of fish roe, garlic and lemon juice.
taramasalata a fish pâté made from the roe of the grey mullet or from smoked cod's roe, mixed with garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, etc.
tempura a Japanese dish of vegetables and shrimp dipped in batter and deep-fried.
teriyaki a Japanese dish of meat or shellfish.