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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

alfredo cooked with a cheese and egg sauce. No -S.
aquafaba water in which pulses, esp chickpeas, have been cooked, used in vegan cookery as a substitute for egg whites.
bake to dry, harden or cook by the heat of the sun or fire.
barbecuer one who barbecues.
barbeque a framework for cooking food over an open fire; (verb) to cook on a barbeque.
baste to keep (meat) moist when roasting by drizzling melted fat or butter over.
bitesize of food small enough to be eaten in one bite.
braai (S. Afr.) to grill or roast meat over open coals.
braise to cook slowly with a little liquid in a tightly closed vessel.
brew a brewing; a drink of tea or coffee; (verb) to prepare by infusion.
brine very salt water (verb) to treat with brine
broast to boil and roast food.
broil to cook by direct heat.
brule (Fr.) in cooking, lightly burnt; (noun) a mixed race person of Canadian Indian and French ancestry.
cacciatora (Ital.) of meat, cooked with tomatoes, mushrooms, onions and herbs.
cacciatore (Ital.) of meat, cooked with tomatoes, mushrooms, onions and herbs.
calver to prepare fish while alive or freshly caught.
charbroil to broil over charcoal.
charbroiler an apparatus for charbroiling.
chargrill to grill over charcoal.
charquid made into charqui, jerked.
clambake the baking or steaming of clams on heated stones, between layers of seaweed.
coction the act of boiling.
cook one who prepares food for eating; (verb) to prepare food by heating.
cookery the art of cooking.
curry (Tamil) meat, fish, vegetables, etc., cooked with a mixture of strong spices and turmeric; (verb) to make a curry of.
debone to remove the bones from.
decoction the act of boiling anything in a watery fluid to extract its virtues.
decoctive relating to decoction, preparation by boiling.
desalt to remove the salt from.
desugar to remove sugar from.
dum cooked with steam.
flambe (Fr.) to douse (eg a pancake) with a liqueur and ignite.
flambee (Fr.) doused with a liqueur and ignited; (verb) to douse with liqueur and ignite.
french to cut into thin strips before cooking.
fry to cook in oil or fat.
fryable that can be fried.
glaire egg white used as medium for binding paint; (verb) to coat with this.
gralloch (Gaelic) to gut, esp a deer.
gratin (Fr.) the golden-brown crust covering a gratinated food or dish.
gratinate to cook with a topping of buttered breadcrumbs.
gratine (Fr.) cooked or served au gratin.
gratinee (Fr.) to cook or serve au gratin.
grill a grating, a gridiron; (verb) to broil on a gridiron.
grillade (Fr.) anything grilled.
homestyle (especially of food) such as would be made or provided at home.
kibble the bucket of a well; (verb) to grind cereal etc. fairly coarse.
liqueur a potent alcoholic preparation flavoured or perfumed and sweetened; (verb) to flavour with a liqueur.
liquidise to make esp food liquid.
liquidize to make esp food liquid.
lyonnaise (Fr.) applied to boiled potatoes cut into small pieces, heated in oil or butter and flavored with onion and parsley.
makhani (Hindi) in Indian cookery, a dish cooked in butter or cream > MAKHANIS.
marengo (Ital.) designating a dish browned in oil and sauteed in mushrooms, tomatoes, onions and white wine. No -S.
marinade a solution used to soak meat, fowl or fish before cooking; (verb) to soak in a marinade.
mariniere (Fr.) esp of mussels, cooked in white wine with onions and herbs.
meuniere (Fr.) of food, esp fish, lightly coated in flour and fried in butter. No -S.
microwavable capable of being microwaved.
microwave in radio communication, a wave having a very short wavelength; (verb) to cook by microwave.
microwaveable capable of being microwaved.
miscook to cook wrongly.
nicoise prepared with olives, tomatoes, garlic and anchovies.
onion a vegetable (verb) to apply an onion to
outbake to surpass in baking.
outcook to surpass in cooking.
overbake to bake excessively.
overcook to cook to excess.
overcure to cure (eg food) to excess.
panbroil to fry in a pan with little or no fat.
panfry to fry in a pan.
parbake to partially bake.
parboil to boil partially.
parev (Yiddish) of food, containing neither dairy nor meat ingredients.
pareve (Yiddish) of food, containing neither dairy nor meat ingredients; (sl.) wishy-washy.
parve (Yiddish) of food, containing neither dairy nor meat ingredients.
pectise to congeal, to cause to set.
percoct well-cooked; overdone; (verb) to cook thoroughly.
picowave to treat food with gamma waves.
prebake to bake in advance.
preboil to boil in advance.
precook to cook in advance.
precure to cure beforehand.
puree food material reduced to pulp eg by being processed in a liquidizer; (verb) to make a puree of.
reboil to boil, or to cause to boil, again.
rechauffe (Fr.) a reheated dish; a fresh concoction of old material.
recook to cook again.
refry to fry again.
rice an important cereal grass (verb) to form soft food, esp potatoes, into strands by passing through a RICER, sieve etc
rizzor (Scots) to dry, esp in the sun.
roast a joint of meat for the oven; (verb) to cook with dry heat.
robata (Japanese) a grill used for Japanese cooking.
rost (Obs.) to roast.
saute (Fr.) fried lightly and quickly; (verb) to fry in this fashion.
sherried cooked or flavoured with sherry.
shir to pucker, gather; to bake eggs.
shirr to pucker, gather; to bake eggs.
simmer to cook below or just at the boiling point.
souffled like a souffle, made puffy by beating and baking.
souffleed like a souffle, made puffy by beating and baking.
spatchcock to split open (a fowl, eel etc) for grilling.
spitchcock to split open (a fowl, eel etc) for grilling.
stewable that can be stewed.
sugarcoat to coat with sugar; to make palatable.
tableside (of food preparation etc.) performed adjacent to the table of a dining patron.
tandoor (Hindi) a type of Indian cooking in which meat, vegetables etc. are baked over charcoal in a clay oven.
tandoori (Hindi) a type of Indian cooking in which meat, vegetables etc. are baked over charcoal in a clay oven.
thermidor a method of preparing lobsters, the flesh being mixed with a cream sauce seasoned with mustard, and served in the shell.
unbaked not baked.
unbone to deprive of bones, as meat; to bone.
undercook to cook insufficently or to a lesser extent than usual.
veronique (Fr.) served with white grapes eg sole veronique.
yakimono (Japanese) in Japanese cookery, grilled food, a grilled dish.