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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

acetum vinegar > ACETA.
achar a spicy pickle made primarily from mango, used in Indian cooking.
agrodolce an Italian sweet-and-sour sauce > AGRODOLCES.
aioli a garlic-flavoured mayonnaise. [French, f. Prov. ai garlic + oli oil.]
aji a spicy pepper > AJIES.
alegar vinegar made by turning ale sour.
alfredo cooked with a cheese and egg sauce. No —S.
allspice a widely used aromatic spice, so named because it combines the flavours of several different spices.
ancho Chili pepper.
applesauce 1. a relish or dessert made of apples stewed to a pulp and sweetened. 2. (sl.) bunkum, nonsense.
aspic aspis a clear savoury meat- or fish-jelly used as a glaze or a mould for fish, game, hard-boiled eggs, etc.
assam (Malay) tamarind as used in cooking.
avgolemono a soup or sauce made from chicken stock, lemon juice and egg yolks > AVGOLEMONOS.
bearnaise a rich white sauce flavoured with tarragon.
bechamel a rich, white sauce, prepared with butter and cream.
bepepper to sprinkle with pepper.
berbere a hot-tasting Ethiopian paste of cayenne pepper, garlic etc often used in stews.
bespice to season with spice, or with some spicy drug.
bhuna an Indian sauce.
bolognese a meat and tomato sauce.
botargo bottarga a relish made from the roe of the grey mullet or tunny > BOTARGOS or BOTARGOES.
browning a preparation for giving a brown colour to gravy etc.
capsicum a plant yielding (eg red or green) peppers; its fruit.
carbonara a pasta sauce made with eggs, bacon, cheese and cream.
cardamom cardamon cardamum a spice consisting of or made from the seed capsules of various Indo-Malayan plants.
cassareep the juice of the cassava root, made into syrup and used in sauces.
catchup catsup ketchup a smooth, thick sauce made from tomatoes, mushrooms etc.
cayenne a very strong pungent red pepper.
cayenned seasoned with cayenne pepper.
chakalaka (S. Afr.) a relish of tomatoes, onions and spices.
charoset charoseth haroset haroseth a condiment of chopped apples, walnuts, and wine.
chaudfroid a jellied sauce, or a dish, e.g. of chicken, including it.
chermoula a marinade containing onion, coriander, and parsley, used in N. African cookery.
chili chilli the (dried) red pod of a Capsicum pepper used in sauces, relishes, etc., and made into a hot cayenne > CHILIS or CHILIES; CHILLIS or CHILLIES. [Sp. chile f. Nahuatl chilli.]
chiltepin a variety of chilli pepper.
chipotle dried chilli pepper.
chutney chutnee a warm or spicy condiment or pickle made in India, compounded of various vegetable substances, sweets, acids, etc.
cinnamic cinnamonic pertaining to, or obtained from, cinnamon.
cinnamon the spicy bark of a lauraceous tree of Sri Lanka.
cinnamony like CINNAMON.
citral a lemon flavouring.
clove the flower-bud of the clove-tree, dried as a spice.
coady a sauce made from molasses.
condiment a seasoning e.g. salt or pepper; (verb) to season with a condiment.
curcuma the plant that yields TURMERIC. [Arabic kurkum].
dilled flavoured with dill.
dukka dukkah an Egyptian mixture of ground nuts and spices, used as a dip for roast meat.
espagnole a brown sauce flavoured with tomatoes and sherry.
gari thinly sliced pickled ginger, often served with sushi.
garlic to flavour with garlic.
garni trimmed, garnished.
garum a thick fish sauce.
ginger the hot spicy rhizome of the plant Zingiber officinale, used in cookery and medicine and candied as a sweet or preserved in syrup. [Malayalam inchiver].
gochujang a spicy paste used in Korean cuisine that is made from red chili peppers, glutinous rice, and fermented soybeans.
gravy the juices exuded from meat while cooking; a sauce made by thickening and seasoning these juices.
gremolata a colourful, flavorsome garnish, as of chopped parsley, lemon or orange peel etc.
guacamole guachamole a kind of dip. [Nahuatl ahuacamoli, avocado sauce].
habanero a hot chilli pepper.
harissa a hot paste made from chilli pepper, tomatoes, spices and olive oil.
haroset see CHAROSETH.
haroseth see CHAROSETH.
herbed flavoured with herbs.
herby tasting like herbs; full of herbs > HERBIER, HERBIEST.
hoisin a Chinese sweet spice reddish-brown sauce.
hollandaise a sauce made with butter, egg-yolks, vinegar or white wine, and lemon juice, usu. served with fish.
jalapeno an especially hot type of Capsicum pepper > JALAPENOS.
ketchup see CATCHUP.
ketchupy like ketchup.
korma qorma a kind of mild curry.
mace a spice which is ground from the dried layer immediately within a nutmeg drupe and outside shell and kernel; (verb) to attack with a mace (weapon).
malaguetta grains of Paradise (also malaguetta pepper).
marinara a seasoned tomato sauce.
masala a mixture of ground spices in Indian cookery.
mayo mayonnaise > MAYOS.
mayonnaise a thick sauce consisting of yolk of egg beaten up with oil and vinegar and seasoned with salt etc.
mirepoix a French garnish, made of diced carrots, onions and celery. [From a French general whose cook is said to have created the dish].
miso a paste, used in flavouring, prepared from soya beans and fermented in brine > MISOS.
mole a spicy Mexican sauce made from chili and chocolate. (Nahuatl molli, sauce).
mornay a cream sauce with cheese flavouring. [Perh. f. Philip de Mornay (d. 1623), French Huguenot writer].
mustard a pungent condiment prepared from the seeds of the mustard plant.
mustardy like mustard.
neral the trans-isomer of CITRAL.
nutmeg the aromatic kernel of an E. Indian tree much used as a seasoning in cookery; (verb) in football, to deceive (an opponent) by kicking the ball through his or her legs.
nutmeggy full of or tasting like nutmeg > NUTMEGGIER, NUTMEGGIEST.
oversalt to salt excessively.
oversauce to sauce excessively.
panada a thick sauce used to bind quenelles, forcemeats and rissoles.
paprica paprika a hot spice derived from Hungarian red pepper. Also PAPRICA.
parslied parsleyed adorned with parsley.
passata an Italian sauce of pureed tomatoes.
pepper a pungent aromatic condiment consisting of the dried berries of the pepper plant, ground or whole.
peppercorn the dried berry of the pepper plant.
peppercorny containing or tasting like PEPPERCORN.
peppery tasting of pepper > PEPPERIER, PEPPERIEST.
pesto an Italian sauce made of basil and cheese > PESTOS.
piccalilli a mixed-vegetable pickle in a mustard sauce.
piccata an Italian sauce.
pickle a liquid, esp brine or vinegar, in which food is preserved; an article of food preserved in such liquid; (verb) to preserve food by pickling.
pimento pimiento allspice or Jamaica pepper, the dried unripe fruits of a W. Indian tree.
pimenton smoked chilli powder.
pistou (Fr.) a French sauce.
pizzaiola having a rich sauce made with tomatoes.
ponzu (Japanese) a type of sauce made from orange juice, sake, soy sauce and red pepper.
qorma see KORMA.
ragu in Italian cookery, a meat and tomato sauce.
ravigote ravigotte vinegar sauce: minced onion, capers, and herbs.
relish a condiment; (verb) to enjoy the taste of.
remolade remoulade a piquant sauce.
ristra a string of dried chili peppers.
rouille a Provencal sauce. [Fr. rouille, rust].
roux a thickening made of equal quantities of butter and flour mixed together > ROUX.
sabayon a sauce of whipped egg yolks, sugar and wine.
saffron/B> the dried stigmas of the saffron plant used as a spice and a dye.
sagy full of sage; seasoned with sage > SAGIER, SAGIEST.
sauce any dressing poured over food; (verb) to flavour with sauce.
saut salt.
senvy mustard.
serrano a Mexican hot pepper > SERRANOS.
shoyu a rich soy sauce made from soya beans naturally fermented with wheat or barley.
skordalia (Greek) a dip of cold whipped potatoes and garlic served with pita bread.
soja a dark, salty sauce made from fermented soy beans and wheat flour.
soubise a sauce made with onions or onion puree. [From the Prince de Soubise].
souce souse sowce sowse sowsse to pickle; to marinade.
soy a dark, salty sauce made from fermented soya beans.
spice any aromatic and pungent vegetable substance used as a condiment; (verb) to flavour with spice.
spiceless without spices
spicery spices in general; a repository of spices.
spicy spicey spicy > SPICIER, SPICIEST.
sriracha (Thai) a spicy sauce made with red chilli peppers, vinegar, and garlic.
sugo a sauce used in Italian cookery.
tamara a mixture of cinnamon, cloves, coriander etc.
tamari a concentrated sauce made of soya beans and salt > TAMARIS.
tartare a mayonnaise dressing.
tikka denoting a dish of meat or vegetables marinated in yoghurt and spices.
tomalley the liver of the lobster, which makes a green sauce when cooked. [Carib taumali.]
turmeric a spice used in Indian cooking.
veloute a kind of sauce prepared from a white stock of chicken etc. [Fr. veloute, velvety].
vinaigrette vinegarette a salad dressing of oil and wine vinegar with seasoning.
vinegar to treat or flavour with vinegar.
vinegary tasting of vinegar.
wasabi horse-radish, much used in Japanese cooking as a condiment > WASABIS.