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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

alcorza a kind of sweet; icing.
blackball in New Zealand, a hard-boiled sweet with black-and-white stripes.
bonbon (Fr.) a sweet.
brickle a kind of brittle candy; (adj.) brittle, easily broken: no comparative.
brittle a kind of hard toffee.
bubblegum a kind of chewing-gum.
butterscotch a candy made from brown sugar, butter, corn syrup, and water.
cachou a violet-scented sweet. [Malay kacu].
candy a sweet of sugar boiled and crystallized, or in America any confectionery; (verb) to coat and preserve with sugar.
candyfloss a fluffy ball of spun sugar, coloured and flavoured, sold on the end of a stick.
caramel caromel a dark brown substance produced by heating sugar; (verb) to coat with caramel > CARAMELLED, CARAMELLING.
carvy caraway; a caraway seed, esp. one coated with sugar.
chewie chuddy chewing-gum.
chicle the coagulated latex of the SAPODILLA, and several related trees, which forms the basis of chewing-gum. [Amer. Sp. f. Nahuatl tzictli.]
choc chocolate.
choccy a chocolate; (adj.) of or like chocolate > CHOCCIER, CHOCCIEST.
chockie chocky a chocolate > CHOCKIES; of or like chocolate > CHOCKIER, CHOCKIEST.
chocolate a paste made of the ground seeds of Theobroma cacao (cocoa), with sugar and flour or similar material, usually hardened into slabs.
chocolaty of or like chocolate > CHOCOLATIER, CHOCOLATIEST.
chuddy see CHEWIE.
comfit confit a dry sweetmeat; any kind of fruit, root, or seed preserved with sugar and dried; a confection.
conche to knead and mix chocolate during manufacture.
confetto a bonbon > CONFETTI.
confiserie a confectionery.
confit see COMFIT.
confiture a preparation of preserved fruit etc.; a confection.
cornball a sweetened ball of popcorn; anything trite, banal, sentimental.
countline of a confectionery bar, made as an individual item, e.g. a filled chocolate bar, rather than as moulded chocolate.
divinity a fudge made of whipped egg whites, sugar, and nuts.
dragee a sugar-coated sweetmeat.
fairyfloss (Australian) candyfloss.
fondant a soft sweet made with flavoured sugar and water.
fudge a soft sweet made from butter, cream and sugar, often flavoured with vanilla, rum, etc; (verb) to patch up.
fudgy resembling fudge > FUDGIER, FUDGIEST.
ganache a creamy chocolate mixture. [Fr. ganache, jowl].
gobstopper a large sweet that is sucked.
gumball a round piece of chewing gum.
gumdrop a gelatinous type of sweet containing gum arabic.
gummi a rubbery, flavoured candy.
gundy a toffee made of treacle and spices.
halva halvah halavah a sweetmeat, orig. Turkish, containing sesame seeds, honey, nuts and saffron.
hardbake a sweetmeat of boiled brown sugar or molasses made with almonds, and flavored with orange or lemon juice, etc.
humbug a peppermint drop or the like.
jawbreaker a kind of sweet very hard to chew.
jellybean a bean-shaped sweet with a brightly coloured coating around a gelatinous filling.
jube jujube a gelatinous chewy sweet. [Fr. jujube or LL. jujuba, from Gk. zizyphon].
licorice liquorice a confectionery made with an extract from the root of the liquorice plant.
lolly lollipop lollypop a large sweet (esp. a boiled sweet), water-ice, or similar confection, on a stick.
lozenge a small sweet, sometimes medicated, originally diamond-shaped.
lulibub a lollipop.
marchpane an old name for MARZIPAN.
marshmallow a spongy, jellylike sweet.
marzipan a confection of ground almonds, egg whites, and sugar.
mochi a Japanese confection of rice flour and sweetened bean paste.
neapolitan a small rectangular chocolate.
nougat (a sweet made from) egg-white sweetened with sugar or honey and mixed with nuts and sometimes pieces of fruit.
nonpareil a kind of confectionery.
nougatine nougat covered with chocolate.
nutbar a bar made from chopped nuts.
pandrop a hard mint-flavoured sweet.
panocha panoche penoche penuche penuchi a fudge-like candy.
peppermint a sweet flavoured with an extract of the plant peppermint.
popcorn maize or Indian corn, the kernels of which swell up and burst open with a small explosive sound when heated.
praline prawlin a kind of chocolate. [From Marshal de Plessis-Praslin (1598-1675), French soldier, whose cook invented praline].
pysanka a hand-painted Ukrainian Easter egg > PYSANKY.
scroggin a tramp's high-calorie sweetmeat.
snowball a round white sweetmeat.
sourball a sour candy.
stickjaw a kind of toffee.
succade a sweetmeat.
sucket a sweetmeat; a dainty morsel.
sugarallie sugarally (Scots) liquorice.
sugarplum a kind of candy or sweetmeat made up in small balls or disks.
sunket a dainty or delicacy.
swedger (Scots) a sweet.
sweetmeat any concoction made mainly or wholly with sugar.
tablet in Scotland, a brittle confection of sugar, butter and condensed milk, made in slabs.
taffy toffee toffy a hard-baked chewy sweet, made of sugar and butter; TOFFY can also be an adjective: like a toff, posh: TOFFIER, TOFFIEST.
truffle a rich confection made with chocolate, butter, etc, usu. shaped into balls; (verb) to hunt or root for truffles (fungi).
vegelate a kind of chocolate made of vegetable and cocoa fat.