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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

abernethy a crisp unleavened biscuit.
amaretti macaroons made with bitter almonds.
apfelstrudel apple strudel.
arepa a usually grilled cornmeal cake served in Latin-American cuisine.
ashcake a cornmeal cake.
baba a kind of cake. [Fr., from Polish baba old woman].
babka a kind of coffee-cake, containing almonds, raisins, rum, orange rind. [Polish babka, little old woman].
bangbelly (Canadian) a dense cake made of cooked rice, flour, molasses, raisins, salt pork, and spices.
barmbrack barnbrack an Irish currant bun.
biccy biscuit.
bickie bikkie biscuit.
biscotto a small Italian biscuit > BISCOTTI.
biscuit a small, thin, crisp cake made of unleavened dough.
biscuity like a BISCUIT in texture.
blin a small buckwheat pancake > BLINI, BLINIS, BLINY.
blintz blintze a thin filled pancake.
boxty an Irish dish of potato griddle-cakes, eaten with various fillings.
bridecake rich or highly ornamented cake, to be distributed to the guests at a wedding.
brownie a brown (since 1990 yellow) uniform; (a square piece of) a kind of rich, chewy chocolate cake containing nuts.
bun bunn a kind of sweet roll or cake.
cake a breadlike composition enriched with additions such as sugar, eggs, spices, currants, peel, etc.; (verb) to take on the consistency of cake.
cakey caky with the consistency of cake > CAKIER, CAKIEST.
cakiness the state of being caky.
canape a small savoury biscuit.
carcake a small cake baked with eggs, eaten on Shrove Tuesday in parts of Scotland.
cheesecake a kind of cake having a base of pastry or biscuit crumbs, with a filling of cream cheese, sugar, eggs, flavouring.
chillada in Mexican cookery, a spiced fried cake made from pureed vegetables.
clapbread a kind of hard-baked oatmeal cake.
cookey cookie cooky a small, flat, sweetened cake of various kinds.
corncake a cake made of maize meal.
cracker a thin crisp unsweetened biscuit.
cracknel a hard brittle cake or biscuit.
creampuff puff pastry filled with cream.
crispbread a brittle, unsweetened type of biscuit.
croquette a ball or cylindrical cake of minced meat, potatoes etc.
cruller kruller in N. America, a type of sweet cake fried in fat.
crumpet a small thick yeast cake with holes on the top, usu. eaten hot with butter.
cupcake a small chocolate-topped cake.
dainty a small cake.
dandyfunk dunderfunk a ship's biscuit, soaked in fat and molasses and baked in a pan.
donut doughnut a ring or ball of sweetened dough fried in fat; (verb) to surround a speaker to give the impression of a packed house.
dosa an Indian pancake made from rice flour > DOSAI or DOSAS.
doughnutlike like a doughnut.
dunderfunk see DANDYFUNK.
eclair a cake, described by a wistful Chambers lexicographer as 'long in shape but short in duration', with cream filling and usu. chocolate icing.
farl farle farthel the quarter of a round cake of flour or oatmeal.
flapjack a kind of biscuit.
flauta a deep-fried corn TORTILLA.
florentine a kind of biscuit packed with nuts, glacé cherries, and other preserved fruit, coated on one side with chocolate.
friedcake a doughnut, a cruller.
fruitcake a cake with fruit in it; a slightly mad person.
galette a round, flat, sweet or savoury cake.
garibaldi a biscuit with a layer of currants > GARIBALDIS.
gateau cake > GATEAUS or GATEAUX.
genoise a rich sponge cake.
gingerbread a cake flavoured with treacle and usu. ginger.
gingersnap a gingerbread biscuit.
girdlecake girdlescone a kind of scone, aka drop scone.
gordita a small thick TORTILLA.
griddlecake a cake made on a griddle.
hardtack ship's biscuit.
hoecake a cake of Indian meal, water, and salt, baked before the fire or in the ashes; -- so called because often cooked on a hoe.
hotcake a griddle-cake.
huffkin a bun made of bread dough with extra lard.
jambuster (Canadian) a jelly-filled doughnut.
jeon a kind of Korean pancake.
jellyroll a type of cake.
jumbal a thin crisp sweet cake.
koeksister a South African doughnut.
kruller see CRULLER.
krumkake a kind of Scandinavian biscuit.
kuchen a yeast-raised coffee cake > KUCHENS.
kueh any cake of Malay, Chinese or Indian origin. No —S.
ladyfinger a small finger-shaped sponge cake.
lamington a piece of sponge cake, coated in chocolate and coconut. [From Lord Lamington, governor of Queensland].
lebkuchen a biscuit containing honey and spices. No —S.
macaroon a sweet biscuit made with egg white and ground almonds or coconut.
macaron a cookie with a filling in the middle.
madeleine a small, rich cake baked in a fluted, shell-shaped pan.
mallowpuff in New Zealand, a white marshmallow on a biscuit base covered in chocolate.
meringue a crisp, baked mixture of beaten egg whites and sugar, used as a pie topping or forming individual cakes or moulds. Not to be confused with MERENGUE, a Haitian dance.
millefeuille a rich confection of thin layers of puff pastry and a filling of jam, cream, etc.
mooncake a kind of Chinese pastry traditionally eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival.
mosbolletjie in S. Africa, a sweet bun made of dough leavened with grape must.
oatcake a thin unleavened cake similar to a biscuit, made with oatmeal.
olycook olykoek olicook a kind of American doughnut.
paczki a round, filled doughnut.
pancake a thin flat round cake of eggs, flour, sugar, and milk; (verb) of an aircraft, to make an emergency descent with the wheels up, flat on the belly of the plane.
panettone a kind of spiced cake, usu. made with sultanas > PANETTONES or PANETTONI.
panforte a kind of hard, spicy cake.
pappadom popadum poppadum puppodum papadam papadom papadum pappadam poppadom a thin circle of dough fried in oil until crisp.
parkin perkin a North of England ginger cake made with treacle and oatmeal.
parly a gingerbread cake in biscuit form.
pattie patty a little pie; a flat cake.
perkin see PARKIN.
pikelet a kind of thin crumpet. [Welsh (bara) pyglyd = pitchy (bread).]
pizzelle an Italian sweet wafer.
plumcake a cake with raisins in it.
popadum see PAPPADOM.
poppadom see PAPADAM.
poppadum see PAPPADOM.
poundcake a sweet rich cake containing a pound of each chief ingredient.
pretzel a crisp salted biscuit made in a rope shape.
pufftaloonas puftaloon puftaloonies a type of fried cake, eaten hot with jam, honey or sugar. PUFTALOON can take a plural PUFTALOONS; the others are plural already.
puppodum see PAPPADOM.
queencake a small light cake containing currants.
ratafia an almond biscuit or cake.
rusk a light, soft-textured sweetened biscuit; sweet raised bread dried and browned in an oven.
saltine a salted cracker.
savarin a cake made with yeast dough, similar to the BABA. [From Anthoine Brillat-Savarin, French politican and gourmet].
scone a flattish, usu. round or quadrant-shaped plain cake of dough without much fat, with or without currants, baked on a girdle or in an oven.
seedcake a cake containing caraway seeds.
shortbread shortcake a brittle crumbling biscuit of flour, butter and sugar.
simnel a sweet fruit cake covered with marzipan and eaten at Easter.
slapjack a flat batter cake cooked on a griddle; a flapjack; a griddlecake.
streusel a crumb-like cake or pie topping > flour, sugar, butter, and nuts. [Ger. streuen, to sprinkle].
sweetmeal of biscuits, made of wholemeal and sweetened.
tartlet a small tart.
teabread a loaf-shaped cake containing dried fruit.
teacake a small cake served with tea.
torte a rich cake made of many eggs, little flour, and usually containing nuts > TORTEN or TORTES.
tortilla an unleavened cake, as of maize flour, baked on a heated iron or stone.
traybake a cake, pie, confection, etc baked in a shallow rectangular container before division into portions.
tuile a thin cookie made with almonds.
vacherin a kind of cake, layered with Chantilly cream.
vetkoek a deep-fried cake, similar to a doughnut.
wafer a very thin crisp cake or biscuit baked in wafer irons or wafer tongs, formerly eaten with wine; (verb) to close, fasten with an adhesive wafer.
waffle a kind of cake made from batter, baked in an iron utensil of hinged halves called a waffle iron.
zwieback a usu. sweetened bread that is baked and then sliced and toasted until dry and crisp.