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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

bant to diet.
demiveg one who eats fish or poultry but not red meat.
diet a mode of living, usually now only with especial reference to food; (verb) to regulate one's daily sustenance.
dietarian one who lives in accordance with prescribed rules for diet.
dietarily (Adv.) DIETARY, relating to diet.
dietary relating to diet (noun) a diet; a book etc
dieter one who diets.
dietetic relating to diet.
dietetical relating to diet.
dietetically (Adv.) DIETETICAL, relating to diet.
dietician an expert on diet.
dietist an expert on diet.
faddy fussy esp about food.
flexitarian a vegetarian who is less than strict about what he or she eats.
food a substance taken into the body to maintain life and growth.
foodways the eating habits of a population.
fruitarian a person who lives on fruit.
fruitarianism the state of being a fruitarian, eating only fruit.
gastrologer a connoisseur of good eating and drinking.
gastronomer a connoisseur of good eating and drinking; a gourmet.
gastrosoph a person skilled in matters of eating.
gastrosopher a person skilled in matters of eating.
geophagia the practice of feeding on soil.
geophagism the act or habit of eating earth.
geophagist one who eats earth, as dirt, clay, chalk, etc.
geophagous earth-eating.
geophagy the practice of feeding on soil.
gormandism gluttony.
ichthyophagist one who eats fish.
ichthyophagy the eating of fish.
ispaghula a dietary fibre derived from seed husks and used as a thickener or stabilizer in the food industry, aka psyllium.
lactarian a vegetarian whose diet includes dairy products.
lactovegetarian a vegetarian whose diet includes milk and other dairy products.
locavore a person who will eat only food produced locally.
misdiet (Spenser) improper feeding; (verb) to diet or eat improperly.
mycophagist an eater of mushrooms.
mycophagy the eating of mushrooms.
nonvegetarian someone who is not a vegetarian.
nutarian a vegetarian whose diet is based on nut products.
oligophagy the state of being oligophagous, eating only a few specific kinds of food.
omophagia the eating of raw flesh.
omophagic relating to omophagia, the eating of raw flesh.
omophagy the eating of raw flesh.
ostreophage an oyster-eater.
ostreophagy the eating of oysters.
pescatarian one whose diet includes fish but no other meat.
pescetarian one whose diet includes fish but no other meat.
pingler one who nibbles at food with little appetite.
polyphagia the eating of excessive amounts, or many different kinds, of food.
polyphagy the practice or faculty of subsisting on many kinds of food.
sitiology the science of diet.
sitology the science of diet.
vegan one who refrains from consuming (or using) animal products.
veganism extreme vegetarianism.
vegetarian one who believes in or practices vegetarianism.
xerophagy the eating of dry food, esp food cooked without oil.
zoophagy the eating of animals.