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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

asiago a type of Italian cheese.
bocconcini boconcini small pieces of MOZZARELLA cheese.
boursin a type of cheese.
burrata an Italian cheese made from mozzarella and cream.
caboc kebbock kebbuck a double cream cheese rolled in oatmeal.
cantal a French cheese.
caseate to become cheesy.
casefy to become or make cheese-like.
caseic of or pertaining to cheese; as, caseic acid.
caseous cheese-like.
cheddar any of several types of smooth hard yellow or whiteish cheese.
cheddary like CHEDDAR.
cheeselike like cheese.
cheesevat a vat or wooden case in which curds are separated and pressed into cheese.
cheshire a hard English cheese.
chevre chevret a cheese made from goat's milk.
chevrotin (Fr.) a kind of soft French cheese made from goat's milk.
colby a mild-tasting hard cheese > COLBYS or COLBIES.
cotija a kidn of Mexican cheese.
crowdie (Scots) a soft curd cheese; also, a mixture of meal and water.
dolcelatte a soft blue-veined Italian cheese.
feta fetta a white sheep or goat cheese popular in Greece.
fondu fondue a snack of melted cheese; (verb) to cook and serve as a fondue > FONDUES, FONDUING, FONDUED.
fontina an Italian cheese.
friulano a mild Italian cheese.
fromage (Fr.) cheese.
gjetost cheese made from goat's milk.
gruyere a kind of cheese made at Gruyere, Switzerland.
halloumi haloumi a Greek meal of goat's cheese > HALLOUMIS, HALOUMIS.
havarti a semisoft Danish cheese.
jarlsberg a Norwegian cheese.
kebbock see CABOC.
kebbuck see CABOC.
labneh (Arabic) a kind of soft cheese produced by straining yogurt.
manchego (Spanish) a cheese made from ewes' milk.
mascarpone an Italian soft cheese, like RICOTTA.
mozzarella a mild white Italian cheese.
muenster munster a semi-soft cow's milk cheese from Munster in France.
mycella a blue-veined Danish cream cheese.
mysost a mild cheese. [Norw., f. myse whey + ost cheese].
paneer a soft white cheese used in Indian cookery.
parmesan an Italian hard cheese.
parmigiana parmigiano made or covered with parmesan cheese.
pecorino an Italian cheese made with sheep's milk > PECORINI or PECORINOS.
provolone a firm pliant smoked cheese of Italian origin.
quark a soft cheese made from skim milk.
raclette a dish of melted cheese and potatoes.
rarebit a dish of melted and seasoned or simply toasted cheese on toast.
reblochon a delicately-flavoured soft cheese, made chiefly in the Savoie region of France.
ricotta a type of Italian cheese.
romano a black-rinded Italian cheese > ROMANOS.
roquefort a kind of French cheese.
sapsago a hard green Swiss cheese. [Ger. schabziger, 'scrape-cheese'].
skyr curds; a yogurt-like curd cheese.
smearcase smiercase (Ger.) cottage cheese.
stracchino a type of soft whole-milk Italian cheese > STRACCHINI. [Ital. straccho, weak].
taleggio an Italian cheese > TALEGGIOS.
tofu a soft Oriental cheese made from soybean milk.
turophile a connoisseur of cheese, a cheese fancier.
wensleydale a cheese from Yorkshire.