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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

adobo a Philippine meat/fish dish > ADOBOS.
aitchbone edgebone the rump bone of cattle; the rump cut of beef.
backsey sirloin.
backstrap (Canadian) any of various cuts of meat from the back of an animal, especially a tenderloin.
beefless without beef.
biltong a kind of dried meat.
biriyani biriani an Indian dish > BIRIYANIS, BIRIANIS.
bobotie a S. African dish of curried mincemeat with a baked egg topping > BOBOTIES.
boudin a black pudding.
bouilli boiled meat.
braciola braciole a thin slice of meat.
brawn a preparation of meat made from pig's head and ox-feet, cut up, boiled and pickled.
breaskit brisket the breast of an animal, viewed as meat.
bresaola salt-cured, air-dried beef, served thinly sliced with oil, lemon juice and black pepper.
bridie a meat and onion turnover.
brisket see BREASKIT.
burrito a Mexican dish consisting of a flour tortilla, filled with meat, beans, chilli etc > BURRITOS.
bushmeat meat taken from any animal native to African forests.
cabob kabab kabob kebab kebob kabob small pieces of cooked meat on a skewer; (verb) to cook like this.
cacciatora cacciatore of meat, cooked with tomatoes, mushrooms, onions and herbs.
capicolla (Italian) a traditional cut of pork.
carbonade carbonado carbonnade flesh, fowl, etc., cut across, seasoned, and broiled on coals; a chop.
cecils fried meat-balls. N.B. there is no sing. CECIL.
cevapcici kebabs of minced beef and pork flavoured with mint and paprika. No —S.
charcuterie (a shop selling) cold meats made from pork.
charqui jerked meat. [Amer. Sp. charqui, charque from Quechua cc'arki].
chawdron the entrails of an animal.
chewet a kind of meat pie.
chidlings part of the small intestine of swine. N.B. there is no sing. CHIDLING. Cf. CHITLIN.
chilidog a hot dog topped with chili.
chine a backbone; a cut of meat adjoining the backbone; a small ravine; (verb) to cut into pieces.
chitlin chitling chitterling part of the small intestine of swine.
chowchow consisting of several kinds mingled together; mixed; as, chowchow sweetmeats (preserved fruits put together).
collard pickled or salted meat rolled and cooked with herbs and spices.
collop a slice of meat.
cotelette a cutlet, a chop.
cretons a spread of shredded pork cooked with onions in pork fat. No CRETON*.
crubeen a pig's trotter, as food. [Irish crub, hoof].
dhansak dansak any of a variety of Indian dishes consisting of meat or vegetables braised with water or stock and lentils.
diane as in steak diane, steak served in a rich seasoned sauce.
donair sliced lamb rolled in pita bread.
dopiaza in India, meat or fish cooked in onion sauce.
edgebone see AITCHBONE.
entrecote a steak cut from between two ribs.
escalop escalope a thin slice of boneless meat or (occas.) fish; esp. a special cut of veal from the leg; (verb) to cut in the form of an escalope.
fagot faggot a roll or ball of minced meat; (verb) to tie up into a fagot, in the sense of a bundle of sticks.
fajita marinated or grilled beef or chicken, served hot, wrapped in flour tortillas.
farcemeat meat chopped fine and highly seasoned, either served up alone, or used as a stuffing, aka FORCEMEAT.
farci farcie stuffed, as with ground meat.
flanken beef cut from the side and boiled with vegetables > FLANKENS.
fleishig fleishik made of meat or meat products. Cf. MILCHIG, PAREVE.
flitch the side of a hog salted and cured; a side of bacon; (verb) to cut into strips.
forcemeat meat chopped fine and highly seasoned, either served up alone, or used as a stuffing.
forehock a foreleg cut of bacon or pork.
fraise froise a thick pancake, with slices of bacon.
fricadelfrikkadel a fried ball of mincemeat.
fricando fricandeau a thick slice of veal or similar meat > FRICANDOES; FRICANDEAU or FRICANDEAUX.
frikkadel see FRICADEL.
frittata an unfolded omelet with chopped vegetables or meat.
froise see FRAISE.
galantine a preparation of jellied fowl.
gallimaufry a hash of liver and other organs; hotch-potch. [Fr. galimafrée, from OF galimafree, sauce, ragout].
gamily (adv.) GAMY, tasting like game.
gaminess gamyness the condition of being GAMY.
gamy gamey tasting like game > GAMIER, GAMIEST.
giblet made of GIBLETS e.g. giblet soup.
giblets the inmeats, or edible viscera (heart, gizzard, liver, etc.), of poultry.
gigot jigot a leg of lamb.
gosht in Indian cookery, meat.
grillsteak a large steak-shaped burger of minced lamb etc.
griskin lean meat from a loin of pork.
haggis a dish consisting of the heart, lungs, and liver of a sheep etc. minced with suet, oatmeal, and onions, stuffed into the maw of the animal or into an artificial bag like a large sausage and usu. boiled.
hamburg hamburger a patty of ground beef.
harslet haslet a pressed meat made from pig offal.
hash a mixed dish of meat and vegetables in small pieces; (verb) to make a hash.
hashy of or like a hash > HASHIER, HASHIEST.
haslet see HARSLET.
headcheese (US) brawn.
hindshank meat from an animal's hind leg.
horsemeat the meat of the horse.
howtowdie (Scots) a dish of boiled chicken.
inchpin the SWEETBREAD of a deer.
interlard to place lard or bacon amongst; to mix, as fat meat with lean.
jalfrezi in Indian cookery, a hot-flavoured dish of meat or vegetables stir-fried with green chillis and spices > JALFREZIS.
jamon designating a variety of Spanish ham.
jerky jerked meat.
jigot a leg of lamb. Also GIGOT.
kabab see CABOB.
kabob see CABOB.
kebab see CABOB.
kebob see CABOB.
keema in Indian cookery, minced beef.
keftedes a Greek dish of meatballs cooked with herbs and onions.
kibbe kibbeh kibbi a Syrian dish of ground meat and cracked wheat. [Arabic kubba].
kiev a dish made of thin fillets of meat, esp chicken (chicken kiev), filled with butter, etc, coated with breadcrumbs, and fried.
knish in Jewish cooking, dough with potato, meat etc. baked or fried.
kofta minced and seasoned meatballs.
kromesky a croquette wrapped in bacon or calf's udder and fried. [Polish kromeczka, litle slice].
liverwing a fowl's right wing, which is cooked with the liver.
lomein a dish of noodles, meat and vegetables.
luau a Hawaiian dish made of coconut, octopus etc.
machaca a Mexican dish of shredded meat fried with vegetables.
macon smoked salted mutton.
meatball a ball of minced or chopped meat.
meated with meat.
meatily (adv.) MEATY, full of meat.
meatloaf a loaf-shaped roll of meat.
meaty like meat, full of meat > MEATIER, MEATIEST.
mechoui a meal of meat roasted on a spit.
medaillon a small round or oval serving, as of meat.
mignon = filet mignon: a small boneless cut of beef from the underside of a sirloin.
miltz in Jewish cookery, the spleen.
mousaka moussaka a dish traditionally eaten in Greece, Turkey and the Balkans, consisting of alternate layers of minced lamb, aubergines and tomatoes, usu covered with bechamel sauce and cheese.
mutton sheep's flesh as food.
muttony like mutton; having a flavor of mutton > MUTTONIER, MUTTONIEST.
nache natch the rump of beef; esp. the lower and back part of the rump.
nduja a paste of cured pork, peppers, and spices, originating in Calabria in SW Italy.
neckbeef the coarse flesh on the neck of cattle; inferior stuff.
nidorous resembling the smell or taste of roast meat, or of corrupt animal matter.
noisette a small thick round slice of boneless meat, especially lamb. [Fr. noisette, hazelnut].
nombles numbles umbles a deer's entrails.
nonmeat something that is not meat, e.g. a NONMEAT diet > NONMEATS.
numbles see NOMBLES.
offal waste or rejected parts, esp. of a carcase.
ossobuco an Italian dish of veal knuckle cooked with the bone and stewed in wine, herbs etc.
paella a saffron-flavored Spanish dish of rice and vegetable, meat, chicken, or seafood.
paillard a slice of meat pounded thin and grilled. [From Paillard, a 1th century French restaurateur].
palmier a pastry shaped like a palm leaf.
pancetta unsmoked bacon.
paprikas a chicken dish of Hungarian origin > PAPRIKASES.
paprikash a chicken dish of Hungarian origin > PAPRIKASHES.
parma (Aust.) a dish of chicken in breadcrumbs, topped with Parmesan cheese and a tomato sauce, and served with ham or bacon.
pastie a PASTY.
pastitso pastitsio a dish of mincemeat and macaroni topped with bechamel sauce > PASTITSOS, PASTITSIOS.
pastrami pastromi highly seasoned smoked beef > PASTRAMIS, PASTROMIS.
pasty a meat pie; (adj.) like paste in texture > PASTIER, PASTIEST.
paupiette a thinly sliced piece of meat used as a wrapper for various meat or forcemeat fillings.
pemican pemmican dried meat pounded with berries. [Cree pimekan].
pettitoes pigs' feet as food. N.B. no singular.
picadillo a traditional Mexican dish of ground meat, tomatoes etc > PICCADILLOS.
piccadillo a traditional Mexican dish of ground meat, tomatoes etc > PICCADILLOES or PICCADILLOS.
pickadillo a traditional Mexican dish of ground meat, tomatoes etc > PICKADILLOES or PICKADILLOS.
pigmeat the meat of the pig.
popeseye denoting a cut of steak. No —S.
porchetta seasoned boneless roast pork cut from a whole roast pig.
pork pig's flesh as food.
potpie a meat pie which is boiled instead of being baked.
poulard poularde a fattened or spayed hen.
poule a hen, esp. a chicken for boiling.
poussin a chicken raised for eating at around six weeks old.
prosciutto aged, dry-cured Italian ham, ready to eat and usually sliced thin > PROSCIUTTOS or PROSCIUTTI.
quenelle a poached meat dumpling.
rappe a Canadian dish of grated potatoes and pork or chicken.
rasher a slice of bacon.
rendang an Indonesian dish of meat cooked slowly in a spicy paste.
ribeye a choice cut of beefsteak, cut from the rib.
rillettes a French type of potted meat made by simmering shreds of lean and fat pork, then pounding them to make a paste. N.B. there is no sing. RILLETTE*.
rissole a deep-fat-fried, pastry-enclosed croquette filled with minced meat or fish.
roulade a meat roll.
rousseau fried pemmican > ROUSSEAUS, not ROUSSEAUX*.
salmagundi salmagundy a dish of chopped meat, eggs, anchovies, onions etc > SALMAGUNDIS, SALMAGUNDIES.
salpicon a French dish comprising game, fish, poultry, truffles etc. in sauce.
saltimbocca an Italian dish of rolled slices of meat and ham, with cheese and herbs. [Ital. 'it leaps into the mouth'].
satai a Malaysian dish of marinated meat barbecued on skewers > SATAIS. Also SATAY.
satay a Malaysian dish of marinated meat barbecued on skewers.
sauerbraten a dish of German origin consisting of beef marinaded in vinegar with peppercorns, onions, and other seasonings and then cooked. [Ger. 'sour roast meat'].
scallopini scaloppine scaloppini thin slices of meat coated with flour and fried > SCALLOPINIS, SCALOPPINES.
schnitzel a thin veal cutlet fried in butter.
scrapple pork scrap and cornmeal mush, hardened and fried.
scrunchin (Canadian) a small crisp piece of fried pork fat.
sey a carcase of beef.
shashlick shashlik shaslik a type of lamb kebab.
shish as in shish kebab, a dish of meat and vegetables threaded on to skewers and grilled.
sidemeat meat cut from the side of a pig.
sirloin surloin a loin of beef, or the upper part of the loin.
sosatie a skewer of curried meat pieces > SOSATIES.
souvlaki souvlakia a Greek dish of lamb.
sowbelly pork cured in salt.
soyburger a burger made with soya rather than meat.
sparerib a piece of pork, consisting or ribs with little flesh on them.
steak any of several cuts of beef graded for frying, braising, stewing, etc.
steakette (Canadian) a thin patty of ground beef, meant to be cooked quickly.
stroganoff of meat, cut thinly and cooked with onions. [From Count Pavel Aleksandrovich Stroganov (1772—1817), Russian diplomat].
sukiyaki sliced meat, vegetables, and seasoning, fried together.
surimi synthetic Japanese crabmeat. No —S.
surloin see SIRLOIN.
taco in Mexican cooking, a very thin rolled pancake with a meat filling > TACOS.
tenderloin 1. A strip of tender flesh on either side of the vertebral column under the short ribs, in the hind quarter of beef and pork. 2. The part of a city notorious for vice and corruption.
tasso spicy cured pork.
timbale a dish of meat, fish etc. cooked in a cup-shaped mould or shell; a mould of pastry.
timpana a traditional Maltese baked pasta and pastry dish.
topside the upper part; the outer part of a round of beef.
toupie a round boneless smoked ham.
tournedos a thick round beef fillet.
tripe parts of the compound stomach of a ruminant, prepared as food, ie the paunch or rumen (plain tripe), and the smaller reticulum (honeycomb tripe).
turducken a dish consisting of a partially deboned turkey stuffed with a deboned duck, which itself is stuffed with a small deboned chicken.
umble as in umble pie, a pie made from the heart, entrails etc. of a deer > UMBLES.
veal the meat of a calf.
venison the flesh of game or of a specified animal used as food; now spec. the flesh of deer used as food.
vongole in Italian cooking, small clams.
vifda vivda in Shetland, meat hung and dried without salt.
yakitori bite-sized marinated chicken on small skewers.